5 Tips On How To Mix And Match Your Kid's Clothes


Everyone has had those hectic mornings where the kids have nothing to wear, the lunches just aren’t quite coming together and getting out the door feels next to impossible. While we can’t pack those brown bags for you, we can help you learn the art of mixing and matching your kid's wardrobe essentials. We love statement pieces just as much as your kids do (think: her favorite glitter tiara or his must-wear ninja costume), but there’s definitely something to be said for clothes that can be used in many different ways, so we've teamed up with H&M Kids (who is having an amazing mix and match deal right now: tops & bottoms for small kids (1.5 years to 10 years, select styles) are $9.99). So go on — live that #HMKids life!

That’s why we tapped fashion and lifestyle blogger, Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion, to share five tips for securing your child's spot on the best-dressed list with ease. If you follow along with Christine on Instagram, you will quickly notice that she travels all over the world with three children, who all look just as perfectly-styled as she does. From out-of-the-box layering ideas to easy-to-adapt shopping tips, her pointers, paired with pieces from H&M’s Spring Collection, will have your kids looking a little chicer and your mornings feeling a little less chaotic. What more could you want?

1. Stock Up On Staples

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Patterned Jersey Dress, $4.99, 3/4-length Leggings, $5.99, Sandals with Appliqués, $14.99, Sunglasses, $6.99, Biker Jacket, $29.99

"A few simple basics can go a long way," Christine says. "My daughter Mara lives in leggings - they work with everything and can be worn as a great layer on chillier days. Joggers are one of my favorite pieces for boys and can be dressed up or down just as easily."

2. Shop In Color Schemes

Sweatshirt Jacket, $24.99, Cotton Chinos, $12.99, T-shirt with Printed Design, $4.99, Canvas Sneakers, $12.99

Christine says, "No kid wants a closet full of neutrals, so pick one tone and then match it with colors. I love whites, but kids are always prone to staining it. I typically only pick whites for pieces that they'll wear to events where they won't get as dirty, like a nice white dress or button down, or bring white in with striped or patterned pieces."

3. Mix Patterns And Prints

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Striped Shirt, $4.99, Cotton Chinos, $12.99, Sneakers, $19.99, Cotton Cap with Embroidery, $9.99

Christine also says that parents shouldn't be afraid to mix patterns. "Stripes are as good as any solid and can be mixed and matched with anything," she says.

4. Think In Separates

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Patterned Jersey Dress, $4.99, Leggings, $9.99, Baseball Jacket, $24.99, Glittery Sneakers, $24.99

"Buying separates usually gives you a lot of flexibility when mixing and matching pieces," Christine says. "This way, a few different items can turn into multiple different outfits."

5. Don't Forget A Statement

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Top with Printed Design, $4.99, Tulle Skirt, $12.99, Leggings, $9.99, Ballet Flats with Strap, $12.99

Finally, let your kids' personalities shine and make a statement. "Every wardrobe needs some kind of statement piece to switch things up," Christine explains. "Look for pieces that can be worn a lot, like a great shoe or layer, that has interesting texture or details."

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