5 Valid Reasons To Skip The Gym Today, Or Any Day For That Matter

Whether you’re a gym junkie, a WAHM (Workout At Home Mom), or a fitness newbie trying to stick to your New Year’s resolution, there are some days where you just don’t want to work out. It’s understandable — you lead a busy life and using what little energy you have to run on a treadmill isn’t always ideal. In these cases, you may bargain with yourself to get your but to gym or pass for the day. If you fall under the latter category, you’re in luck. Because there are actually some reasons to skip the gym.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not condoning a couch potato life in lieu of StairMaster sessions. I believe it's important to maintain an active lifestyle, as there are plenty of benefits to working out — both physical and psychological. Heck, even doing sit-ups during a Netflix binge is better than nothing. But sometimes, in order to put your physical and mental well being first, the gym is the last place you should go. If these five valid ailments are at play during the day, then you have every reason to say goodbye to the gym for the day and hello to a little extra R&R.


You're Sick

According to the Mayo Clinic, if you should skip the gym if you have anything worse than a common cold. The sit notes that if any of your symptoms are "below the neck" (muscle aches, fever, stomach pain, etc. ) you should skip your session for the day and return only when you feel better.


You're Tired

Sometimes being tired is an acceptable excuse to not work out. According to an article for Shape, if you've consistently had less than six hours of sleep, you should sleep in rather than get in an early morning sweat session, as the quality of your workout suffers when you're tired.


You're Injured

Though there are definitely times to push through the pain when you're working out, in certain situations, its vital that you take a break to prevent injuring yourself further. Jamin Thompson, fitness expert and writer for explains that "the consequences for continuing to train and not taking enough time off to heal can be severe." So do your body a favor and walk past the gym on your way home.


You're Recovering From Killing It Last Time

No matter how often you work out, if you're pushing yourself, soreness is inevitable. You obviously shouldn't call it quits every time you have a sore muscle, but there are occasions when a day off is warranted. According to PopSugar fitness, a little bit of DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) is all good and fine, but if it's anything more severe, take a break. It's beneficial to give your muscles time to recover before pushing them further.


You Just Don't Want To

Life happens. You're allowed to have a lazy day at home. Remember that your mental well being is just as important as your physical health- so don't push yourself too far, and listen to your body when it's time for a break.

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