5 Ways The Lady Gaga And Leonardo DiCaprio GIF Should Be Used In Daily Life

The hands-down best moment of Sunday's Golden Globes was captured perfectly in the form of a GIF of Lady Gaga brushing past Leonardo DiCaprio after she won the Best Supporting Actress in a TV Miniseries Globe for her performance in American Horror Story: Hotel. The moment couldn't be more perfect, or more bizarre, either. It appears that Leo — perhaps after having imbibed a bit too much, no? — is sharing a good laugh with someone seated nearby, rather than joining the rest of the room in adulating Gaga.

Leo's mid-cackle, and then Gaga bumps right into him, though, given Gaga's unending grace, perhaps "sashayed by" is more accurate. She kinda just walks into DiCaprio's arm, like it's not even there. Leo gives her a rancid look that says something like, "Really, Gaga? You're all up in my space, plus I think you have cooties." In response, Gaga continues her serious diva walk to the stage, totally unaware of a megastar like DiCaprio, whom she surely deems a mere mortal. I mean, honestly, DiCaprio hasn't even won an Oscar, right?

OK, to be fair, DiCaprio is definitely one of the best actors of his generation, and there's a good chance he wasn't even laughing at Gaga at all. But still, it's a good moment, and it doesn't hurt that Gaga was 100 percent channeling her inner queen. To celebrate the GIF that launched a thousand ships, here are some suggestions for great ways to incorporate it into your daily life.

When Anyone Is Jealous Of You About Anything

Let's face it: If Leo was, in fact, laughing at Gaga's win, it was some sort of weird superstar jealousy thing, because really, what's there to laugh about? Gaga's totally above it all, and that's actually a pretty good reaction to jealousy, generally speaking.

When Your Ex Calls At 2 A.M.

What? Is that a missed call? I didn't see it, won't acknowledge it, and don't care about it. Not even a little.

When You Get A Promotion & Your Coworkers Hate You For It

If anyone seems jealous of your big promotion, this GIF shows them exactly how much you're going to let that bother you: about zero.

When Some Says Something About Your Outfit

You know those underhanded comments that are phrased as questions, but are actually insults? Like, "Didn't I see you wearing that last winter?" The perfect response, of course, is the Gaga sashay, because if you're wearing it, it looks good by definition, mmm-k?

When You Meet Your Ex's New Fling

Nothing burns more than seeing the ex with somebody else, but hey, they're probably just a rebound, and you can brush right past them.

Of course, these are just a few ways the Gaga sashay can be used on a daily basis. Because everyone encounters a snickering DiCaprio every once in awhile, and this response is just too perfect.

Images: Carissa Rogers, Missy S., BuzzFarmers/Flickr; Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment