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5 Ways To Dress Your Kid Like North West For Halloween

I have to admit, when Kim Kardashian gave birth to North West a few years back, I didn't expect for her to be the little fashion queen that she is. Though I'm sure it's due to both her mother and father making their own waves when it comes to fashion, there's just something so admirable about the way little Nori prances around in her outfits of choice. So much so that I think knowing a few ways to dress your kid like North West for Halloween would be a cool costume idea that not too many people have probably thought about. And, if they did, you'll be ahead of the running because you've done your research in advance.

Though most little girls will be hitting the trick-or-treat streets dressed as princesses, you and your mini me have the option of stepping out of the norm and becoming the celebrities that you're meant to be. Rule the show for one night as one of Hollywood's most fashionable mother-daughter duo's and give your best Kardashian-West impression for everyone to envy and enjoy.

Whether you're a fan of North West's more laid back looks or loves it when she's all dressed up, these five ideas can get you ready for slaying the perfect Halloween costume this year.


On The Go

For this adorable pumpkin patch look, get a pair of acid washed shorts ($11), a white tank top ($6), and a pair of white sneakers ($35).


Comfy And Cozy

Kick back in style with this comfy and cozy North West look. All you'll need is a powder pink colored hoodie ($48), powder pink colored tights ($11), and black boots ($75).


Lounging Around

Similar to a previous North West look, you'll need a white tank top ($6), some light blue distressed jean shorts ($29), and a pair of metallic boots ($85).


Out On The Town

An all white hoodie ($10), white sweatpants ($8), a faux fur jacket ($80), and a pair of black and white slip ons ($35) is all you need to replicate this fashionable look from North West.


Just Hanging Around

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If you and your little one are fans of North West's beginning stages of fashion, this cute look will be what you need this Halloween. Grab a pair of black boots ($75), black tights ($6), a black dress ($14), and a black jacket ($20) to get this one right.