5 Ways To Instantly Look More Put Together, Even When You’re Crunched For Time

by Britni de la Cretaz

I don’t usually have a ton of time to get myself ready in the morning. Time management is not my forte, and I will happily take 20 minutes of sleep over some extra time in the shower (unless there’s a chance to orgasm). After hitting the snooze button 16 times and tending to my children’s needs, I have just enough time to pull an outfit off the clean laundry pile and take a swig of coffee before running out the door. Still, I have figured out a few tricks for somehow looking put together (or, at least, partially there). 

As a femme-identified person, I like to look good and often feel like I need extra time to make myself look presentable. But I’ve come to realize that’s total BS. Just because I don’t have a ton of time to plan and execute a perfectly polished ensemble doesn’t mean I can’t look my best. In order to achieve that “I woke up like this – (faux) flawless” look, I’ve developed some time-saving hacks help me look put together even (and especially) when I feel frazzled to the point of wishing I had coffee on an IV drip. Here are five simple ways you can look fabulous and femme without sacrificing sleep.  


Wear a Signature Lip Color

Draw attention away from your appearance with a bold lip color. The intense hue brightens up your entire face, making it look like you spent some serious time getting ready. Add a swipe of mascara and voila! Instant face.


Add a Piece of Statement Jewelry

You can spruce up even the simplest jeans and t-shirt combo with a giant, glamorous necklace. When you add an accessory, your look instantly goes from slapdash to well-thought out.


Slip Into Ballet Flats

Flip flops are an afterthought; something you throw on as you run out the door. A pair of flats gives you a cleaner look that doesn’t imply you were on your way to the beach but wound up at the grocery store instead. 


Accessorize Your ‘Do

You don’t have to bust out the blow dryer and hairspray to get an amazing mane. Trade your boring brown bobby pins for a more eye-catching clip or headband. Or, if you prefer a ponytail, wrap and pin a piece of hair around the elastic for a sleek look. These small touches can have a huge impact.


Carry a Real Purse

Upgrading your bag makes a huge difference. Carry a large purse or nice messenger bag instead of a disheveled diaper bag. You’ll automatically look more profesh, even if you’re just using it to carry some spare makeup and snacks.

Images: william87/Fotolia; Giphy (5)