5 Ways Your Baby Is Trying To Tell You They're Overfeeding

As new moms, it's easy to worry about everything. Whether your baby is eating enough or, conversely, whether they're eating too much, are two of the top concerns many new moms may face. Luckily, learning the ways your baby is trying to tell you they're overfeeding and using a "paced" approach to feeding your baby, overeating won't be an issue.

Evidence shows you can't overfeed a breastfed baby, but when you give your baby a bottle, your baby runs the risk of over eating. Here's why: according to Motherlove, bottle fed babies don't have the ability to regulate their milk intake. Oftentimes the milk will come out of bottle nipples much quicker than from a breast, causing them to eat more than they generally would.

According to Kids Spot, there are many different causes of overeating for bottle fed babies. Sleep deprivation, feeding too quickly, feeding-sleep association, and ignoring the signs of fullness are several of the most common culprits.

Feeding your baby based on their hunger cues, and not on a strict schedule, is the best way to ensure you're not overfeeding your baby. And paying attention to the following signs of fullness will ensure your baby is happily full, and not over-full.


They Wake Frequently To Eat

If your baby is going through a sleep regression or has simply formed a sleep association with eating, they may be waking more often than normal and won't fall back asleep without eating. When your baby is a newborn, it's important that they're eating enough through the night, according to What To Expect. But when they're older, they may not be hungry when they're waking. Determining when to feed and when not to can make overeating a nonissue.


They Have Frequent Milk Regurgitation

According to Seattle Children's Hospital, spitting up large amounts after a feeding is a sign your baby consumed too much. Though small amounts are normal for babies, if your baby frequently regurgitates milk, consider smaller portions for their bottles.


They Have Extreme Flatulence Or Burping

New Kid's Health stated that gas from overeating can express itself in the form of flatulence or burping.


They Are Irritabile

Unexplainable fussiness may be due to overeating, according to Kids Spot. It could cause your child to have an upset stomach, explaining the fussiness.


They Have An Above Average Weight Gain

The Bump suggested that weight gain can be the best indicator of whether or not your baby is getting enough to eat. If you're concerned, weighing your baby at home or at their next doctor appointment can tell you what you need to know.