5 Ways You're Like Joey Tribbiani On Thanksgiving, With Or Without Eating Pants

If the cast of Friends had a kids' table, Joey Tribbiani would be at the head of the table. He has no qualms about whining to Monica as she prepares the Thanksgiving meal, begging to know how much longer until he can devour the turkey, sides, and desserts that he waits for all year. He impatiently passes the time with jokes and has even been known to sneak some of the food before it was ready. In you think about it, you're a lot like Joey Tribbiani on Thanksgiving.

And there's nothing wrong with that because, at his core, Joey is just a big kid. I think in a way we all turn into kids around the holidays. Something about the traditions and smells of Thanksgiving make me feel like an 8-year-old again, and gives me that magical feeling I experienced each year as my mom and aunts whipped up all my favorites in my family's kitchen. I remember being shoo'ed out of the cooking frenzy while asking, how much longer until it's ready? In my attempts to pass the time, I would always end up in trouble for something ridiculous I did or said.

I realized while watching my favorite Thanksgiving episodes of Friends, that Joey felt the same way I do about Turkey Day. Even as an adult, I find that same anticipation and excitement building in me like it did with I was a child. I think we may all be more like Joey than we realize: full of wonder and dying to eat a buttload of food. But if you're still not sure you would call yourself a "Joey" (or baby kangaroo as he once signed a letter after discovering a thesaurus), check out these five ways everyone is like Joey Tribbiani on Thanksgiving.


You Like A Good Prank

After all the eating and sitting and drinking wine, we want to have a little fun. What would a holiday gathering be without a few laughs— maybe even a harmless prank? While we may not want to put a raw turkey on our head like Joey did to scare Chandler, it could be fun to play a little joke on our friends and family.

That lighthearted spirit can be our inspiration for hijacking mom's holiday instrumental station with a sweet mix of booty jams. Joey would definitely love that one.


You Just Want To Be Comfotable

No need to wear your highest wedges and skinniest jeans to Thanksgiving, because for the love of gravy, it's a holiday designed for a day full of eating. Joey had the right idea when he borrowed a pair of Pheobe's maternity pants, which he renamed his "eating pants." After all, you just want to be comfortable as we stuff a third helping of mashed potatoes into our mouth.


You Take Pumpkin Pie Seriously

The consummate lover of all things food and eating, Joey makes it clear — year 'round — that he does not share his food. And why should he? Thanksgiving comes but once a year, after all, and you shouldn't have to go halfsies on a slice of pumpkin pie.


You Aren't Afraid To Stuff Your Faces

This year you promised yourself that you would show some type of self-control around the dinner table. But then that glorious spread was in front of you, and you chowed down with no abandon. No shame in that game, Mr. Tribbiani has been making that move look sexy for years. 

Sorry, not sorry. 


You're Thankful

Aside from all the pranks, eating, wardrobe changes, and more eating, we are all thankful. Which is nice, since other than delicious sides and desserts, Thanksgiving is really about recognizing all the good things in life. 

Even Joey recognizes that. Although, in this episode he goes on to say that the fall weather is windy and causes women's skirts to blow up. Which reminds him that he is also thankful for thongs. 

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