55 Of The Cleverest Things Ever Invented To Make Yourself Look Pulled Together

It's not always easy to feel calm and collected — especially when life is so often filled with setbacks and minor inconveniences. Luckily, Amazon is equally filled with products that will make you look 10 times more put-together. But be warned: these aren't your average items. Instead, they're some of the cleverest products ever invented, so once you know they exist, you'll never again want to tackle those minor inconveniences without them.

Imagine heading into your day with shoes that look brand new and a bra that won't slip off your shoulders while you're running to catch the train. That's what these designers and manufacturers were imagining when they thought up these clever inventions that solve real problems. Suddenly, wine stains and a wrinkled blazer can't bum you out, and if you don't have time to wash your hair or cook a full breakfast before work, that's okay; these items are specifically designed to save you time and keep you feeling your best, even when you have to cut some corners.

So go ahead — take a look at the brilliant products that are streamlining routines and improving people's lives for the better. Real reviewers can't stop raving about them, and the designs are just too genius to ignore.


This Wrist Cuff That Turns Your Hair Tie Into A Classy Bracelet

If you consistently wear a hair tie around your wrist, this brilliant invention will make it look infinitely classier. It's a hypoallergenic, rust-proof wrist cuff that makes your hair tie look like a bracelet, and it comes in your choice of a gold, silver, or rose gold finish. Just slip your hair tie over the groove and voila! A new, super useful piece of jewelry.


These Sponges That Are Essentially Magic Erasers For Your Sneakers

These instant shoe sponges can remove scuffs, dirt, and discoloration from all your old sneakers so they look like new again. They're also pre-moistened and individually packaged so you can take (and store) them virtually anywhere.


These Handy Hair Sheets That Eliminate Fly-Aways On The Go

Forget oily serums and leaky sprays — these Nunzio Saviano anti-frizz sheets come individually-wrapped and serve to smooth frizz, tame flyaways, and even tackle static. They're enriched with coconut oil and UV shields for nourishment and protection, and reviewers say they're "a must" for people on the go.


A Portable Steamer For Ironing, Sanitizing, And Cleaning

The Lemontec portable steamer is handheld, lightweight, and extremely easy to pack for a business trip — but people love it so much, they also use it to "press and clean drapes, upholstery, kitchen appliances and many other surfaces around the house." Its fast heat-up, high temperatures, and nine-minute capacity not only tackle wrinkles, but zap away bacteria, too.


Some Silky, Seamless Panties That Look And Feel Invisible

With bamboo-cotton gussets and a stretchy, breathable fit, these COSOMALL panties already sound promising. Throw in the seamless edges and the body-hugging design, and reviewers say these are their "go-to underwear" because they "feel like [you're] wearing nothing" and won't show through even "the silkiest outfits."


This Travel-Friendly (And Effective) Retractable Lint Roller

According to reviewers, this is "the way lint rollers should have been made from day one." Flint utilizes extra-sticky, easy-tear sheets to cling onto dust, lint, pet hair, and pilling — but it also retracts into its aluminum tube for protection and easy travel. It comes in over ten great colors and uses 100 percent recycled refills that are easy to replace when you run out.


These Wipes That Remove Wine Stains On And Around Your Mouth

Red wine is definitely one of the classiest drink choices — but people tend to look a tad less pulled-together when their teeth and lips are stained purple. Wine Wipes are individually packaged cloths that remove discoloration and prevent further staining. Reviewers call them a "red wine lover's must have" and say they're "great for popping in your purse."


These Special Clips That Turn Any Bra Into A Racerback

Whether it's to hide your bra straps under a tank or to ensure that they're secure throughout the night, these Razor Clips are a genius solution to an all-too-common inconvenience. They're height-adjustable, come in a pack of three different colors, and are "strong and durable," according to buyers.


These Blotting Papers That Reduce Shine And Soak Up Excess Oil

Made from natural hemp paper, these Japanese blotting sheets soak up shine and sebum to keep your complexion looking fresh throughout the day. Reviewers say they're "hands down the best oil blotting papers" they've used because they're portable and come in a pack of 200 for $4, so you "cannot beat the value."


This Cuticle Oil That Makes Your Nails Feel "Better Than Going To A Salon"

"My cuticles have never been in better shape," raves one reviewer, while another says this cuticle oil feels "as good if not better than going to a salon." That's because it's packed with milk extract, honey, and botanical oils to nourish skin, heal cracks, and encourage nail growth. It also absorbs quickly and "smells awesome."


A Brilliant Brush That Styles And Dries Hair Simultaneously

According to reviewers who haven't always had success when it comes to styling their hair, the John Frieda Hot Air Spin Brush is the "easiest, quickest, and smoothest" styling tool they've ever used. This brush/dryer hybrid blows hot air and advanced ionic technology through the barrel while its combination bristles do the styling for you.


This All-Natural Dry Shampoo That Absorbs Oil Without Chemicals

It's rare enough to find a dry shampoo that actually works, but Hair Dance is also all-natural, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free, too. Instead of a messy spray, this one has a lightweight powder formula that absorbs oil, freshens strands, and boosts volume. Since it soaks in without a chalky residue, it's even suitable for any hair color. No wonder reviewers are calling it the "best dry shampoo ever."


A Pronged Eyebrow Pen For Multiple Strokes At Once

Get defined, natural-looking brows in a few strokes with the AsaVea Eyebrow Pen. This brilliant beauty tool has multiple forked tips instead of just one, so you can streamline the process and fill in brows in seconds. The formula is smudge-proof, but comes off with makeup remover, and is available in a few shades for various hair colors.


These Velvet Beauty Sponges That Make Your Makeup Look Airbrushed

"My foundation looks airbrushed," says one of many happy reviewers. These microfiber beauty sponges a velvet-like material with extra-tiny fibers, so you can pick up, transfer, and blend your makeup like a pro. This set comes with two ergonomic sponge shapes: pointed for hard-to-reach crevices, and tapered for larger areas and contouring.


These Handy Bands That You'll Find Yourself Using For Everything

Secure your yoga mat. Organize your wires. Save space in your suitcase. Attach your water bottle to your bag during your commute. Packbands are made from 100 percent silicone, and even though their concept is super simple, they boast hundreds of scratch-free, damage-proof uses. Once you have them around the house, you'll find yourself reaching for them constantly.


This Easy-Clasp Belt That Fits Sizes Zero To 22-Plus

Whether you're holding up your pants or finishing off a dress, Unbelt has your back — or your waist. This brilliant invention is ridiculously versatile because of its adjustable length, easy-clasp buckle, and elastic design. It's available in seven stylish colors, and reviewers of all different sizes say, "This is the belt I've been wanting forever."


A Genius, Fool-Proof Way To Master The Winged Liner Look

Can't quite get the hang of winged liner? No worries — this pen does all of the work for you. On one side, you have a waterproof, smudge-proof, hypoallergenic eyeliner, and on the other, you have a winged stamp for consistent, identical eyes every time. This set comes with one for either eye, and it has a 4.5-star rating because, quite simply, it works.


This Tiny Handheld Steam Iron That Can Go Anywhere With You

For someone who prefers the practicality of a traditional iron, but could do without the clunkiness, there's the Reliable Ovo travel iron. This genius tool smooths wrinkles with steam and a ceramic soleplate, but it also fits in the palm of your hand — or in your suitcase. Thanks to the built-in stand, easy-fill reservoir, and space-saving design, this is a must for travelers, crafters, and those with limited storage space.


A Makeup Setting Spray That Lasts "12 Hours Easily"

Instead of irritating additives and artificial fragrances, this setting spray hydrates skin and sets makeup with herbal tea and fruit acids — but the most impressive part is how well it works. "I was skeptical because makeup NEVER lasts on my skin," says one reviewer, "but I tried this the first time on a night I was going dancing with the girls. I danced for several hours and sweated like a horse. When I got home, I looked in the mirror, expecting a hot mess. My makeup was actually still where I'd put it."


This Bottle That Filters Your Water As You Drink

Hydration is essential when it comes to glowing skin, a sharp mind, and even high energy levels — but if you're traveling or constantly on the move, clean water can be expensive and inconvenient to get. The astrea ONE water bottle filters out lead, heavy metals, chlorine, and unpleasant tastes while you sip. It has a built-in filter, a flip-up straw, a leak-proof design, and an easy-fill cap, so you can just pour in some tap water and go.


A Hair Straightener That Seals Your Style With Steam

Heat is a pretty popular method when it comes to styling hair, but the Liaboe straightener takes that technology one step further. This tool uses infrared light and actual steam to lock in moisture, preserve your style, and reduce frizz. It also has built-in bristles to comb through hair and prevent unnecessary damage.


This Genius At-Home Tool To Remove Unwanted Body Hair

While underarm hair can be chic, if you prefer to remove your body hair, the Gillette Venus Silk system is the way to get it done safely. This machine uses an intense pulsed light to zap away unwanted body hair at the follicles to reduce growth after several sessions. It automatically senses your skin tone and hair shade for optimal intensity, and is gentle enough to be used anywhere on the body.


This "Super Effective" Drying Lotion That Shrinks Pimples Overnight

Using ingredients like salicylic acid and sulfur, Majestic Pure's drying lotion is a quick and effective way to shrink pimples overnight while you sleep. Just use a Q-tip to apply it on a blemish, and reviewers say, "like magic," the pain, swelling, and redness is "so much better" by morning.


These Shoe Covers That Protect Your Best Kicks In The Rain

These nifty covers are like little raincoats for your shoes. They're made from waterproof, durable PVC, and come in a convenient storage bag so as soon as the commute is over, you're back to showing off your (very dry) shoes. You can even get them in multiple sizes and colors.


The Best Blow Dry Spray For Protection, Smoothing, And Cutting Down Drying Time

My hair's thin, but frizzy, so it's nearly impossible to find something that'll tame it long-term without weighing it down. Kenra Platinum's blow-dry spray is my (and so many others') holy grail because it speeds up drying time, protects against heat damage, eliminates frizz, and creates a smooth, healthy-looking finish, all in a lightweight, non-greasy formula.


A Smart, Sleek Way To Keep Your Essentials Within Reach

If you're constantly losing your phone, glasses, or keys in the abyss that is your pocketbook, the Bag Branch can help. This wallet-like tool has five different-sized pockets and attaches to your strap, so all your most important items are always within reach. It's available in six colors, and reviewers say, "it looks very nice and is made so well."


This Painless Hair Removal Tool That Looks Like A Tube Of Lipstick

It looks exactly like a tube of lipstick, but when you take off the cover, you'll find a hypoallergenic stainless steel head that removes unwanted facial hair in seconds — and without any pain. It's also cordless, waterproof, and battery-operated, so you can take it anywhere with you. No wonder people have given it a 4.8-star rating.


A Scarf With A Hidden Pocket To Keep Your Essentials On Hand

No pockets? No problem. The USAstyle scarf finishes off any outfit with its infinity design and dozens of color options — but it also has a hidden built-in pocket for your phone, cash, passport, or keys. It's an awesome solution for joggers, travelers, concert-lovers, or those who just want to keep their essentials safe and nearby.


This Two-In-One Stain That Adjusts To Your Personal Skin Tone

Reviewers say they'll never again "use any other lip stain." This cult-favorite from jane iredale can be used on both your lips and your cheeks — but the real selling point is that it automatically adjusts to your body chemistry in order to match your skin's undertones. It's available in peach, pink, or red, and is deeply moisturizing due to ingredients like avocado butter and beeswax.


An Eyeliner Pen That's Infused With A Growth Serum

Buyers say that this eyeliner "works just as well as [their] Stila liner that [they] have been obsessed with for years," all thanks to its bold color, precise tip, and smudge-resistant formula. But the best part? It's actually infused with a castor oil-based serum that helps your lashes grow thicker and longer over time.


Everything You Need For Long-Lasting Gel Manicures At Home

In the past, you had two options: save yourself some serious time and money by painting your nails at home, or get a professional gel manicure that lasts for weeks. Thanks to the Modelones gel kit, you no longer have to choose. This kit comes with absolutely everything you need for weeks of chip-resistant color (including the curing lamp, cuticle oil, and remover wraps), all for $40. You can even choose between four different color sets with six polishes in each.


The "Best Tool Ever" For Applying Fake Lashes Fast

If you could never quite get the hang of falsies, reviewers say this kit is the "easiest tool to use." The individual lashes are stored inside, so you just scroll the wheel until the end pops out. Then you coat it with glue and stick it onto your lash line — no tweezers necessary. This kit even comes with 45 lash buds, and they sell refills for when you run out.


This Unique Concealer Palette For Correcting Four Types Of Discoloration

The Aesthetica cream palette looks a little bold, but it actually offers "the best coverage" for when your typical concealer won't cut it. The green neutralizes redness from acne, rashes, or sunburn, the red cancels out scars or under-eye circles, the yellow combats dullness and blemishes, and the purple balances out yellow undertones.


These Brilliant Straps That Keep Your Jeans Tucked Into Boots

Stop your skinny jeans from bunching up when you put on your boots. These brilliant Boncas clips are stretchy, adjustable, and feature polished metal clamps that cling onto virtually any fabric, so your pants reach down to your ankles no matter what. Reviewers also love them for motorcycling and keeping their legs warm and dry while they shovel the driveway.


Some No-Show Socks That You Can Wear With Virtually Any Pair Of Shoes

So simple, yet so genius. Not only do these no-show socks create extra padding in your heels, flats, and slip-ons, but they more effectively wick moisture and absorb odors to keep sockless shoes smelling fresh. Reviewers say they actually stay on thanks to the gel lining and spandex material — plus, they feature anti-skid silicone patches that prevent sliding and blisters.


These Overnight Hair Curlers That Don't Require Any Heat

Style your hair while you sleep to save you time (and heat damage) in the morning. These Bememo curlers have absorbent polyester cloth on the outside, comfortable foam in the middle, and flexible aluminum wires on the inside. Just roll up your hair, secure at the root, and go to sleep. When you wake up, you'll have "tons of curls that [last] all day," according to reviewers.


This Super Versatile Maxi Dress That You Can Wear 24 Different Ways

Granted you can go from casual maxi dress to classy, sleeveless wedding attire in mere seconds, it doesn't get much more versatile than this. The IWEMEK Transformer Infiniti dress has two highly-elastic straps that you can wind and wrap in all different ways to create sleeves, straps, various tops, and belts. It's available in two lengths, five sizes, and tons of colors.


A Moisturizer, Sunscreen, And Foundation All In One

We all have those days when we're applying makeup as we're running out the door. BalmShelter is reviewers' "new go-to product" because it hydrates, covers, and protects, all in one gentle, lightweight formula. "This is it! It evens out my skin tone and creates a beautiful finish without even looking like I’m wearing make up!"


This Brilliant Way To Create 13 New Pockets In Your Favorite Bag

Available in three different sizes and seven different colors, this felt organizer insert fits in virtually any bag to give you up to 13 new pockets for all your essentials. Reviewers say it transforms their designer bags from a "bottomless pit" into an organized purse that allows them to "see everything at a glance."


These Hair Accessories For A Pulled-Together Style Within Seconds

When there's no time to style your hair — nevermind wash it — the Styla magic bun maker makes for a brilliant solution. Just put your ponytail through the foam slit, roll it up, and bend the ends. "I didn’t have high expectation for this product since similar products failed before but I was wrong," one reviewer says. "I am able to make a perfect bun with the first try within 20 seconds!" It comes in two sizes and three different colors to match your hair.


This Four-Ingredient Beauty Elixir To Pamper Your Whole Body

Reviewers are "obsessed" with this Ancient Greek Remedy oil, and say they use it daily on their "hair, face, nails, [and] pretty much everywhere." Its four simple ingredients — olive oil, almond oil, grape seed extract, and lavender essential oil — help to nourish, strengthen, heal, and moisturize nearly any body part, and it smells amazing and absorbs in seconds, too.


A Productivity Planner That Takes Your Happiness Into Consideration

The easiest way to seem put-together? Actually having things together. The Simple Elephant planner has nearly a thousand five-star reviews because it balances your responsibilities with your happiness levels. Yes, it has weekly and monthly spreads for your appointments and to-do lists, but it also utilizes positive psychology exercises like mind maps, gratitude prompts, vision boards, and goal-setting pages to keep you feeling happier and more fulfilled.


These Gold Eye Masks So You Look Fresh And Awake, No Matter What

Made with real 24 karat gold and packed with moisturizing collagen, these LA PURE eye treatment masks help to reduce puffiness, brighten under-eye circles, and give your skin an elastic, healthy appearance. "These things are little gold miracle workers," one reviewer raves. "Long night? Work too late and need to look fresh in the morning?" Just wear these for 20 minutes while you go about your routine, and "see the lines and puffiness disappear immediately."


Some Non-Damaging Fashion Tape To Keep Your Clothes In Place All Night

Made with real 24 karat gold and packed with moisturizing collagen, these LA PURE eye treatment masks help to reduce puffiness, brighten under-eye circles, and give your skin an elastic, healthy appearance. "These things are little gold miracle workers," one reviewer raves. "Long night? Work too late and need to look fresh in the morning?" Just wear these for 20 minutes while you go about your routine, and "see the lines and puffiness disappear immediately."


These Protective Pimple Patches That Absorb Pus And Oil Overnight

Due to their healing layer of high-grade hydrocolloid, these acne patches protect blemishes and pull the pus, oil, and dirt to the surface so it can heal faster. They're translucent, self-adhering, and actually work in a way you can see first-hand. "I woke up this morning to a smooth area where I applied the patch," one reviewer raves.


This Brilliant Makeup Remover Pen To Fix Smudges And Liner Slips

Quit starting over every time your lipstick smudges or your eyeliner gets a little out of hand. The e.l.f. Studio Makeup Remover Pen allows for quick, precise corrections, whether you're in front of your vanity or already out the door. Its formula is gentle, but can also tackle waterproof or long-wearing makeup in a single swipe.


A Fashion Emergency Kit Filled With Virtually Anything You'll Need

Reviewers are astounded by how compact the Pinch Provisions Minimergency kit is — especially since they manage to pack so many essentials inside. This life-saver comes with safety pins, earring backs, deodorant towels, stain remover, dental floss, nail polish pads, a tampon, and more, all in a cute, travel-friendly bag that fits effortlessly in your purse.


This Light-Up Compact Mirror And Portable Phone Charger In One

Ensure that your phone is charged and your makeup is flawless with the Shinngo power bank compact. This portable, light-up mirror has two magnifications and a built-in battery, so when your phone goes dead, you can power it back up without the need for an outlet.


A Personal Blender So You Can Blend Your Breakfast And Go

Imagine showing up to work on time, with a full stomach, and without a sink full of dishes waiting for you at home. The Oster personal blender creates smoothies, shakes, or juices right in the included travel mug, so you can just blend it, grab it, and go. When you get home, the cup goes straight into the dishwasher.


These Strong, Structured Grocery Bags That Collapse For Storage

These Planet E structured grocery bags are recyclable, made from used water bottles, and will eliminate the need of environmentally-damaging plastic bags. That being said, they're as useful as they are eco-friendly. Their structured, box-like shape can handle up to 30 pounds each, but they collapse to save space in your car or closet. Whether you're transferring groceries, lunch, clothes, or supplies, reviewers say these are "so much better than the supermarket plastic."


A Stain Remover Pen That "Works On Everything," Reviewers Say

"This pen works on everything I have thrown at it," one reviewer says about the Dryel stain remover pen. "I keep one in my cars, bags, nightstand, kitchen, laundry room, you get the picture." In addition to its peroxide-free formula that's even safe on dry-clean only items, it also has a built-in scrubber tip to loosen up the most stubborn stains.


This Gorgeous Laptop Bag That You'll Actually Want To Show Off

Stylish, comfortable, well-made, absolutely beautiful — those are just a few of the positive words reviewers have used to describe this laptop messenger bag. Like your average computer case, this one offers multiple pockets and waterproof, shockproof protection, but unlike your run-of-the-mill briefcase, it's available in dozens of gorgeous patterns that you'll actually want to show off.


These Travel-Friendly Flats For Rainy Days And Painful Heels

Whether your work shoes are soaked or you just can't wear your heels for another second, you'll be happy you've got Silky Toes stashed away in your pocketbook. These foldable flats roll up into a tiny travel bag, but they've got non-skid soles and a cushioned back, so they're way better than going barefoot. Get them in five sizes and 11 colors.


A Gorgeous Bracelet (Or Necklace) That Diffuses Scent Throughout The Day

Nothing says "put together" like the right accessory — and few accessories are as versatile as the Subherban aromatherapy bracelet. Not only can you unwrap the mermaid-colored Amazonite strands to create a necklace, but its lava stone beads double as a portable diffuser for your favorite essential oils or perfume.


This Hands-Free Strap For Your Water Bottle (Or Travel Coffee Mug)

It can be hard to look calm and collected when you're sprinting for the subway with your hands full. The Smooth Trip carrier is a flexible neoprene sleeve with an adjustable strap, so you can insulate and carry your water bottle (or travel mug) right over your shoulder. It even has two pockets for credit cards, keys, cash, or your phone, and it comes in three colors.

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