56 Of The Cleverest Things Ever Invented To Make Yourself Look Pulled Together

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It's not always easy to feel calm and collected — especially when life is so often filled with setbacks and minor inconveniences. Luckily, Amazon is equally filled with products that will make you look 10 times more put-together. But be warned: these aren't your average items. Instead, they're some of the cleverest products ever invented, so once you know they exist, you'll never again want to tackle those minor inconveniences without them.

Imagine heading into your day with shoes that look brand new and a bra that won't slip off your shoulders while you're running to catch the train. That's what these designers and manufacturers were imagining when they thought up these clever inventions that solve real problems. Suddenly, wine stains and a wrinkled blazer can't bum you out, and if you don't have time to wash your hair or cook a full breakfast before work, that's okay; these items are specifically designed to save you time and keep you feeling your best, even when you have to cut some corners.

So go ahead — take a look at the brilliant products that are streamlining routines and improving people's lives for the better. Real reviewers can't stop raving about them, and the designs are just too genius to ignore.

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