58 Absurdly Practical Products On Amazon That Are Under $20

by Lisa Fogarty

Splurge-worthy products that will satisfy your desire to spend money on luxurious items you'll use once and never again are a dime a dozen. But let's be honest: these absurdly practical products on Amazon that are under $20 are the items you'll keep running back to time and time again. For starters, they work really well. And, this is worth mentioning twice: they cost less than $20 and won't break the bank, but considering how often you'll use them, they're priceless.

You don't necessarily have to be shopping for anything, in particular, to fall head over heels in love with useful products like the travel gadgets or weird kitchen tools on this list. At some point, you'll need to peel herb leaves from stems or pack a million items into one tiny suitcase and these practical products will be there to give you back your time — and to even make these chores kind of pleasant, if you can believe it.

The same holds true for gadgets for tech lovers, beauty lovers, and even tea lovers who prefer loose leaf tea to tea bags — and there's a product on this list for every practical person on the planet. And if you just happen to be a practical person who loves nothing more than saving money, prepare yourself, because you're going to want to snag every item on this list.

1. A Miniature Surge Protector For Travel

Poweradd Mini Portable Travel Surge Protector, $18, Amazon

Charge your devices no matter where you go with this mini travel surge protector, which features two USB ports and two AC outlets. With a built-in surge protector that prevents energy spikes, you can feel safe knowing this protector can handle simultaneously charging devices at a fast speed — but safely. It comes in three colors: green, white, and a green and white combo, and weighs less than 7 ounces.


2. A Space-Saving Collapsible Container For Meal Prep

Smart Planet Collapsible Eco Meal Kit, $16, Amazon

If you're looking to up your meal prep game, you need to drop everything and invest in this collapsible container immediately. The portable silicone bowl has two sections that lets you separate ingredients until you're ready to assemble your meal, and a condiment container. It comes with a spork that you can store under the lid, and the entire bowl is collapsible for simple storage. Choose among four colors: pink, blue, or green.


3. A Three-In-One Cutlery Set With A Travel Bag

Timberbrother Titanium Spork, $8, Amazon

This three-in-one cutlery set is the only utensil you'll need when you travel. Made from lightweight titanium, the tool is a spoon, fork, and knife in one portable little package — and it even has an angled edge that lets you scoop up food from containers. It comes with a nylon carrying case and doubles as a bottle opener. It's also heat-resistant, anti-microbial, and has no metallic aftertaste.


4. A Travel-Friendly Cooling Towel

Chill Pal The Original PVA Cooling Towel, $12, Amazon

Cool off in a flash with this thick PVA cooling towel, which comes in a portable pouch. The travel-friendly towel is simple to use: soak it in cold water, wring it out, and give it a good snap to activate it. You can wrap it around your neck or head where it provides cooling relief for hours. And when it loses some of that cooling power, simply re-wet the towel, snap, and start all over again. It comes in five colors: ocean blue, yellow, purple, charcoal, or aqua blue.


5. A Set Of Flexible Cutting Boards

Bedoo Flexible Plastic Cutting Boards, $13 (6-Pack), Amazon

Not only is this set of six flexible cutting boards an incredible value, but each is designed to resemble a food type, so you can lessen the risk of cross-contamination that can sometimes happen when you mix up your boards. Each BPA-free board is made from non-slip material, and will stay put on counters and you can wash them in the top rack of your dishwasher.


6. These Packing Cubes That Keep Items Separated And Secure

Yamiu Packing Cubes, $20 (7 Pieces), Amazon

Keep your suitcase organized and make it easier to find everything you need when you reach your final destination with this seven-piece set of packing cubes. The set consists of four packing cubes for clothing, one shoe bag, one toiletry bag, and one toiletry bag that is TSA-approved to save you time and hassle at airport security. The cubes are designed from waterproof and durable nylon, and have double zippers to keep items secure. Choose among six colors: black, red, blue, grey, pink, or purple.


7. A Loose Tea Leaf Infuser Shaped Like A Little Man

Leden Tea Infuser, $10, Amazon

This loose leaf tea infuser can be filled with your favorite tea leaves. Drop this stainless steel infuser into a hot cup of water or a taller teacup and wait for your delicious tea to brew. This fun man-shaped infused is made of silicone that stays cool to the touch.


8. A Scrubber Sponge Made Specifically For Pet Bowls

JetzScrubz Pet Dish and Bowl Scrubber Sponge, $9, Amazon

The last thing you want to do is mix up your dish sponges with the sponge you use to clean your pet's bowls and supplies. And this pet scrubber sponge, shaped like a dog bone (cat versions are available, as well) ensures no bacteria-transferring mistakes are made. The sponge itself can take a beating and lasts for a long time — it won't scratch surfaces and is dishwasher-friendly.


9. A Smaller Knife Block That Holds Up To 12 Knives

HIWARE Knife Block, $17, Amazon

This sleek stainless steel knife block can hold up to 12 knives of various sizes and — unlike traditional wooden block holders — you can clean it with water. Its stainless steel design works with most kitchens and, if you happen to have a small kitchen or apartment you're in luck: this takes up less space than many traditional knife blocks. The waves in the slots also ensures that the knives stay sharper and don't cause abrasions over time.


10. An Adjustable Phone Holder For Desks

Aduro Solid-Grip Phone Holder, $11, Amazon

Turn your phone into a hands-free device that you can actually use to work and watch movies with the help of this adjustable phone holder. The holder has a gooseneck stand with 360-degree rotation that bends to adjust to the perfect viewing angle. It has a rubber grip that stays flat and secure on desks, and a strong clamp to keep phones in place. From iPhones and Androids to GPS devices and cameras, it can keep a firm hold on any device, as long as it isn't thicker than 3 inches.


11. An Odor-Resistant Glass Tumbler With A Straw

Ello Devon Glass Tumbler Straw, $13, Amazon

Most plastic tumblers also have plastic smells — but not this glass tumbler, which features a splash-resistant friction fit lid. A food-safe silicone sleeve protects the 20-ounce glass tumbler, which fits in most car cupholders, and has an opening wide enough to fit ice cubes. It is completely odor-resistant, which means your beverages will always taste like it should, and it comes in mint, coral, denim, or gray. And while you'll still have to hand wash the lid, the tumbler itself is safe in your dishwasher.


12. A Hand-Held Massage Tool That Completely Gets Rid Of Knots

Body Back Handheld Massage Tool, $30, Amazon

Don't be thrown off by its deceptively simple design, this handheld massage tool was invented by a chiropractic therapist to provide a deep massage — and apply just enough pressure to trigger points. Its flexible hook allows you to reach the small of your back, but the relief doesn't stop there: use it on your neck, shoulders, feet, and anywhere else you're experiencing pain and discomfort.

13. The Wine Bottle Stake Sets That Water Plants When You're Away

Plant Nanny Wine Bottle Stake Set, $20 (4 Count), Amazon

Recycle used bottles and make watering your plants a lot easier with this wine bottle stake set. By inserting a water-filled bottle inside of the stake and positioning it into the soil, your plants will always have a steady water supply — even when you're away on vacation. The terra cotta stakes release water slowly but consistently into the soil, ensuring plants stay healthy.


14. A Scraping Cooking Spoon With Measuring Lines

Dreamfarm Supoon, $12, Amazon

This may become one of the most useful cooking spoons you've ever owned, and that has everything to do with its thoughtful features. This silicone spoon is perfect for scraping food from the sides of pans, thanks to a squeegee tip and flexible sides. Its deep scooping head contains markings for both teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, and its bent handle prevent drips and spills from making counters a sticky mess. It comes in black, orange, green, red, purple, yellow, or blue.


15. A Storage Container That Keeps Avocado From Turning Brown

Prepworks By Progressive Avocado Keeper, $7, Amazon

There's only one real downside to avocados, but it's a major one: they seems to spoil and turn brown minutes after you cut them open. This avocado storage container has a clear snap-on lid and keeps avocados that have been sliced open fresh for much longer. Store yours with the cut side down to preserve your avocado and, when you're ready to clean the container, just toss it into the dishwasher.


16. The Stick-On LED Lights For Cabinets And Dark Spots

Ledinus LED Tap Light, $17 (4 Pack), Amazon

Stick these LED lights in dark cabinets, attics, garages, or sheds— they provide just enough guiding light to see and feature adhesive 3M tape on the backside that makes it a breeze to install. The lights, which come in white, light-white, and light-warm, turn on and off with a simple tap of the hand — and they have an inner tube that rotates so that you can adjust them up and down for the ideal lighting angle. Don't forget to gather up a few AAA batteries, which are needed to operate these lights and are not included in the set.


17. These Brilliant Spill-Stopping Lids For Cookware

Auandyu Spill Stopper Lid Cover, $13 (2 Pack), Amazon

Place this silicone lid over cookware as a safeguard to keep water from boiling over and oil from splashing onto countertops. But this multi-purpose tool comes in handy in other ways in the kitchen. Since it is heat-resistant up to 482 degrees, you can use it as a cooking cover in the oven or microwave, or even as a cover for food stored in the fridge. The tops were designed without knobs, so you can easily stack them and save space.


18. A Hanging Toiletry Bag For Travel

Hikenture Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag, $18, Amazon

This travel-friendly toiletry bag has a metal hook that gives you the option of actually hanging it up or placing it on your counter. It has zippered mesh pockets and compartments where you can fit small bottles of skincare and hair products, as well as side pouches and a convenient carrying handle. And it comes in four colors: grey, black, dark blue, or pink.


19. The Pimple Patches That Naturally Heal Zits

Mighty Patch Hydrocolloid Acne Absorbing Spot Dot, $13 (36 Patches), Amazon

Got a red, angry pimple? Go to bed wearing one of these pimple patches — and wake up with clearer skin. These hydrocolloid patches absorb pus and excess sebum while you sleep, and without harsh and drying chemicals you'll find in most acne treatments. They're clear in color, safe for all skin types, and provide the added benefit of deterring you from picking at your zit.


20. A Pod That Preserves Herbs For Up To Three Weeks

Prepara Herb Saver, $30 (3-Pack), Amazon

If you're continually wasting money on parsley and mint that wilt days after you purchase them — and won't hold up longer than a week in the fridge, this herb saver is the gadget you need to triple the life of your favorite herbs. Store unused herbs in the saver and add fresh water to the filler cap. The stems of your herbs will remain watered, while the herbs themselves stay dry and fresh for up to three weeks. The saver even fits in your refrigerator door.


21. A Magnetic LED Light That You Can Stick Anywhere

Striker Light Mine Professional LED Light, $18, Amazon

This is a free-standing, magnetic LED light that you can attach to metal surfaces and that provides a 360-degree light source. Choose among four modes: low power, high power, red night vision, or blinking red signal for emergencies. These lights are great to have on hand while you're out late at night, and are equally useful as lights to use while making repairs around the house. They come with AAA batteries.


22. These Smart Odor Eliminators For Shoes

NEWBEA Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags, $15 (12-Pack), Amazon

Filled with activated charcoal, these odor eliminators absorb odor and moisture and neutralize smells without adding fragrances that just mask it. Insert them into shoes when you aren't wearing them, inside refrigerator drawers, or place them anywhere that needs freshening up. Just be sure to recharge them once a month by simply leaving them out in the sun for a while.


23. A Lavender Scented Linen Spray That Is Also Antibacterial

TreeActiv Natural Linen Spray, $18, Amazon

Neutralize odors in rooms with stale, musty air and freshen up furniture, gym bags, and bedding with this lavender scented linen spray. This antibacterial spray also elimates germs that can cause acne — making it a must for pillowcases — and its scent is also calming and can promote rest and sleep. One reviewer swears mosquitoes don't like lavender either, so you can spray this on outdoor furniture.


24. These Eco-Friendly Bamboo Utensils That Come In Travel Cases

To-Go Ware Travel Bamboo Utensils, $13, Amazon

Travel in style and treat yourself well with this set of travel bamboo utensils, which includes a spoon, fork, knife, and chopsticks. Each set comes in its very own quality holder made from recycled materials that features a carabiner — making it perfect for camping or hooking to your purse. Even though the utensils are dishwasher-friendly, it is always a good idea to hand wash bamboo, which keeps it in good shape, but they are heat- and stain-resistant. The holders come in seven colors, including mulberry, pumpkin, and agave.


25. The Vegetable Storage Bags That Prevent Potatoes And Onions From Sprouting

Miles Kimball Potato & Onion Vegetable Storage Bags, $11 (2 Bags), Amazon

Keep potatoes and onions from growing unsightly sprouts by storing them in these vegetable storage bags, which have a lining that completely locks moisture and light out (two culprits that contribute to the demise of your favorite veggies). Each bag can hold up to 10 pounds, and they feature drawstring tops and bottom side zippers that allow you to remove and replace vegetables easily.


26. A Garlic Peeler That Removes Peels In Seconds

Zak Designs Garlic Peeler, $8, Amazon

This silicone garlic peeler turns one of life's most tedious food prep chores — removing garlic peels — into an easy, breezy one that takes just seconds and won't leave the scent of garlic on your hands. Insert a garlic clove into the tool, roll the peeler in your hands or against the counter, and it effortlessly removes stubborn peels. It can be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher, and one reviewer writes: "This garlic chopper is such a useful kitchen gadget that I didn't know I needed!"


27. A Survival Sleeping Bag — Just In Case

Life Bivy Survival Sleeping Bag, $20, Amazon

This waterproof and wind-proof survival sleeping bag reflects 90 percent of your body heat back you, keeping you snug in the harshest temperatures and weather. But it's also the security net that will put your mind at ease when you're camping or hiking. If something should happen, you can call for help using a 120-decibel survival whistle that can reach rescuers up to 1 mile away. The bag folds into a compact packet that fits the palm of your hand, and even includes a high-tech drawstring that can start fires and repair broken gear.


28. A Cool Mist Humidifier That You Can Take Anywhere

MOVTIP Cool Mist Humidifier, $18, Amazon

Hotel room air is notoriously stale. This travel humidifier — which plugs into USB cable sources to recharge — delivers cool mist air that increases moisture in any room and relieves allergy symptoms. The humidifier shuts off automatically after 12 hours and comes in white, pink, or blue. It's also great for a car cupholder, is incredibly silent, and has a filter that will can be easily cleaned.


29. A Popular Makeup Setting Spray With Organic Ingredients

Bella Jade Botanicals Makeup Setting Spray With Green Tea, $12, Amazon

This makeup setting spray has a dedicated following and more than 2,000 pretty amazing reviews. It contains hydrating and anti-inflammatory ingredients like organic green, white, and rooibos tea extracts and DMAE, which is praised for its ability to improve skin elasticity. Use this spray to set your foundation makeup, but also throughout the day, whenever you feel your skin could use a bit of moisture and freshening up.


30. A 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set

BS-Mall Makeup Brushes, $8 (10 Pieces), Amazon

This 10-piece makeup brush set works out to costing less than $1 per brush, which is nothing short of extraordinary considering the price of most makeup brushes. The set comes with everything from an angled brush for eyeshadow to a large flat brush for foundation. Reviewers use words like "soft" and "dense" to describe the bristles, and most can't help but rave about the price and quality you're getting for that price.


31. The Reusable Stainless Steel Straws In A Variety Of Sizes

Wantell Stainless Steel Straws, $6 (Set of 8), Amazon

Help the environment by replacing plastic straws with these reusable stainless steel straws, which are free of BPAs — and safe in your dishwasher. The set of eight straws comes with a variety of straight and bent options in different sizes, but they're all long enough to fit large tumblers. This set also solves a common stainless steel problem — it has a soft silicone tip you can add to both identify your straw and keep your teeth safe. You'll also get a velvet traveling pouch, and two cleaning brushes to clean out the insides.


32. A Mess-Free Laundry Soap Station

Simply Convenient Solutions Laundry Soap Station, $18, Amazon

Keep sticky laundry detergent from settling onto floors and appliances in your laundry room with this cleaner, more efficient laundry soap station. Simply place your laundry detergent on top of the flat surface (anyone with a spout will do) — and it has a cup you can measure right into it, and the station will catchy any sticky bits that fall.


33. A Snap-On Strainer For Cookware And Bowls

Kitchen Gizmo Snap 'N Strain Strainer, $13, Amazon

Instead of dragging a hot pan or bowl from the stove to a colander over the sink, and then having to wash and store yet another piece of cookware, streamline your cooking with this snap-on strainer, which has a universal design that fits nearly all round cookware, bowls, and pans. The silicone colander clips right onto cookware and has a spout that drains liquids in a flash. It comes in green and red, and is compact and easier to store than traditional colanders.


34. These Ingenious Lids That Keep Canned Food And Pet Food Fresh

WeTest Pet Can Lids, $12 (Set of 5), Amazon

If you've opened up a can of food and won't be using all of it, slide one of these plastic can lids on top, store it, and keep it fresh. The set of six reusable lids are compatible with most food and pet food cans,and they solve a common cooking prep dilemma without the need to own and use tons of plastic containers.


35. The Gloves To Protect Your Hands While You Cook And BBQ

Comsmart Cooking Gloves, $10, Amazon

The best heat-resistant cooking gloves should, of course, do a stellar job of protecting hands and wrists from heat and potential injuries— and these do that, but also so much more. These silicone gloves have a comfortable cotton lining and can resist temperatures up to 450 degrees — but are also capable of protecting hands in subzero temperatures, so feel free to wear them while digging your car out of the snow (seriously). They have a non-slip grip that for faster, more efficient food prep and reviewers say they're even a handy tool to use when you're trying to open up stubborn food lids. They come in blue, black, or red.


36.The Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin That Contain Just Two Ingredients

WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes, $13 (4-Pack), Amazon

Baby wipes can be loaded with harsh ingredients that are irritating on a baby's skin, especially if your little one has eczema or sensitive skin (or an adult — these are good for people of all ages). These baby wipes are made with just two ingredients — purified water and fruit extracts — and have been awarded the seal of approval by the National Eczema Association of America. Earning more than 4,000 mostly positive reviews, countless customers make mention of how these wipes won't aggravate skin.


37. The Plastic Bag Handles That Keep Groceries From Spilling Out

Mighty Green Solutions Mighty Handy, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

There's nothing worse than carrying heavy groceries home and watching overfilled plastic bags slowly fall apart, causing your eggs and milk to spill all over the sidewalk. These bag handles prevent that kind of messy chaos by attaching to bags and cinching them tight, which also helps to keep groceries from falling out during bumpy car rides. These handles can carry up to 50 pounds, and have an ergonomic design that distributes the weight of bags evenly — which means you can carry more bags at one time without adding stress to your shoulders, arms, and back.


38. A Microwave Bacon Cooker That Whips Up Healthier Bacon

Camerons Products Microwave Bacon Cooker, $12, Amazon

You can actually cook bacon faster with this microwave bacon cooker, which positions delicious slices of bacon on stems that keep your favorite breakfast food from cooking in its own grease. Instead, the oily residue from bacon drips down into the tray, leaving you with crisper bacon — that takes just one minute of cooking time per slice. The bacon cooker prevents grease from splashing onto your microwave, and it can be cleaned in your dishwasher.


39. A Tool That Sharpens Your Razors

RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener And Cleaner, $24, Amazon

You wouldn't reuse knives a dozen times without sharpening them, so why treat your razors any differently? This razor sharpener is a reusable pad that you can rely on daily to sharpen your razor before using it, preventing nicks, ingrown hairs, razor burn, and cuts. Not only can it save your skin from unnecessary irritation, but it extends the life of disposable and double-edge razors.


40. The Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls That Save On Drying Time

Hey~life Dryer Balls, $15 (6-Pack), Amazon

Similar to traditional dryer sheets, these dryer balls will cut down on drying time and prevent clothes from sticking together. But that's where the similarities end. Made from organic New Zealand wool, this eco-friendly alternative is free of chemicals and fragrances and is safer for allergies and sensitive skin. The dryer balls last longer than 2,000 washes, and can be used in combination with essential oils if you do prefer a soothing or fresh scent.


41. A Tool That Strips Herb And Veggie Leaves From Stems

Chef'n Herb Stripper, $8, Amazon

This genius herb stripper does the tedious job few cooks really want to do: it strips herb and vegetable leaves from their stems without requiring scissors, and what always feels like hours of your time. Slide kale, chard, rosemary, thyme, and other herbs into one of the tool's holes and pull it through. The tool strips leaves off, leaving you with just the stem to discard. The cherry on top: it's dishwasher-friendly.


42. These Collapsible Vented Microwave Lids That Fit Dishes Perfectly

Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Lid, $8, Amazon

Prevent messy splatters and make microwaved meals taste better with this microwave lid, which fits perfectly over most plates and bowls. The vented design allows steam to escape while cooking your food so that it comes out moist and tender. The collapsible lid expands to 3.5 inches, and collapses to 1-inch for easy storage. The lids come in blue, red, or charcoal and are all dishwasher-safe.


43. A Frustration-Free Electric Bottle Opener

Oster Cordless Electric Bottle Opener, $18, Amazon

Designed by Oster, a brand with a trusted name, this popular cordless electric bottle opener has a foil cutter and can pop open corks in seconds with the push of a button — and without so much as a pull needed on your part. It comes with a recharging base, but it doesn't sound like you'll need to use it very often: one charge provides enough power to open up to 30 bottles.


44. A Heated Eye Mask To Refresh Tired Eyes

Aroma Season Heated Eye Mask, $20, Amazon

When your eyes are tired or you simply need to relax, this heated eye mask is a soothing way to treat yourself. The mask is filled with lavender and has three heat settings, as well as timers ranging from 20 minutes to an hour. Charge it via USB and feel free to remove the soft cover for washing so you can use the mask over and over.

45. The No-Tie Elastic Bands That Replace Shoelaces

Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoelaces, $8, Amazon

There are plenty of reasons why you may be itching to replace your shoelaces with these elastic no-tie laces, which transform sneakers into slip-on shoes. Whether you have young children who can't tie their own shoes, suffer from muscle pain, or are a runner who would rather not stop every mile to lace up, these elastic laces are the simple, affordable solution you need. They are easy to install, work with all types of sneakers, and come in 12 colors.


46. The Tough Collapsible Dog Bowl You Can Rely On

Tuff Mutt Collapsible Canvas Bowl, $13, Amazon

If you love taking your dog hiking or out in nature, you need this canvas bowl — it's collapsible and fits into the included carrying case, holds 48 ounces of water or 4 cups of food, and has a waterproof lining that will let the water sit for a while. It also is easy to assemble and disassemble with snaps.


47. The Bag Hanger That Works Anywhere

Clipa2, $16, Amazon

This clip is an instant bag hanger for any surface (think bathroom stalls with no hooks, bars, chairs, and tables) — and as a bonus, you can wear it as a bracelet, too. It's triple-plated for extra-durability, and can also work in your car on the headrest.


48. The Waterproof Shoe Bags That Will Help Keep Your Suitcase Clean

YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

If you travel a lot, you know how dirty your shoes can make your clean clothes when they're all in the same suitcase — so check out these waterproof shoe bags. The bags come in two sizes to accommodate everything from sneakers to boots, and the durable nylon material makes this a staple you'll have for years to come.


49. The Handy Little Rock That Makes Cooking A Breeze

Architec Recipe Rock, $9, Amazon

Great for craft rooms and offices but made for the kitchen, this ingenious recipe rock holds up to eight pieces of paper upright with a magnetic ball. It's fantastic for keeping printed recipes stable, and it's compact enough to keep on your table. It's a great invention if you love cooking or baking directly from recipes online.


50. The Retractable Lint Roller That's A Must-Have For Any Bag Or Purse

Flint Reusable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

Lint rollers aren't the best travel companions — the sticky edges will get all over your things — which is why this retractable lint roller is a brilliant invention. It expands and retracts to under 5.5 inches, and you can refill it when you're done. The paper is also made from 100 percent recyclable materials, so it's an eco-friendly choice, too.


51. A Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner That's Gets Rid Of Bacteria

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, $14 (2-Pack), Amazon

Anyone who has white discharge on their tongue will love this brilliant invention — it's a tongue cleaner that completely gets rid of bacteria and food particles so you can have a sparkling clean tongue and fresher breath. The stainless steel makes it more comfortable, and one reviewer writes: "The very first time I used this I removed so much gunk from my tongue. After a few uses my tongue actually looked pink instead of white. My wife no longer smells the metallic smell and I can actually taste food again." It also comes with a carrying case.


52. A Silicone Steamer That Even Fits Into The Instant Pot

Nopro Silicone Vegetable Steamer, $12, Amazon

This silicone vegetable steamer is world's better than the metal options you're used to: It has locking handles that will fit directly inside a pot (even an Instant Pot) and will even stay cool. It folds down for easy storage, and it's fantastic for steaming vegetables, protein, seafood, and more. You can even use it in the microwave.


53. A Handy Device For Cleaning Smartphones And Tablets

iRoller Screen Cleaner, $20, Amazon

A complete game-changer for anyone who can't stand dirty fingerprints on screens, smartphones, and tablets, this cleaner also manages to sanitize and remove bacteria at the same time. It's completely liquid-free so you can keep it in your purse, and reviewers simply say, "it works."


54. A Brush That Stores Soap In The Handle

OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Brush, $9, Amazon

The handle of this innovative soap brush stores liquid soap — and with a push of a button, you can disperse that soap on plates or dishes and have an easy cleaning experience all around. The nylon bristles are perfect to get rid of grime, and there's a scraper on the back so you can get rid of caked-on food with ease.


55. An Anti-Fatigue Mat For Tired Feet

Leather Grain Comfort Anti-Fatigue Mat, $20, Amazon

If you stand all day in a particular room (the kitchen, by a standing desk, and more), this anti-fatigue mat will keep your feet from getting too tired. The non-slip bottom keeps it from moving around, and it won't collect dust or pet hair. The beveled edge will also prevent tripping.


56. The Pain Relief Therapy That's A Customer-Favorite

Penetrex, $20, Amazon

Made with pain-relieving arnica and vitamin B6, this customer-favorite pain relief cream works on a variety of issues: muscle pain, carpal tunnel, sciatica, tendonitis, and pain or numbness in your lower back, hands, feet, and more. It has no odor, is non-staining, and over 23,000 reviewers swear by this. One writes: "I tried this & started working right away. I had no pain! I just couldn't believe how well this really worked."


57. A Tray That Instantly Defrosts Frozen Food

Danoib Fast Defrosting Tray, $17, Amazon

This magical tray requires no hot water, pre-heating or electricity, and works to completely defrost frozen foods like chicken or pork chops up to five times faster than usual. The tray works safely and quickly — and won't cook food, like putting it in the microwave can do. This is perfect if you forget to defrost your food overnight. You can also chill the tray in the fridge for 15 minutes and use it to serve.


58. The Moldable Glue That Can Fix Frayed Cords And The Soles Of Shoes

Sugru Moldable Glue, $20, Amazon

Heat-resistant, waterproof, durable, flexible, and electrically-insulating, this moldable glue dries to a sturdy silicone rubber. It's fantastic bonding, sealing, and fixing a variety of products — it can fix smartphone cords, seal the soles of shoes, create waterproof barriers, and you can even make hooks with it to keep your chargers from moving around or hang your keys from.

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