59 Hidden Gems On Amazon That Practical People Will Go Wild For

by Lisa Fogarty

A practical person always thinks ahead — especially while shopping and trying to weigh the pros and cons of a product. If this sounds like you, you're going to love this list of hidden gems on Amazon that practical people will go wild for — there isn't a product here that won't appeal to your sensible side.

No one has to tell a practical person that there are countless gadgets and devices out there that are pretty to look at, but will likely sit in your drawer for decades after you purchase them. You can spot a dud from a mile away — but you also know a good deal when you see it. These lesser known, useful AF products on Amazon belong in that last category: they're affordable, cleverly designed, and so functional that you can find a use for them every single day.

This list includes everything from kitchen gadgets to elastic no-tie shoelaces to a pair of killer leggings with pockets that reviewers say fit like a dream (and can fit your smartphone because they're also practical AF). If your motto is something like: Why buy a spatula when you can buy a spatula, slotted spoon, and knife in one, you've come to the right place.

When you're searching for practical products that make all areas of your life easier, look no further than this list.


This Electric Cooker That You Can Take To Work Or Camping

This electric cooker prepares up to 4 cups of rice, pasta, or noodles and is incredibly handy when it comes to boiling water in a flash and heating up soup and other leftovers. But the feature that makes it stand out is its portability — you can pack it and bring it to work or on camping trips for homecooked meals on-the-go. It has a cool touch handle, an adjustable control dial, and indicator lights to prevent overcooking foods. And it comes in three colors: aqua, red, or white.


A Mountable Shelf For Tech Devices That Hides Unsightly Cords

Reduce clutter and free up counter space with this outlet shelf, which you can simply and easily install next to your outlet to hold small speakers, security cameras, and other tech devices. The shelf comes with a custom cord holder that keeps dangling cords out of sight, and it has three additional USB short cords that are also included. Install this shelf in your kitchen, bathroom, or in any other room that has been overrun by cords.


An Amazing Accessory Organizer That Fits Over Your Door

Don't cram your purses, scarves, and belts into a dresser drawer or on one hanger — that's a surefire way to ruin them and make it impossible to find what you need. This dedicated accessory hanger features 12 hooks for jewelry and accessories, and hangs neatly over your door so that you can access it at any time. The vertical steel rack is durable, comes in platinum or bronze, and is thoughtfully designed with soft padding on the underside to ensure it won't dent your door or ruin paint.


The Shine-Stopping Stick You Need For Matte Skin

Stop oil in its tracks with little more than a light layer of this anti-shine stick, which absorbs excess oil and sebum — and minimizes the appearance of pores for up to 12 hours. The transparent formula works on all skin tones and relies on ingredients like dimethicone to make skin appear matte and smooth. Use it under or over makeup, and you can apply it throughout the day when you need a little touch-up magic.


An Odor-Sealing Bag That Traps Foul Smells Inside

These odor-sealing disposable bags are a household essential if you have pets, a baby, or want to clean out your fridge and not have to smell stale food from now until sanitation day. Place pet waste, dirty diapers, or rotted produce into this bag, tie it tight at the top, and it automatically locks the foulest of smells inside, where they won't escape. In one odor-sealing test performed by the company, 80 percent of participants were reportedly unable to detect smells from the bag after seven days — which are pretty impressive results.


This Clear View Toaster With A Big Enough Slot For Bagels

No offense to traditional toasters, but unless you're just using them to toast sliced bread, many fall short in terms of what they can do. Not this clear view toaster — it has slots that are large enough to fit bagels (yay!) and one touch of a button lets you defrost, reheat, or toast, while choosing among seven browning levels. The peek-a-boo window allows you to keep your eye on your bagel, waffle, or bread, and there's an automatic shut-off feature for peace of mind. Choose among three colors: white, red, or black.


A Set Of Colorful Measuring Spoons That Snap Together

This measuring spoon set is an organized cook's dream come true: it consists of five colorful spoons that snap together into one cohesive unit so that you never misplace your half teaspoon when you need it. Each spoon is double-ended and features a side that is narrow enough to fit into small spice jars and a larger spoon on the opposite end for scooping up liquid ingredients. And the cherry on top: you can toss them in your dishwasher for quick cleaning.


These Chemical-Free Cleaning Cloths That Are Safe On A Variety Of Surfaces

Curious about chemical-free cleaning solutions, but not sure where to begin? Consider this set of five cleaning cloths your best introduction to a lifetime of cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and surfaces as diverse as stainless steel, marble, wood, and glass — without a single chemical. The microfiber cloths are activated with plain old water (or you can use them dry for dusting), and each cloth lasts for about 300 spins in your washing machine.


A Multi-Tasking Slotted Spoon And Spatula That Can Do It All

Whether you have a small space or the mother of all chef's kitchens, space-saving and multi-tasking cooking utensils are always a good idea. It's not easy to place this five-in-one uni-tool in any one category — it's simply too functional. This tool is a tough nylon slotted spoon, but also a spatula, food turner, solid spoon, and it features sides that are sharp enough to cut through food. If you need further convincing that this is a must-have tool in your kitchen, it's dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 480 degrees.


A Dual-Sided Microfiber Sponge That You Can Wear On Your Hand

Technically, this is a two-sided wearable microfiber sponge with a reversible elastic strap that you can use to wash your car faster and far more efficiently (and it won't leave scratches, which is a huge selling point). But don't let that stop you from repurposing this sponge and using it on glass windows, outdoor patio furniture, and appliances. The reusable fluffy sponge holds onto water and suds without getting them everywhere, and it has a scrubber side for safely removing caked-on debris. You can even throw it in your washing machine and dryer when it needs a quick clean.


This Space-Saving Shoe Organizer That Will Give You Back Your Closet

You don't have to have a massive walk-in closet to keep your shoes in order — and this shoe rack space saver provides a vertical organization solution that frees up a ton of space in your closet. Each rack features enough room for one pair of heels, sneakers, slippers, or flats, and you'll get 18 pieces in each order — which is enough to fit 18 pairs of shoes. You can even adjust the rack to suit the height of your shoe, making it as accommodating for serious stilettos as it is for fuzzy slippers.


The Magnetic Bamboo Knife Set That Is Slimmer Than Bulky Butcher Blocks

Once you insert knives into traditional butcher blocks, it's hard to tell what bacteria or germs they could encounter in those slots (which are also notoriously difficult to clean). View all of your knives in their full glory with this magnetic kitchen knife block, made from eco-friendly bamboo with a sleeker, slimmer design than bulky blocks. This double-sided organizer can hold up to 12 knives, and washes like a dream with a little soapy water.


A Phone Neck Holder For Watching Movies And Taking Better Selfies

Ever wonder how so many people take great selfies without having to crop out their extended arms? This phone neck holder is the convenient secret selfie-taking weapon you need — and it's also the solution for days when you want a hands-free way to watch movies, vlog, or read an e-book. Compatible with smartphones up to 7 inches, the adjustable cell phone mount is worn around your neck and features 360-degree rotation so you can always find the ideal viewing angle. It comes in six colors: black, white, grey, pink, purple, or blue.


These Non-Stick Oven Liners That Protects Oven Floors From Greasy Spills

Slide these non-stick liners into the bottom of your oven and they'll catch any greasy spills, drips, and debris from pans or food placed on oven racks — saving you tons of clean-up time and doing away with the need to use chemical cleaners. These liners double as baking and grill mats, which also cuts down on the amount of butter or oil you'll need for baking. When they require a good cleaning, place them in the top rack of your dishwasher and reuse them time and time again.


A Collapsible Pot That Barely Takes Up Space In Cabinets

Use this collapsible pot to whip up stews, soups, and one-pot meals on any type of stove (including electric and induction stoves). Then take advantage of its superpower: the 3-liter pot collapses into a nearly flat little package that you can take camping and store in cupboards and cabinets without taking up space. Made from BPA-free stainless steel silicone, it's perfect for travelers or anyone with a small kitchen.


The Stand-Up Paper Towel Holder You Can Use With One Hand

Pull one paper towel from this stand-up paper towel holder and it will deliver just that — without dragging 10 sheets along with it. The modern-looking stand comes in nickel or bronze finish, and has a secure weighted base that keeps it upright. Its unique curved rubber spine holds paper towels in place while you pull, so this is truly a stand that can be used with one hand.


A Plastic Bag Holder For Mess-Free Pouring And Storage

Plastic bags are great for storing food — once they're actually in your fridge or freezer, that is. When it comes to getting ingredients into those bags without making a colossal mess, that's a whole different story, and a dilemma that this sealable bag holder finally solves. The holder keeps 1-gallon bags upright and in place while you pour and mix, and you can also use it to dry reusable bags. The holder folds in half and stores flat in a drawer when it's not in use.


This Migraine Hat With Removable Ice Packs For Headache Relief

Migraines are no joke. If you're searching for a drug-free way to relieve the worst pain on Earth, and one that won't require you to recline on your bed for an hour (because sometimes life gets in the way), this migraine hat provides cooling relief, thanks to two removable cryo-gel ice packs that you place inside the hat itself. The one-size-fits-all hat is adjustable, just in case you want to add or take away compression.


A Leak-Proof Reusable Silicone Food Bag That's Better For The Planet

Plastic bags are convenient — but these silicone food bags are practical, eco-friendly, and capable of storing soups and other liquids without spills. Made from recyclable silicone, the bags have an airtight seal that prevents leaks and can be used to store any food or drink. They're dishwasher-friendly and can withstand extreme temperatures that range from -58 degrees to 482 degrees, so feel free to use them in the oven, microwave, and freezer.


An RFID-Blocking Cell Phone Credit Card Holder That Stops Thieves

Keep your credit cards safe from identity thieves with this two-sided RFID-blocking cell phone card wallet, which adheres to the back of most phones with 3M tape and can be used to store credit or debit cards and cash. Designed with non-bulky elastic, the wallet has a strap for your fingers, but won't add more weight to your phone. Though it's compatible with most devices, it won't work with phones that have an anti-fingerprint coating on the back.


A Rotating Makeup Organizer With Adjustable Levels For All Of Your Cosmetics

Finally — a rotating makeup organizer with so many roomy compartments that you can actually fit all of your favorite beauty goodies in one place. This 360-degree spinning organizer has six adjustable layers, so you can accommodate the tallest skincare serum bottles and nail polishes in one place. It comes in clear or white, and has a top compartment that's perfect for makeup brushes, lipsticks, and nail clippers.


This Drama-Free Egg Separator That Clips Right Onto Bowls

Separating egg yolks from their white counterparts can be a drama-filled experience, complete with messy counters and yolk bits that slip through the cracks. This egg separator makes egg prep simple — it clips onto most bowls and requires that you do nothing more than a crack an egg into it. Yolks remain whole in the separator, while nothing but pure egg whites slip into your bowl.


A Sunrise Alarm Clock That Gently Wakes You Up

No one appreciates an alarm clock that startles them out of slumber every morning. This sunrise alarm clock is a kinder, gentler alternative — one with a wake-up light that gradually brightens starting 15 minutes before your alarm goes off. And when your alarm does alert you to the fact that it's time to start the day, it does so with two minutes of nature sounds or radio. The clock even features seven colored lights to suit your every mood, and 10 adjustable levels of brightness.


The Most Flexible Tripod For Your Smartphone To Help Take Amazing Photos And Video

With so many people replacing traditional cameras and video cameras with their cell phones, it makes sense to own a tool that can help your smartphone capture professional-looking photos and video. This cell phone tripod has flexible neo-rubber legs that you can twist and bend to hold your phone in a variety of ways, always with the goal of shooting your subject from the perfect angle. With a 90-degree ball head that captures bird's eye shots and legs that can wrap around objects, the sky is the limit in terms of how this tripod can turn you into a master photographer or videographer.


A Tape-Free Washable And Reusable Lint Roller

You'll never again have to buy a roll of sticky tape to refill your lint roller when you opt for this washable and reusable lint roller, which rinses off pet hair, dust, and crumbs with nothing more than water. Each set comes with standard and travel-size rollers, and both can be used on clothing, upholstery, and pet areas.


This Sturdy Laptop Table That Is Fully Adjustable

Balancing your laptop on your lap is definitely not the ideal way to work or browse the internet. Instead, use this laptop table stand — it features four tilting angles to provide the best viewing experience, and can be adjusted to five different heights at the press of a button. It comes in wood, brown, or white, and has retractable legs that make it a cinch to fold up and store under your bed or in a closet when it's not in use.


The Busy Day Pressure Cooker That Can Prepare Everything

A pressure cooker can shave hours off of the time you spend prepping and cooking food, but only if it's actually equipped to cook a variety of meals (if not, you might as well save your money and invest in a rice cooker). This multi-use programmable pressure cooker does it all: it has eight digital settings and can cook rice, soup, beans, oatmeal, fish, poultry, ribs, and even cake. And all you have to do is add ingredients and push a button for the magic to happen. If you happen to be cooking for more than one or two people, this 6-quart non-stick pot has you covered: it's big enough to cook meals for an entire family.


An Earbud Case That Keeps Wires From Getting Tangled

If you constantly throw your earbuds or earphones in your purse or bag because you lack storage options, knowing full well you'll have to deal with a mess of tangled wires later, meet the option you've been waiting for: a simple earbud storage case that keeps wires neat and untangled. The case is made from durable silicone, comes in green, pink, blue, or black, and is compact enough to fit in any bag.


A Portable Teeth Whitening Pen For Brighter Smiles

Teeth whitening kits are all the rage, but most require at least 30 minutes of your time each day. This portable teeth whitening pen can be used anywhere. It does away with trays, molds, and plastic wraps and takes just seconds to use and a few uses to notice results. The pen's active ingredient is carbamide peroxide (35 percent) whitening gel, which eliminates stains and brightens teeth. The formula tastes like mint, and each pen provides about 15 treatments. One reviewer writes: "This is one of the best whitening products I've ever used. You can see results after one use. Seriously."


These Stick-On LED Lights With Motion Sensor For Dark Corners

Install or stick on these LED lights anywhere you need them — including dark basements, stairways, and hallways. The battery-operated lights feature motion sensors that turn on when movement is detected within 10 feet and turn off after 30 seconds of no movement. Each light comes with adhesive tape, but you can also opt to mount them with screws if you're searching for a more permanent lighting solution. And you can expect these lights to last an impressive 125 hours before you'll need to replace their batteries.


A Portable Pair Of Safe Scissors With A Lock And Cap Over The Blade

There's no doubt you've encountered times when you could use a pair of scissors on-the-go, but their sharp points can ruin purses and be dangerous, making this one item that isn't exactly travel-friendly. But these portable scissors are as safe to carry as a pen and were designed with a cap and lock to protect you from its sharp blade. They come in white, black, or pink and will barely take up space, so keep them in your bag at all times and pull them out anytime your jacket has a loose thread or you have to open a stubborn snack bag.


This Silicone Holder For Handling Hot Pans And Pots

Turn every pot and pan into a safer one with this silicone sleeve handle holder, which fits directly over hot handles and allows you to transfer cookware with ease — and without the need for separate cooking gloves. The textured holder makes it easier to keep your grip on the handle, and it can withstand extreme temperatures, so you can use it on the stove and in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. Many reviewers say they repurpose the sleeve as a potholder and to grip hot lids, as well.


The Hair Catcher That Hides Strands And Keeps Tubs Spotless

Believe it or not, it's totally possible to keep hair out of your shower drain and not be left with a tub that looks like the floor at your hair salon. This hair catcher is made from quality stainless steel and fits right over most drains — no installation required. And while it captures long and short hairs, it also traps them beneath the catcher, where they'll stay until you're ready to empty it into the trash. In other words, your tub should show no sign of hair and your pipes will remain clean, clear, and unclogged.


A Set Of Silicone Scrub Sponges With Holding Straps That Are Resistant To Mold And Odors

To build a better sponge — one that won't start to stink after a few uses — start with mold and mildew-resistant silicone. These silicone sponges have holding straps and a fish scale texture on one side for better grip, while the other side features silicone bristles, which provide gentle and effective scrubbing that won't scratch dishes, pots, and surfaces. This multi-purpose, heat-resistant sponge can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including stoves and bathroom tile, but they're equally great at scrubbing fresh fruits and vegetables clean. And unlike traditional sponges, they'll last a long time — and when they need to be cleaned, pop them in the dishwasher or give them a quick rinse and let them dry.


This Water Bottle With A Filter For Cleaner, Healthier Water

This 23-ounce filter water bottle has a two-stage filter that can remove 99.99 percent of bacteria, parasites, and chemicals from any water source, making it a really smart item to keep around in case of emergencies. It's also the perfect bottle to take with you camping, hiking, or to simply use every day for tastier, cleaner, and safer drinking water. The filter can clean up to 2,000 liters before needing to be replaced, and the bottles are made from BPA-free Tritan, come with a reusable straw, and feature a leak-proof spout. Choose between two colors: black or blue.


A Microfiber Towel That Removes Stubborn Makeup Without Cleanser

Even if you don't have sensitive skin, repeatedly rubbing chemical-laden cleansers over hard-to-remove makeup like foundation and waterproof mascara can take its toll on skin, leaving you with an irritated complexion. These makeup remover cloths are made from gentle microfiber and, just by adding just a touch of water, will get rid of every stitch of makeup in one or two swipes. Boasting a nearly perfect overall rating, the most skeptical of reviewers say they really work. Not only will they save you money on makeup removers, they're also a more travel-friendly option than liquid products.


The Ultimate Elastic No-Tie Shoelaces So You Can Keep Running

Replace your traditional laces with these elastic no-tie shoelaces and you'll never again have to stop running, biking, walking, or just living life to bend down and tie your laces. These laces are easy to install in just about any shoe and are especially useful if you have arthritis or run a lot and can't risk tripping. Choose among three packages: black, white, or a combo with black, grey, blue, and green laces.


An AirPod Hook That Grips Your Ear So That You Don't Have To Adjust Them During Workouts

When you're running, cycling, or caught up in the flow of your favorite fitness routine, having to adjust your AirPods or EarPods can ruin your momentum. These ear hooks prevent that from happening by attaching to earphones and simultaneously gripping your ear in a way that is both comfortable and secure. They come in clear, black, blue, or pink and are compatible with Apple EarPods or AirPods.


This Comfortable Travel Pillow That Folds Down Into A Small Square

A travel pillow that doesn't actually travel well quickly becomes a cumbersome nuisance that isn't very practical. This travel pillow hits all the right marks: it folds into a small, compact package that you can secure with a flap and drawstrings, and it comes with a convenient carabiner accessory so you can attach it to your carryon luggage. Made from shredded memory foam and fleece, expect it to feel soft and plush, but to also retain its shape and conform to your head and body.


An Under-The-Shelf Storage Rack That Frees Up Counter Space

Install this under-the-shelf storage rack beneath any kitchen cabinet to provide additional countertop space for spices, cooking tools, and other items you use often. Made in Japan from steel, reviewers describe the rack as strong and sturdy — and, unlike storage units, it won't take up additional space in your room.


A Zip-Up Jewelry Carrying Case So You Can Accessorize On The Go

Accessories complete and often transform outfits and, when you're traveling, a simple necklace or brooch can help you make do with fewer items of clothing. But storing jewelry in plastic bags is not the way to keep your favorite pretty things in good shape. Organize necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings in this jewelry storage carrying case, which has a velvet interior, two zippered pockets for watches and bracelets, 28 earring holes, six necklace loops, and a ring hoop to store several rings. The organizer, which comes in five colors and prints, features a removable pouch and zips up into one compact carrying case.


The Most Useful Multi-Tool And Flashlight You Can Have In An Emergency

Don't wait for an emergency to happen — just carry this multi-tool and flashlight in your bag and you'll be prepared for anything. The gadget provides 14 tools, including pliers, wire cutters, several knives and screwdrivers, a bottle opener, and more. It's made from aluminum and stainless steel, and has a locking device that keeps you and others safe from its sharp blade. And its waterproof flashlight is beyond useful: it provides light up to 1,150 feet and features five modes: high brightness, medium brightness, low brightness, strobe, and SOS.


These Adhesive Hooks That Hang Items Without Putting Holes in Walls

Gone are the days when hanging photos, keys, and handbags meant putting tons of holes in your walls. These adhesive hooks are made from waterproof stainless steel, take seconds to install, and stay put on your walls or shower tile — all without damaging walls or paint. The smaller hooks can hold up to 5 pounds, while larger hooks can handle up to 8 pounds.


An Anti-Splatter Magnetic Microwave Cover

This magnetic microwave plate guard lid fits over most bowls and dishes to prevent splatters, and was designed with steam vents that help cook food more evenly. Its clever magnetic top allows you to actually keep the lid stored at the top of your microwave, and reviewers say things like "This is a treasure at our house."


These Adjustable Straps That Keep Fitted Bed Sheets From Moving

The only foolproof way to enjoy a night of sleep in which your bed sheets don't come all undone is to strap them down, literally, with these bed sheet straps. The adjustable straps have clamps that hold fitted sheets perfectly in place on the underside of your mattress —which means they won't shift an inch until you physically remove them on laundry day.


The Heated Hair Straightening Brush That Works On All Hair Types

Whether your hair is incredibly curly, coarse, fine, or prone to static and frizz, this heated hair straightener brush can create a smoother, sleeker style without compromising the health of your hair. The brush offers five settings for all hair types and heats up under a minute with an even distribution of heat, thanks to ionic technology. Use the accompanying heat-resistant glove to prevent burns while you style your hair.


A Desktop Protector For Your Laptop Or Computer That Wipes Clean

Protect your desk and your laptop from scratches, spills, and damage by placing this PU leather desk pad protector down as a barrier between your desk and laptop or keyboard. The anti-skid pad keeps tech devices stable, and wipes clean if you should spill a drink. It comes in three sizes and seven colors, and doubles as a smooth writing surface for journaling and taking notes.


The Sturdiest, Water-Proof Backpack That Folds Into A Pouch

There's nothing you can throw at this waterproof backpack that it can't handle — from water to treks over sharp rocks, its tear-resistant nylon material won't shred or get ruined during the most extreme outdoor adventures. The backpack features a roomy main compartment and breathable mesh straps, and it folds up into a small pouch that fits in the palm of your hand.


This Spice Rack That Folds Down So You Can Find What You Need

Mount this pull-down spice rack to the inside of your cabinet and organize all of your spices on its three tiers. The metal rack can be pulled downward to access all of your spices and choose what you need without having to stand on a stool or rummage through cabinets. The rack comes with mounting hardware, which reviewers say is simple to install.


A Daily Planner That Focuses On Goals, Happiness & Health

Every practical person needs a good daily planner — and this one hits a home run with everything from daily task planning and checklists for self-care practices to sections with affirmations and room to reflect on gratitude. This is so much more than a day planner — it helps you achieve your short- and long-term goals, while never losing sight of the importance of your health, mental health, and happiness.


This Travel Mug That You Can't Knock Over (No Matter How Hard You Try)

Genius invention alert: this 11-ounce travel mug can withstand bumps and knocks from 360-degrees without tipping and falling over. Imagine never spilling hot coffee in your car or on your laptop or rug, while still reaping the benefits of a mug that fits under coffee machines and in-car cup holders. It comes in six fun colors like lilac, pink, and teal — and it's dishwasher-safe.


A Travel Bag With Mesh Pockets That Protects All Of Your Tech Devices And Accessories

Travel with all of your tech devices and cables secure and intact with this travel cable organizer, a double-layer zippered bag with plenty of mesh pockets and tabs to hold tablets, cables, USB cords, batteries, and other accessories. The bag is resistant to water and comes in five colors: teal, black, blue, grey, and rose.


These Hair Clips That Won't Bend Hair Or Cause Creases

The backstage of every fashion show contains about a billion no-crease hair clips like these — and stylists constantly rely on them to keep hair back from the face or to help hold a hairstyle while it sets. Made from stainless steel and rubber, they won't snag strands or cause hair to crease or bend, but they will hold back dry or wet hair while you tend to your skincare routine or apply makeup.


These Packing Cubes That Will Let You Organize Your Suitcase So That Everything Fits Better

Your suitcase is about to become a million times more organized when you separate items into these packing cubes. The set of six cubes consists of water-resistant nylon bags in various sizes: two large compression cubes, two small cubes, one slim tube for electronics or lingerie, and one shoe and laundry bag. Each zippered bag has a convenient handle, and it'll save you major space in your luggage.


A Portable Desk Fan That's As Quiet As A Mouse

You may desperately need a desk fan to keep cool in a sweltering office, but that doesn't mean your coworkers want to hear the whirring sound of your fan while they're trying to work. This portable fan is small and sweet and fits on desks and nightstands, but it's also silent and won't disturb you, others, or your sleep. It runs on USB power from your computer or phone and features two wind speeds. You can even adjust the angle up and down by 90-degrees for the perfect shot of cool air.


These High-Waisted Leggings With Pockets Galore

Who doesn't love a pair of leggings with pockets? These high-waisted yoga pants have not one, but two pockets — a roomy exterior pocket for your phone and a hidden interior pocket to stash your keys or ID. With four-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabrics, and interlock seams to prevent chafing, these are also one of the most comfy pairs of leggings you'll own. They come in 15 colors and styles, including capri length.


An Eco-Friendly Laundry Ball Alternative To Detergent That's Better For Sensitive Skin

Swap chemical-filled laundry detergents with these reusable laundry balls, an eco-friendly, green solution that's better for sensitive skin and allergies — and will also save you money in the long run. Each non-toxic plastic ball contains miniature ceramic balls inside of it that reduce negative ions in the water — something that helps get clothes clean without the use of irritating dyes, chemicals, and perfumes. One ball lasts 1,000 loads of wash before needing to be replaced: Who wouldn't welcome the chance to not have to lug home heavy laundry detergent bottles every month?


A WiFi Plug That Lets You Program Appliances And Lights To Turn On And Off

This Wifi plug has a built-in USB charger and makes it possible to program lights and appliances in your home to turn on and off whenever it's convenient for you — just connect to the Tuya Smart app and get started. The plug is compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant.


The Multi-Tool Key Organizer That Can Discreetly Fit Up To 36 Keys

If your keychain is so bulky and filled with keys that it barely fits inside of your purse (never mind in your pocket), snag this key organizer pronto — it can hold up to 36 keys, but tucks them away in a neat, compact multi-tool that fits anywhere. Aside from holding the keys to every door and drawer in your universe, this tool includes a bottle opener, hex screwdriver, phone stand, key ring hook, and more.

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