59 Sick Under-The-Radar Products On Amazon That Reviewers Swear By

Getting on the bandwagon with all the latest trends can be fun, but it occasionally feels like you might be missing out on all the other stuff you have to seek out yourself. But, if you're only sticking to the more mainstream "popular" choice — whether it's with movies or makeup — there might be a catch you didn't see coming: You may well miss out on some truly sick under-the-radar products on Amazon that reviewers swear by.

There's always going to be that one thing you see everywhere on social media and that you eventually knuckle under to buy, and obviously, that's cool — I'm a big fan of those cult-favorite products on Amazon, too. I mean, there is a reason things attain cult status, right? Of course, the popular crowd turns up some great #winners. My own personal award in this category goes to Spindrift water which is conveniently available via Amazon Pantry. But don't miss out on the road less traveled either, because word is, that makes all the difference.


A Soothing Cream Made With Manuka Honey

Made with manuka honey, soothing aloe vera, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil — this face and body moisturizer is specifically made to deal with skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburns, and rosacea. The honey is naturally antibacterial and only found in New Zealand, naturally seals in moisture, and is non-greasy. It also won't clog pores and absorbs quickly: Reviewers say it heals cracked or dry skin fast.


The Pillow Relieves Dry Eyes With Relaxing Bean Steam

You wouldn't think that beans would be the magic secret to relieving migraines and easing the eye strain that comes from computer use, but this pillow proves otherwise. Filled with a mixture of green and red beans that emit subtle steam when heated, it provides just the right amount of heat, pressure, and moisture to ease pain and relieve tired and dry eyes. Heat for just 30 seconds in the microwave and you're ready to go — and text appears on the face-down side of the mask to let you know if it's too hot to apply to your sensitive skin.


This Wedge Saves Your Back While You're Sleeping Or Relaxing In Bed

The comfortable, gradual slope of this pillow will ease any sniffly nose issues and other breathing problems you might have. It also reduces neck and shoulder pain — whether you're working in bed or just watching television, reading, or plain old relaxing. It's crafted from hypoallergenic foam that's free from formaldehyde and phthalates, and comes with a comfy, soft knit cover that's removable and washable for easy care.


A Genius Balm To Make Your Heels Baby Soft

If dry, cracked heels are your, well, Achilles' heel, this easy-to-apply heel balm is for you. The centerpiece of this healing remedy is super-moisturizing, ultra-enriched aloe, backed up by rich shea, vitamin E, and a light tea tree oil scent. One reviewer writes: "Other creams seem to provide more of a surface treatment. This one really goes to work!"


These Remarkable Bags Will Help You Get More In Your Luggage Than You'd Ever Have Imagined

When you add these packing cubes to your travel routine, not only will you have the opportunity to get so much more into your luggage, but you can also use them to stay organized while you're on the road, whether that means sorting your stuff by the day, by the outfit, or by the family member. The three-piece set is crafted from high-quality nylon with reinforced zippers, and features an extra-large, a medium, and a small bag, plus a separate bonus laundry bag for your convenience.


These Rings Make Perfect Eggs, Pancakes, And Lots Of Other Treats

Crafted from high-quality silicone that's BPA-free and FDA-approved, these rings will enable you to turn out restaurant-quality, perfectly circular eggs, pancakes, and other delightful snacks like hash browns, burgers, and lots more. The convenient handle on these gadgets enables you to maneuver them with ease, and it folds down for easy storage. The rings are dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up, too.


This Little Atomizer Means You Can Take Your Favorite Scent Anywhere

Designed to let you refill it with ease, this atomizer lets you transfer your favorite fragrance right from the bottle via the pump from any standard perfume bottle. It's leak-proof and shatter-proof, so none of your precious scent will end up on your clothes or in your carryon, and you can decant just under half an ounce of fragrance at a time, making it TSA-friendly.


This Carabiner Is Like Having An Extra Pair Of Hands

I did an outdoor living skills course recently, and I really think that behind some kind of water purification system, this carabiner would be the first thing I'd take if I were stuck on a desert island. Don't wait until you're marooned to get one, though, because they're so handy whether you're running around town or taking a jaunt in the countryside. Use it to hang your purse or backpack from the coffee shop table, for example, or keep it off of the floor when you use the bathroom — and that same clip can keep a backpack of up to 60 pounds off the ground if you're camping.


This Cleanser From A Noted National Brand Is Super-Soothing To Your Skin

This German-based skincare brand has been a favorite since the mid-1930s for their natural skin care products like this cleanser. Crafted with bentonite clay and anthyllis, jojoba, and almond oils, this formulation relieves irritation and redness — and is balancing for all skin types. Its all-natural ingredients leave your face feeling soft and smooth, too.


The Gadget That Makes Whipping Up Delicious Dishes So Much Easier

Featuring beveled pinwheel blades, this gadget makes meal prep both simple and fast by helping you chop your ingredients and combine them all at the same time. Made from high-quality, heat-resistant nylon, it's safe for use in hot foods and cleans up easily in the top rack of the dishwasher. The blades won't scratch your cookware as you work, and it's finished with a comfortable, ergonomically-designed handle that makes it easy to get down to business.


This Coffee Is Ground Coarsely So That Your Cold Brew Is Super Smooth

Featuring a unique coarse grind that's optimized for cold brew, this coffee features a blend of deliciously-roasted Arabica beans that give you an extra-smooth cup every time. You'll be able to brew your coffee especially to your taste in a French press or even just a Mason jar. Organic and fair trade, it's a choice that sits right with your soul, too. Just add 3 cups of water to 1.5 cups of grinds, and let steep for around 18 hours.


An Appliance That Lets You Enjoy Fried Foods With 80% Less Fat

Whip up all your favorite dishes — from French fries to tempura chicken and chicken nuggets all the way to delicious fried desserts —with this incredibly handy air fryer. Designed to produce all your favorite crispy, crunchy foods with all of the crunch and none of the oil, it's big enough to accommodate a dozen chicken wings or 1 pound of fries per batch, yet it's space-saving on your counter and takes much less energy to operate than your stove.


This Mascara Is Better For You Because It's Made With Organic Coconut Oil

Gentle enough for even the most sensitive eyes, this natural mascara actually nourishes and conditions your lashes as you apply it, thanks to its blend of organic coconut oil, chamomile, and vitamin E. Especially ideal if your lashes are frequently breaking or falling out, this formula lengthens your lashes while strengthening them. Paraben-, dye-, and toxin-free, it's not tested on animals, and its all-natural ingredients also mean that it's easy to remove at the end of the day.


This Genius Notebook Is Reusable And Sends Your Work To The Cloud

Now those brilliant ideas you have can go straight from the page to the cloud with this notebook that also features reusable pages. Pocket-sized and convenient to carry along, you just write on this notebook as you would any other, using a Pilot FriXion or other compatible pen. Wait about 15 seconds, and the ink bonds to these specialized pages, meaning it's ready for you to dispatch electronically to your email, Google Drive, Dropbox, or a number of other apps. Then, when you're done, simply wipe the eco-friendly pages with a damp cloth, and you're all set to begin again.


The Device To Make Tasty, Healthy Grilled Foods Right On Your Stovetop

Featuring a unique venting system and a drip pan to catch cooking juices, this grill lets you fix the barbecue-style foods you love inside with a minimum of mess. Perfect for apartment- or condo-dwellers who can't cook outside, as well as for anyone who enjoys grilling year-round, this durable accessory is crafted from stainless steel that's double-coated with FDA-approved, PFOA-free Teflon so your food won't stick. Suitable for use either on electric or gas stoves, it's top-rack dishwasher-safe.


These Adorable Animals Protect Your Charger Cords From Fraying

I don't know about you, but I feel like I purchase a new lightning cord for my iPhone just about every other week. Sometimes, it's because mine has gone missing, but many times, it's because my cord has frayed at the end due to heavy use — and now, these critters are here to help. Just attach your choice of durable PVC pet (there's a veritable zoo from which you can make your selection), then slide up until the mouth is over the cable connector — it "bites" your device. Your new pal will ensure that your device remains plugged in, and protect that delicate wear point from overuse.


This Accessory Charges All Your Electronics, No Matter Where You Are

With its small, round shape and compact size, this "power donut" makes a great companion for road warriors, whether you're traveling for business or pleasure. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand, the unit offers space to plug in three devices while also charging another three via USB ports. While it's non-surge protecting and thus ideal for packing when you're traveling abroad or taking a cruise (where surge protectors are prohibited), you'll still benefit from its integrated protection from overcharging, short-circuiting, and overheating.


A Scrub That Will Give You A Smooth And Moisturized Kisser

Crafted from 100 percent natural ingredients from Hawaii, this lip scrub is just what you need to recondition and refresh dry, chapped lips — and keep your pout perfect year-round. Raw Maui cane sugar crystals delicately but thoroughly exfoliate your lips, while the kukui nut oil and shea butter add moisture and suppleness. This delightful and great-smelling balm is also paraben-, phthalate-, and cruelty-free.


A Knife Stand To Add A Touch Of Modern Design To Your Kitchen

Add to your kitchen's modern design vibe with this unique Swiss-designed knife block that's both attractive and functional. The blades of your knives will be completely visible, so you won't have to fumble around looking for what you need, and the cover comes off for easy cleaning. This accessory draws raves from Amazon reviewers, who praise it for its impressive capacity — it can hold more than a dozen knives — and the fact that it has such a small footprint on your countertop, especially as compared to traditional wood blocks.


This Mask Incorporates One Of Nature's Superfoods Into A Treat For Your Face

Once only the darling of the foodie scene for its bright, uplifting color, gingery flavor profile, and remarkable antioxidant properties, turmeric has now crossed over to the beauty counter in this mask. It leverages the anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties of this root along with kaolin clay to calm and hydrate your skin — and suitable for all skin types, it's especially great if your face is acne-prone or sun-damaged. The mask comes in powder form: simply mix with water according to the directions and apply.


This Wearable Device Will Keep You Standing Tall

Designed to relieve back pain and build strength in your back muscles, this FDA-approved device realigns your vertebrae to their proper position — and not only retrains your posture, but enables more mobility by strengthening your back muscles. A terrific asset for anyone battling scoliosis, stenosis, or other serious spinal conditions, this device is also great at assuaging the everyday pain that generates from spending hours hunched in front of the computer.


This Natural Cleanser Helps Regulate Your Skin's Oil Production

If a more balanced complexion is what you're after, this cleanser from noted acne-fighting brand TreeActiv is a sure bet. The star of this formulation is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic sulfur, which helps to unclog your pores, exfoliate, and dry up excess oils. It's also packed with vitamin C to help speed the production of collagen, leaving your complexion refreshed, and can fight both whiteheads and blackheads.


A Hat That's Filled With Cooling Gel To Soothe Your Aching Head

As a migraine sufferer, I can attest to the muscle aches — not just the severe pain — that an episode brings. Filled with gel pack inserts that you can chill down in the freezer or refrigerator, this hat will assuage both the immediate pain of a migraine or severe headache as well as the lasting ache it leaves behind. Plus, it's customizable for people with all head sizes and shapes. It's a great tool for sinus and allergy sufferers, too, to relieve inflammation.


An All-Natural Balm That Helps Relieve Congestion So You Can Breathe Easy

Everyone knows the famous vapor rub that soothed your chest as a child. This preparation serves the same purposes, but it's 100 percent natural with a more pleasant smell. Lavender essential oil is a featured ingredient of this balm, which not only smells great, but is a powerful headache reliever and can ease breathing problems when you're stopped up. It's combined with rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils, both of which are multi-purpose cold fighters — because they both have natural antibacterial, anti-infection, and anti-inflammatory properties, and will help you get rid of that nastiness that's bogging you down.


This Device Cleans The Germiest Thing In Your House: Your Phone

This phone cleaning device eliminates 99 percent of the bacteria that lurk on your phone to sanitize it and give you some peace of mind. Put your phone in the box, and close the lid — it's like a miniature tanning bed for your electronics — and the light completely surrounds your device with germicidal UV-C rays. You can charge your device while it's getting clean, too. Suitable for most devices, you can also clean anything that you can fit into the box, like jewelry or makeup brushes.


A Set Of Antimicrobial Cutting Boards To Make Food Prep Safer

Crafted with a plant-based natural compound found that prevents bacteria growth, these cutting boards are a great way to prevent germs and are color-coded to cut down on the risk of cross-contamination. On top of their natural capability to inhibit bacteria, you can also sterilize these patented kitchen helpers quickly and easily in your microwave so they'll be a full 99.9 percent germ-free. Plus, these boards have a unique non-slip backing, and they're BPA-free and FDA-approved.


This Container Keeps Your Guacamole Fresh And Green

Hate it when your guacamole turns brown after just a short time in the fridge? It may still taste okay, but it's a bummer to eat. Well, this accessory fixes all that with its unique air-lock closure. Crafted from BPA-free plastic that's super durable and stain- and odor-resistant, it keeps your guac fresh until the party starts. A perfectly portable size, it's also great for transporting and storing other sauces and dips like salsa or hummus.


These Wipes Clean Your Kid's Face Without Chafing

Made with the same type of saline that occurs naturally in our bodies, these wipes are also permeated with aloe, chamomile, and vitamin E to make wiping little noses softer and so much more comfortable. Packed in a resealable bag that makes them a great choice when you're on-the-run or just to keep nearby, these super-soft wipes are hypoallergenic and free from alcohol, parabens, and phthalates. They're great for adults, too.


These Affordable Brushes Are Purpose-Made To Give You A Flawless Makeup

This unbelievably affordable makeup brush set features densely-packed heads full of synthetic bristles that make applying and blending makeup fast and easy. The set comes with 12 brushes that include everything you need for flawless foundation, concealer, and eye makeup.


A Storage Unit That Will Get All Your Lipsticks In Order

If you have a ton of lipsticks like I do — and are tired of having to dig through all of your cosmetics to find the right one for a given outfit or situation — this organizer is just the thing. Designed to hold 24 shades, it's crafted from a single mold of heavy-duty acrylic, so it's durable and won't break if it accidentally lands on the floor.


This Roll-On Will Help You Roll Right On Through Your Migraine

Formulated with a blend of therapeutic-grade peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils, this roll-on aromatherapy stick belongs in your bag of tricks if you suffer from painful migraines or from tension headaches after a long day at work. Simply use the convenient applicator to apply a small amount to your temples, forehead, and the back of your neck at the first signs of pain for quick relief — and this aromatherapy treatment can help assuage the nausea that accompanies these headaches, too.


These Socks Will Keep You On Your Toes During Your Workout

Great for barre class, pilates, kickboxing, and many other floor-based workout sessions, the patented design of these socks helps you grip the floor for added stability and security as you're exercising. Engineered to prevent twisting and bunching while you're on the move, they're crafted from a cotton-spandex blend, and feature a heel tab that adds extra protection for your Achilles' tendon, plus an arch band for added lift and support.


This Spatula Helps You Make Your Smoothie Good To The Last Drop

Don't waste a drop of that delicious smoothie or shake — get down to the bottom of your blender with this blender spatula. Crafted from food-safe, heat-resistant silicone with a nylon core for additional strength, its long and slim design easily reaches down to the bottom of any blender, and its flexible edges scrape the sides of your appliance to ensure you're getting every drop. It's dishwasher-safe, too.


This Genius Accessory Makes It Easy To Strain Your Cooked And Washed Foods

Don't you hate losing food down the drain when you strain pasta or boiled potatoes? This strainer makes it easy to pour the water off of your food without chucking it all into the sink. Crafted from durable, heat-resistant silicone that's FDA-approved and BPA-free, it clips on to your pots and pans — and it's flexible enough to accommodate most sizes. Then simply tilt to strain: it's that easy.


A Brush To Help You Clean The Narrowest Of Kitchen Gear

With a handle that extends over 6 inches in length, this brush will help reach the bottom of those long, narrow necking containers. Made from FDA-approved food-grade silicone, the bristles of this brush won't fall off — and make it easy to scrub down deep inside bottles, vases, and glasses.


This Makeup Brush Is A Great Way To Hit Two Birds With One Stone

Combining two precision makeup tools into one pen-sized design, this dual-end brush features a retractable tip that's perfect for applying lip liner or other detailed tasks on one end. On the other, there's a lid-topped rounded brush that's great for filling in lip color and applying eyeshadow and concealer. The bristles on both ends are crafted from premium synthetic fibers, so they're silky soft to the touch and resist shedding.


These Strange-Looking Tongs Could Be The Most Versatile Kitchen Tools Ever

Get the secure grip of tongs and the flipping capability that a spatula provides combined into one unique tool with these clever tongs. Incorporating a steel frame with a unique silicone cradle, you can flip, scoop, and serve your food, all with just this one utensil. Heat-resistant silicone is safe to use right on your hot foods, and one reviewer writes: "Truly clever! A versatile tool to have in the kitchen."


This Shampoo Is Loaded With Argan Oil To Soften The Stiffest Beard

Designed specially for a beard, but so well-formulated that it leaves the head on your hair silky-smooth too, this beard shampoo is enriched with argan oil to hydrate hair and make it soft. With a refreshing scent that's clean and reminiscent of an old-timey barbershop (think shaving cream, writes one reviewer), it's an instant classic that gets 4.7-stars from hundreds of fans on Amazon.


This Ingenious Device Makes Grinding Spices Easy

With an ergonomic handle that makes grinding pepper or salt easier than ever before, this ingenious grinder is sure to become one of your favorite kitchen accessories. Crafted from durable, BPA-free materials, it's also easy to load, with a front door that permits the easy addition of spices. Additionally, it offers you the capability to adjust the coarseness of the grind you're applying, so it's perfect for everything from a fine haze of pepper to a more robust sprinkle of coarse salt.


A Book That Will Teach Why You're Addicted To Your Smartphone

Goodreads members chose this book as one of the top business selections of the year thanks to author Nir Eyal's ingenious Hook Model and the engaging style and varied case studies he uses to illustrate it. The model, built on Eyal's years of consulting, research, and practical experience, showcases how designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs of all kinds can craft products and experiences that bring users back time and time again.


The Hand Sanitizer Is All Natural To Protect You Without Harmful Chemicals

More than 99 percent effective against common germs without all the harsh chemicals that make its competitors effective, this hand sanitizer is formulated with GMO-free alcohol and natural plant-based essential oils to clean, plus vegetable glycerin to keep your hands soft and smooth. Cruelty- and fragrance-free, this spray has a delightful coconut and lemon scent that will have you thinking of warm climates, and a peppermint and citrus version is also available.


These Serum Ampules Give Your Hair A Perfectly-Proportioned Dose Of Conditioning

Packed with vitamin E and keratin, this hair treatment nourishes and softens your hair and makes it shiny and manageable. Easy to apply, you simply twist the neck of the capsule to open, then work the serum inside through your hair. Formulated with silk protein, it strengthens your hair and protects it from heat damage, beating the frizz before they start.


This Handy Accessory Keeps Your Car Neat And Clean

Designed to attach to your car's center console so it stays put, this car trash can is an ingenious tool in the struggle to keep your vehicle clean. Insert all trash inside the receptacle with its unique lid — and keep it from going all over your car. The can even features two mesh pockets for storing items like tissues and baby wipes.


This Balm Uses Organic Ingredients To Heal Your Dog's Paws

If your dog is your fur baby like mine is, you'll love this balm for dry, cracked paw pads. Crafted using 100 percent natural, organic ingredients, it's safe for both dogs and humans, and acts fast by penetrating deeply into the paw to protect, heal, and ease any pain your best friend is feeling. Great year-round, this balm is especially indicated during the dry and scorching-hot summer months — as well as in the winter, especially when there's salt on the ground.


This Tiny Spatula Makes A Big Impact In Getting Every Last Drop Of Your Expensive Beauty Products

Whether you're a makeup guru or just like to be thrifty, you'll find so many uses for this tiny spatula in getting all the product (think foundations, serums, and moisturizers) out of your expensive beauty products. With a flexible head that's crafted from silicone, this little tool gives you access to every last drop of your product — and it washes off easily for reuse. It's so versatile that you can even use it to apply your product once retrieved.


These Handy Mats Will Mean You Never Have To Clean Your Oven Again

Shrug off one of the most heinous cleaning tasks in the kitchen with these reusable oven liners. Extra-thick and made of durable, heat-resistant fiberglass, these liners are BPA-free with a Teflon coating that's safe for use around food. Cut them to fit your oven, and when something spills or splatters, you'll be able to quickly and easily wipe away the mess without hazardous chemicals — and without having to hunch into your open oven and clean.


This Lotion Leverages All-Natural Drying Ingredients To Heal Your Acne

If you're troubled with aggravating breakouts, this lotion will dry them up and rebalance your complexion overnight, and it's safe even for sensitive skin. Not only does it dry the blemishes you can see, but it also penetrates your pores to attack the infection inside, and it helps exfoliate the skin surrounding the blemish, too. You'll have a fresh, clean face when you get up in the morning — it's as simple as that.


This Black Powder Will Make Your Teeth Sparkly White

You'd never guess to look at it, but this powder — as dark as it is — will not only whiten your teeth but will also freshen your breath, thanks to the power of activated charcoal. This age-old ingredient is 100 percent natural and lets you clean your teeth without any added chemicals or ingredients you can't pronounce. Made from 100 percent coconut charcoal, it's suitable for daily use, or anytime you need a touch-up.


These Bags Are Super Useful For Food Storage And Help Limit Waste

With all the plastic waste we dump into our oceans each year, choosing these reusable food storage bags should give you a real feel-good moment as you pack up your leftovers. They're also real pros at prolonging the life of your food, with air-tight, leak-proof zip-top seals just like their disposable cousins. Crafted from silicone, they're suitable for reheating, boiling, and use in the microwave, too.


A USB Hub That Charges Up To Six Devices Incredibly Fast

Suitable for use at home, in the office, or on the road, this USB hub can charge up to six devices at once — and it delivers a full charge up really fast. With functionality that includes automatic detection and adjustment of the charging current to obtain the fastest charge for your device, plus a 1.5-meter charging cord that lets you access this device conveniently with all your devices, this accessory is incredibly helpful to keep all your devices running at full charge.


The Belt That Provides Storage Space Your Phone And Your Valuables While You Work Out

With space for your cash, cards, and keys located conveniently behind a purpose-made smartphone compartment, this belt is a simple and convenient way to keep all your necessities with you while you're working out. Crafted from waterproof Lycra to ensure that your goodies stay safe from sweat or precipitation, it's designed to fit waists ranging from 27 to 38 inches with a snap belt for security. You'll be able to use your phone while it's stored inside, too, thanks to the clear touch-sensitive window and the integrated headphone access.


This Little Gadget Is Your Backup Band In The Shower

Crafted with a fully waterproof and Bluetooth-enabled design, this speaker will be the backup band or chorus you've always wanted for your shower serenades. Of course, its use isn't restricted only to the shower: Use it poolside, on your boat, at the beach, or anywhere you want to crank up the tunes without having to worry about the potential of getting splashed. The great sound quality pairs with portability in this tiny but mighty clip-on sound system.


This LED Glove Is The Helping Hand You Need When It's Dark

Whether you're an athlete out riding your bike after dark, an outdoor enthusiast feeling your way around the campsite at night, or someone who works outside at all hours of the day, this glove is the helping hand you need. The great thing about it is that they shine a light on whatever you need to see without you having to use one of your hands to hold a flashlight. The glove has two lights that you can aim simply by moving your fingers — super cool, and super useful, too.


A Cutting Board That Adds Some Hidden Assets To Your Food Prep Game

With two hidden food trays to help you collect and move your prepped food once it's done, this cutting board offers more than just meets the eye. Crafted from organic acacia wood, it's not only beautiful to look at, but also naturally antibacterial and water-resistant — while the trays underneath are BPA-free plastic that's safe for both the dishwasher and the microwave. It's non-slip, too, to provide a stable base for your chopping and dicing.


This Book Light Is Super Flexible To Put The Light Right Where You Need It

With arms that are flexible so they hug your neck like an old pal, this book light offers hands-free convenience along with three brightness settings to give you all the illumination you need. It has two super bright LED lights — each which can be adjusted individually — that make it great for tasks like reading in bed or walking the dog after dark.


A K-Beauty Serum That Has The Same Active Ingredients As Some That Are 10 Times Its Price

Containing a potent dose of vitamin C in every drop, this serum from K-beauty standout Seoul Ceuticals offers the same ingredient profile (like hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid) and skin-revitalizing performance as alternatives that are 10 times the price. A wonderful all-purpose serum, it heals sun damage, both clears up and prevents breakouts, and plumps up the skin. One reviewer writes: "My skin has never looked better, the overall appearance is amazing, Who would have thought it would be possible, to get the same/better results for the fraction of cost. I can confidently recommend this product, it works!"


This Hair Band Slips Into Your Locks Easily And Won't Leave Creases

Made from smooth artificial resin, these hair rings are designed to slip into your 'do in stealth mode: They won't pull or tug on your strands, and won't tangle as you're fixing up your style. They're equally as easy to remove, as they slip easily from your hair — plus, the unique spiral design won't leave those telltale kinks when you take your hair down.


This Pillow Will Ease Away Your Troubles With Relaxing Shiatsu Massage

With four shiatsu massage nodes that imitate the motions of an actual massage therapist — as well as optional heat — this pillow will relax and relieve all your muscle tension after a long, hard day at work or play. Relax any part of your body on the pillow and you'll get a revitalizing massage that stimulates circulation and relieves stress and fatigue while pampering your muscles. This unit features easy, one-button control and an automatic shut-off function: just in case you doze off as a result of its therapeutic touch.


These Bamboo Towels Are A Must For Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen

If going green is a priority for you, swap your paper towels out for these bamboo towels and enjoy not only being eco-friendly, but also saving money as well. Featured on Shark Tank, these towels are stronger, more absorbent, and more durable than regular paper towels — plus they clean up in either your washing machine or your dishwasher for nearly unlimited reuse. Your wallet will thank you, and so will your Mother (Earth).

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