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6 Adorable Baby Sleep Products That Can Help You Enjoy Bedtime With Your Little One

Nothing is more sacred than your baby's bedtime routine, and my personal opinion is that bedtime also happens to be the cutest time of day. From your baby's sweet little yawns and tired eyes to end-of-day snuggles with their favorite blanket, there's just no other part of the day that packs a stronger joy-per-activity ratio.

To make sure you and your baby are getting the most joy and comfort out of your regular bedtime routine, Romper partnered with Target to round up a few of their cutest new sleep products for baby. While there are plenty of ways you can infuse your own brand of adorable into your little one's bedtime schedule — for instance, putting a personal spin on their nursery decor, or putting together your own custom bedtime playlist — the products listed below will make sure you've got all the basics covered.

Scroll down to check out the latest (and cutest) products from Target below, then click over to to find everything else you need to customize your newborn baby's sleep routine.

This Beyond-Adorable Hooded Towel

On evenings that you kick off bedtime with a bath, wrap your baby in this adorable cotton hooded towel to keep them warm between bath and pajamas. The made by parents, for parents Cloud Island brand made this sweet towel with terry cloth fabric to quickly absorb water, plus they gave it an extra cute design that is practically guaranteed to put a pre-bedtime smile on your face.

A Soothing & Calming Lotion

First and foremost, this baby lotion smells like an absolute dream. Plus, it checks all those boxes that a quality baby product should: It's hypoallergenic, dermatologist-approved, non-greasy, non toxic, and it's free of phthalates, parabens, and artificial colors.

This Dreamy Layette Set

Yes, this five-piece set is beyond precious, but it's also Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified, which is a fancy way of saying that everything from the dyes, to the fabrics, all the way down to the zippers and buttons have been tested and verified as free from harmful levels of more than 300 substances.

Cozy (& Trendy!) Flannel Blankets

These soft flannel blankets are your go-to for swaddling your newborn. The sweet gender-neutral green and gray patterns appear on soft cotton, and they're the perfect size for ensuring your baby stays wrapped and cozy all night.

A Bright & Happy Crib Bedding Set

This sweet four-piece crib bedding set includes a fitted sheet, a crib skirt, plus a matching comforter and blanket for when your little one is old enough to have them in their crib. Plus, the playful pop of orange adds a very welcome dose of happiness to bedtimes and early mornings.

A Good-For-Everything Security Blanket

Perfect for pre-bedtime snuggles with your newborn, or as a first crib blanket for babies ages 12 months and older, this precious white and green security blanket boasts soft, fluffy fabric on one side, an eye-catching pattern on the other, and best of all, is machine-washable.

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