6 April Fools' Day Pranks For Kids To Play On Parents

by Olivia Youngs

April Fools' Day is right around the corner, and although most prank round-ups focus on how parents can trick their unsuspecting children, there are plenty of great April Fools' Day pranks kids can play on their parents, to get them back for all the years of senseless pranking in the past. Whether you're a kid hoping to prank your parents or a parent willing to help your kid prank your partner, the list of easy practical jokes to play are endless.

More often than not, the simple pranks are the best ones. You don't need an elaborate scheme or weeks of planning to pull of a prank that your parent will never see coming (although you definitely could go that route too.) Most of these pranks require only a few items — most of which you likely already have in your house — and a few minutes of alone time to set up the prank while your unsuspecting parents await their fate.

Whether you're an newbie to the pranking scene or come by it naturally, your parents will appreciate your bourgeoning sense of humor (well, maybe not right away, but eventually, they will,) with these simple pranks that anyone can pull off.


Draw A Spider On The Toilet Paper Roll

As an avid spider hater, I can attest to the horror I would feel upon unrolling a spider (fake or not) after doing my business in the bathroom. Instructables suggested pranksters draw spider with a sharpie, roll the paper back up, and wait for the ensuing screams.


Swap The Condiments

Kids who are extra sneaky can swap out frequently used condiments for less ideal ones. Imagine the surprise as you reach for the mayo, only to discover that it's actually pudding (probably too late once you've already taken a bite.) For an extra dastardly deed, Bustle suggested swap deodorant with cream cheese or shaving cream with whipped cream.


Painted The Soap

Instructables gave kids a particularly simple prank to play on parents who plan to wash their hands at least once — or at least attempt to. All you need is a bar of soap and some clear nail polish. Spread a coat on the soap, and the soap will be lather-less.


Tape The TV

Whose parents don't enjoy sitting down in front of the TV after a long day? Except, thanks to this prank from Mashable, the remote will have mysteriously quit working. Simply tape a small strip of clear tape over the remote sensor and watch as they fumble with the remote in frustration.


Plastic Wrap The Toilet Seat

For an extra tricky (and probably messy) prank, place a layer of plastic wrap along the bowl of the toilet. Children beware though, this is probably one mess you'll have to clean up yourselves. If you're extra dedicated, use this step by step tutorial from WikiHow to do it yourself.


Trick A Sleeping Parent

Deal News suggested a prank that is extra fun to play on unsuspecting parents as they sleep: fill their hand with whipped cream (or shaving cream for a less delicious prank,) and tickle their nose with a feather. Watch as the inevitable face-full of whipped cream ensues.