6 Beautiful 5-Minute Hairstyles You Can Do While Literally Running Out The Door

Remember back in the day of yore, when you woke up an hour early to curl and set your hair? Or how about when you actually washed your hair on the regular? These days, with schedules being busier than ever, you need a hairstyle you can do in 5 minutes that isn't the same-old tired top knot.

And now, thanks to the Internet, you have them. From soft waves that look like the result of an amazing blowout  to complicated-looking side braids that actually look better messy and rushed, there are plenty awesome fake-out hair tutorials that’ll make people think spent hours on your locks when you didn’t. Because who has the time? And the best part — minimal hair skill, tools, and products are required to make these looks happen. So break out some mini hair elastics, dust off your hair tools, and retire that sad ponytail for a few weeks. Sometimes all it takes is a quick braid here, or a twist there, and voila — you have a new ‘do that’ll have people saying, “Your hair looks ah-mazing today!” Your time-saving secret’s safe with us. 


5-Minute Hair Curls

Using the smallest barrel curling iron you have, Mimi Ikonn of Luxy Hair shows a brilliant and easy hair tutorial to get fancy-looking curls in a matter of minutes, even on super long hair. Her strategy is “small barrel + big section of hair = big, beautiful waves in a lot less time.” Simply take a large section of hair, wrap it tightly around the barrel (twisting away from your face), and then hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Once your hair is curled, run your fingers through the curls to loosen them up in soft waves.

Conair Supreme Triple Curling Iron Pack, $13.59, Amazon


Easy Boho Style Braid

Messy braids are an awesome way to look chic and put-together super quick. This look from Sheridan Gregory is one of the easiest braid tutorials ever — just do two small messy braids on either side of your face, and then pull your hair together for a basic three-strand side braid. The extra braids give your hair some dimension, without giving away your I-had-five-minutes-to-get-ready secret.

Goody Clear Hair Elastics, $6, Amazon


Bandana Headband, Five Ways

One of my all-time favorite hair YouTubers is Mindy McKnight of Cute Girls Hairstyles, a must-watch for anyone who loves out-of-the-ordinary braids and updos. And in this super easy hair tutorial, McKnight shows five different ways to style a bandana in your hair (including how to actually fold one). No matter your hair length or style, a bandana is the quickest way to look put-together, especially if your roots are a little greasy and could use a cover-up.

Levi's 3 Piece Bandana Set, $6.99, Amazon


Headband Updo

Best for those with medium and chin-length hair, YouTuber Sarah Rocksdale shows how to tuck your hair into a headband for a no-heat, no-pins, no-fuss look that literally takes seconds.

Scunci No-Slip Elastic Headwrap, $3.89, Amazon


Running-Late Ponytails

Popular YouTuber Nee from Bebexo shows three super-easy twists on the classic ponytail: the french twist, the hidden ponytail, and the double twist. All of them take less than 5 minutes, yet look like you actually tried.


Heatless Braid, Ponytail, and Half Bun

With this multi-hairdo tutorial, Youtuber Heart shows three crazy easy hairstyles for medium-length hair: the chic braid (an easy face-framing braid), the business chic ponytail, and the trendy half bun.

Photos: Courtesy of  ThatsHeartLuxy Hair, Sheridan Gregory, Bebexo, Cute Girls Hairstyles, Sarah Rocksdale/YouTube