6 Benefits Of Using A Bidet During Pregnancy And Postpartum


Pregnancy is often uncomfortable, and any pregnant woman who tells you otherwise is either delusional or flat-out lying. That glow that people always talk about is usually hormones fluctuating. Acne can be a problem for some women during this time. There’s also excess discharges, constant heartburn, and godspeed if you are part of the unlucky group of women who deal with hemorrhoids.

To make matters worse, rarely do people even talk about the postpartum situation — not even to lie to you about it — so let’s talk about it. The postpartum period is a time when you may be relieved that you’ve finally given birth, but now you’re dealing with an erratically sleeping newborn on top of bleeding for up to a month on top of other discomforts.

Everyone’s experience will be different, but there are some tools that make life — during pregnancy and after — much easier. For example, it’s good to have a postpartum kit. Most of the time, a postpartum kit will include a squirt bottle that you can use to clean your nether parts, a sitz bath – which is a little bowl that you can fill up with water and sit on for relief – epsom salt, yoni oil, witch hazel, and cotton balls for soothing. But if you can, you should also consider a bidet. The company TUSHY makes amazingly functional bidets that also won’t break the bank. Plus they are easy to install, just clip the TUSHY lid over your preexisting toilet seat and you will ready for TUSHY's signature cleanse in under 10 minutes.

Installing the TUSHY Classic.

Even better, add a TUSHY bidet to your baby shower wish list and let your friends do the work. In case you aren’t sold on bidets quite yet, here are six ways you can benefit from adding a bidet to your life for pregnancy, postpartum, and even beyond.

Disclaimer: this article includes graphic language and imagery related to pregnancy and postpartum.

1. Relief During Discharge

Hormones and increased blood flow while you’re pregnant means stickier discharge, and lots of it. Again, every woman is different, but you may find yourself feeling like you need a shower several times a day. Having a bidet can be an easy solution because you get a quick rinse without having to take a full shower. Toilet paper won’t give you the same clean feeling as a bidet, and baby wipes come with chemicals that you might not want touching that part of your body.

2. Cleansing Postpartum Bleeding

The main thing no one tells you about having a baby is that you will bleed for up to three to four weeks after you give birth. It’s not a period, it’s called lochia, and it’s your body getting rid of the excess blood and tissue that was used to protect the baby.

The TUSHY Classic bidet.

Cleansing with a bidet means the water can get into those crevices that might be too painful to touch.

3. Soothing Hemorrhoids

If you are in the unlucky group of pregnant women that experience hemorrhoids, then you might want to use a bidet, once again, to soothe itchiness and soreness.

Miki Agrawal, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of TUSHY, experienced this first hand. "After pregnancy, the TUSHY bidet helped soothe my chapped labia and irritated, and sensitive nether regions overall, it also helped soothe the hemorrhoids that were still down there and healing slowly!" she says.

4. Faster Healing

It can’t be stated enough that touching your vagina after having a baby is going to be rough. Clean wounds are obviously ideal for healing quickly and preventing infections, so it can't be stated strong enough to consider a bidet when resting up and taking care after giving birth.

5. Cost Savings

In light of these strange and uncertain times™, many have been more hard pressed for cash than ever before due losing all or partial income due to Covid-19, not to mention the new costs that result from bringing a new member into your family. The average American spends about $15-$20/month on toilet paper and families of course spend way more. With TUSHY at $79, within a few months, you’re paid off and you end up saving thousands of dollars over the lifetime of TUSHY.

6. Sustainability

This one is a no brainer. Paper and plastic waste are incredibly bad for the environment. In the United States, we use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper every year. That’s 15 million trees cut down per year. Even more, one toilet paper roll requires 37 gallons of water to press the paper down. That is toxic and we really don’t have time to waste when it comes to being eco-conscious.

If you do get a TUSHY for your pregnancy or postpartum needs, you can just keep it and continue to use it forever. Your children (and even their children) will thank you.

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