These 6 Potty Training Products For Boys Are Going To Save Your Sanity & Your Floors

Growing up with a little brother, I thought I was prepared for the nightmare that is potty training a boy. I was wrong. There is nothing that can prepare you, so you just have to make sure you have the best tools possible on-hand to make the process run as smoothly as it can, and hope for the best. Some tools are gimmicky and hilarious, and some are just practical, but the best potty training products for boys tend to be a mix of both, because kids respond to silly, and a little goes a long way. Much like the amount of urine held in their bladders.

When you start potty training a boy, you have to realize that this will be an ongoing process into eternity. My son is 10 and he still misses the dang toilet all the time. He's like the grossest version of Jackson Pollack, and his canvas is the area around the toilet and right behind the seat. That's why a key part of potty training a boy is teaching them how to clean up their mess, because you won't want to do that forever. Trust me, it gets old faster than you can even imagine.

Otherwise, I evaluated all of these potty training products for boys based on their usefulness, their value, their ease of cleanup, and whether or not my kid would be excited to use it.


M&Ms (Seriously)

I know it sounds really weird, but M&Ms are where it's at when you're potty training a boy. Their worth is two-fold. First, you throw them in the toilet and tell your child to "aim for the candy" when they're learning how to stand up and go, and secondly, they're a bribe. Yes, eventually, you will bribe your kid to use the potty.