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Here Are All The Reasons To Be Team Blake

It comes down to this: The Bachelorette finale. After weeks of group dates, one-on-one dates, and rose ceremonies, Becca will make her choice. Seeing as he has a one-in-two chance of winning, here are some clues that Blake wins The Bachelorette.

If fans are anything like me they're thinking that Blake should win because, well, because he's so much better than Garrett! But this isn't just any show, people. This is The Bachelorette, so any outcome is possible. Just look at Arie's season as an example. Arie changing his mind from Becca to Lauren was rare, and brought up comparisons to the only other contestant to do something similar, which was Jason Mesnick who changed his mind about the winner on the "After the Final Rose" special. But it nonetheless showed that truly anything can happen on these shows.

Now, no matter what happens with Blake on the finale, Blake fans like me can take heart because he's either the winner or he's a contender for Bachelor. So, while it may be heartbreaking to see Blake and Becca break-up, he can still definitely find love again. Whether that's on The Bachelor or not, I know that's going to happen for him. That being said, he may not have to. Here are some hints that Blake wins the whole shebang.


Rachel Lindsay Thinks He'll Win

This one is huge! Last year's lead Rachel Lindsay said that she is Team Blake and wants him to win this season of The Bachelorette. "I am 100 percent Team Blake," she said in an interview with Access. "I want him to win. I'm rooting for him. if he doesn't win, then Bachelor." I admire Rachel so much and seeing as she and her winner, Bryan Abasolo, are still so in love, I trust her judgement. I'm always Team Rachel, and I'm definitely Team Blake as well.


Other Bachelor Alums Think He'll Win, Too

Rachel isn't the only one on the Bachelor franchise who's Team Blake! Ashley Iaconetti thinks Blake will win this season as well. Also, Derek Peth from Jojo Fletcher's season announced his support for Blake as Bachelor on Twitter — so that clearly means he's his favorite for the actual win, right?


He Got The First One-On-One Date

Oh, how soon fans forget! It seems like forever ago now that Blake and Becca smashed stuff in a wreck room while Lil Jon serenaded them (yes, that was real life). From the very beginning, Becca knew how much chemistry she had with Blake and how sweet he was. It laid a great foundation for their relationship.


Blake Was The First To Say 'Love' — And Mean It

Let's forget about the Jean-Blanc fiasco. In Las Vegas, Blake took Becca outside and confessed that he was falling in love with her. From then on, his feelings only increased. He has called Becca his "girlfriend" throughout the season and said the "L word" so much I lost count. Blake is head over heels.


Becca Loves Blake, Too

This is a big one. When Blake said he loved Becca in Las Vegas, Becca revealed that the feelings were mutual. She didn't say that to him, but did so in a confessional. She said she is "falling in love with Blake ... and honestly I knew it from the beginning."


Blake's Instagram Presence

Over the past few weeks, Blake's Instagram page has been especially overrun with photos from the show — not his life right now. Could that be because he and Becca are secretly engaged and living in secret until Monday night? It's definitely possible, and would mean that he has nothing to post except older photos from the show.

Fans will get the true answer on Monday but, from these clues, it really seems like Blake and Becca may end up together in the end.