6 Common, Small Habits You Didn’t Realize Men Think Are Creepy

If you're a woman — or even if you're not, really — you've probably heard about things that women find creepy over and over again. But women aren't the only ones to get creeped out by other people's personality traits, habits, and behaviors. There are some common, small habits you didn't realize men think are creepy, as well, that you wouldn't necessarily register that way, but if you spend a lot of time around men, they're definitely important to know more about.

Everyone does creepy things from time to time, so if you do these things on occasion or they're deeply-ingrained habits, you shouldn't beat yourself up about it or stress too much. That being said, you certainly don't want to come off as creepy without realizing that these habits you find completely normal are things of which other people really aren't fans. Things that people find creepy are often things that make them feel uneasy in some way. Maybe you're doing something that doesn't fit the way that they expected you to behave or you're coming across as too interested or borderline obsessed or clingy. So even though your intention isn't to make them feel unnerved, these seemingly innocuous habits or actions are making them feel just that.


Texting To Ask What They're Doing

When you text a man to ask him what he's doing or where he's been, it makes him feel like you don't trust him, as Bolde noted. Not only can that make him feel hurt in some situations, feeling as though you want to keep tabs on him can also come off as creepy.


Talking A Ton About One Topic

It's great that you have subjects about which you're super-passionate, but taking a deep dive into aquatic wildlife can definitely be mistaken for creepy, especially if it's with someone you don't know that well. Researchers at Knox College found that spending a lot of time on one subject (and, in particular, sex) can be off-putting to others, the website for the Today Show noted.


Smiling Less-Than-Genuinely

A genuine, authentic smile can be very attractive, but a less-than-genuine one runs the risk of coming off as creepy. If you have a habit of smiling when you're uncomfortable, for example, that might be a bit unnerving for those around you. In an excerpt from Neurologic published by Business Insider, author Eliezer J. Sternberg explained that, in 1862, a French neurologist named Guillaume Duchenne found that fake smiles rely on muscles in the cheeks instead of muscles around the eyes. They can tell the difference.


Continuing A Conversation When Someone's Trying To Move On

You've likely been in the position of trying to move on from or get out of a conversation. Sometimes it can be really difficult to extricate yourself. It's much harder, however, when the other person won't let you do so. In the previously-mentioned paper from Knox College, researchers found that some people find this creepy and not just annoying. The piece from Today noted, however, that some experts, like Frank Farley, a professor of psychology at Temple University, believe more research about creepiness is needed.


Sharing Overly Sappy Social Media Posts

Those mushy gushy social media posts might have some men simply rolling their eyes (or inspired to post their own), but depending on your relationship and how long you've been together, they can actually seem a little bit creepy. If you've only been together for a short period of time, an over-the-top social media post about how much you love them can seem excessive and be a little bit unnerving. If you're on the same page, great, but if he feels like he hardly knows you and you're flaunting your new love for all of Facebook to see, that might not go over well. Plus, if those public declarations of love aren't really your partner's thing, even if you've been together a long time, it can be a little bit off-putting.


Asking What They're Doing On Their Phone Or Computer

Again, like those texts asking what they're doing or where they are, regularly wanting to know what they're doing while on their phone or computer can come across as creepy because it's like you're keeping an eye on them. An innocent question about this every so often really shouldn't be a big deal, but endless queries about what they're looking at or who they're speaking with can rub them the wrong way, even if you have the best of intentions.

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