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6 Crafts The Whole Family Can Make On Parents' Day


Remember how excited you used to get at school when it was time to do arts and crafts? I definitely do: It was great not knowing what crazy shade would appear when I mixed certain paint colors with others, or what cool shapes I’d see when I pressed different kitchen tools against piles of clay. As a kid, I had no idea about all the benefits of arts and crafts—Who knew painting was making me smarter?—but I’m sure my art teachers were completely in the know, so shout out to their stealthy approach to academics.

The pros of math, science, history, and PE may be a little more clear, but the advantages of creativity are less obvious: When kids work on arts and crafts projects, they develop and strengthen their motor skills, language faculties, decision-making abilities, and inventiveness. So sure, learning multiplication tables will undoubtedly stretch your child's mind in the right direction, but in a sneaky way so will that finger-painted self-portrait you can't bring yourself to take down from the fridge.

Romper has partnered with Minute Maid to compile this list of arts and crafts projects that moms and dads can do with their kids to celebrate Parents’ Day. Moms and dads have extremely busy schedules these days, and even if they aren’t able to spend as much time with their kids as they want to, that doesn’t mean they’re bad parents. In fact, they’re doing better than they think they are. Kids say it’s the little things their parents do for them that mean the most — so this Parents' Day, grab some glue, get crafting, and make some memories as a family!

1. Clay Bead Necklaces

Meredith Truax

Help your kids experiment with shapes and colors when they’re making their own clay beads for this happy D.I.Y. necklace inspired by Babble Dabble Do.

2. Nail Polish Cups

Meredith Truax

Your little ones (and, okay, you) are going to love mixing and matching colors to create your own pretty nail polish bowl. Get D.I.Y. and color combo inspo at Hello, wonderful.

3. Miniature Cork Boats

Meredith Truax

Upcycle that growing mountain of corks in your kitchen into something fun like these adorable mini cork boats using supplies you probably already have handy: pennies, cocktail picks, bits and pieces of wrapping paper, and corks. See more adorable ways to jazz them up at Kate's Creative Space.

4. Wooden Race Cars

Meredith Truax

Where you see a cute toy to enjoy with your kids, they see a blank canvas to decorate their dream car. Check out Marie-Laure Bouwens' version at Hello, wonderful to learn more about this wooden race car tutorial.

5. Recycled Can Bird Feeder

Meredith Truax

We’re not sure what we love more: How adorable this coffee can bird feeder inspired by Momtastic looks, or how simple it was to put together.

6. Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Meredith Truax

Let everyone in your family decorate their own water bottle, then hang these colorful water bottle wind spirals inspired by the geniuses at Happy Hooligans outside together and enjoy the view next time a breeze strikes.

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