6 Cute Ways To Nail Your Cheesy First Day Of School Photo


Back-to-school season brings about drastically different emotions in parents and kids. Our kids are excited about all of their new back-to-school gear, while we're stressing about staying on a budget. And while they're nervous about nailing their first day outfit, we're mostly just seizing the opportunity for a super cute photo op, which over time has somehow gone from a simple snapshot in front of the school bus to a full-on production of epic proportions. And for good reason! With those fresh kicks, fully stocked backpack, and brand new clothes that haven't yet endured their first round of recess, it's no wonder my first reaction is to reach for the camera before they jet off for their first day.

To help moms prepare to go in for their kid's close up, we teamed up with Mini Babybel to find the internet's best, most adorable solutions for nailing your kid's cheesy back-to-school photo. We found everything from elaborate DIYs for the crafting-gifted among us, to simple print outs that are perfect in a pinch. Now all that's left to do is toss a Mini Babybel into their lunch box, find some inspiration below, and say cheese!

Print Out Adorable Props

Courtesy of Oh So Printable

Mark the occasion with a printable that speaks to the grade your kid is entering. Their excitement will show as they hold this custom sign, and yours will show when you realize how easy this baby is to download and print, thanks to Oh So Printable.

Turn Your Driveway Into A Canvas

Courtesy of Embellishing Life Everyday

A perfectly crafted sidewalk chalk masterpiece is always sure to coax a huge grin from your kids. Let them help with the custom creation — like this one from Embellishing Life Everyday — before posing alongside it.

Embrace The Banner Trend

Courtesy of Sailing Into Second

How cute is this DIY first day banner? Make one on your own for your child to hold in their picture, or use it as decoration on a giant frame for them to smile behind, like in this craft from Sailing Into Second. Whichever way you prefer, they're both super simple solutions for jazzing up a quick photo op.

Build Your Own Photo Booth

Courtesy of Capturing Joy

Honestly, who can resist a photo booth, especially when it's stocked with adorable props themed for your kid's big day? Make your own frame-worthy photo booth setup just like Capturing Joy did with these adorable photo props from Kiki Comin. Then add in a few school-themed props like red delicious apples or lunchbox favorite Mini Babybel.

Turn Toys Into Artwork

Courtesy of Kimberly Morand

Use a toy easel as a classroom-themed prop for your kid to pose next to. Get more inspiration over at Make Mommy Go Something Something!

Craft A Classroom-Ready Frame

Courtesy of Surviving a Teacher's Salary

Your kids won't be able to contain their excitement while they're posing from the other side of this colorful creation. DIY this cute, thematic frame for your budding star student with the help of Surviving a Teacher’s Salary.

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