6 Diabetic Dessert Recipes That Are So Delicious, You Won't Notice The Lack Of Sugar

When a sweet tooth is crying for sugar, many people are able enjoy a chocolate bar or handful (OK, two) of candy. But for people dealing with diabetes, it's much harder to satisfy the craving. Since they have to carefully monitor their sugar intake, even a small indulgence can cause someone with diabetes to become very sick. Fortunately, there are many diabetic dessert recipes that can satisfy anyone's sweet tooth — diabetic or not.

By letting the natural deliciousness of fresh fruits and other flavors take center stage, these delectable desserts are so full of flavor, you’ll never miss the refined sugar. After all, who doesn’t love apple pie, turtles, and brownies? No one, that’s who.

So dig into these recipes without worry. With ingredients like Greek yogurt, flaxseeds, and even beans, you can be sure these recipes are a far cry from the typical dessert. Even though dealing with diabetes can be tough, it does not mean you’re stuck with bland food forever. Whether you’re craving chocolate, peanut butter, or ice cream, there’s certain to be a treat that works with your taste buds. Read on to find the perfect dessert you’ve been waiting for.


Apple Pie

Hello Gorgeous' apple pie lets the natural flavor of the apples take center stage. Gluten-free and low in sugar, this pastry is indulgent and healthy at the same time.


Cherry Yogurt Popsicles

For a summertime treat, give these cherry yogurt popsicles from Naturally Ella a whirl. Made with Greek yogurt, juice, and milk, they’re a great little treat any time of the year.


Blueberry Bread

Blueberries and baked goods are a match made in heaven. This sugar-free blueberry bread from Quinoa, Kale, & Exhale is also vegan and gluten-free, but the blueberries still pack in loads of flavor.


Chewy Turtle Cookies

Healthy Foodie's chewy turtle cookies use a variety of nut flours and coconut sugar to achieve a unique and addictive flavor. And don’t they make a great presentation?


Black Bean Brownies

For the adventurous foodie, the black bean brownies from Have Cake, Will Travel are a one-of-a-kind way to get a chocolate fix as well as some extra protein.


Strawberry Ice Cream

Artificial flavors? Not in this dish. Feed Me Phoebe’s vegan strawberry banana ice cream with peanut butter “fudge” sauce is packed with real strawberries and topped with a peanut butter sauce. Are you ready for dessert yet?

Images: Courtesy of Feed Me Phoebe; Hello Gorgeous; Naturally Ella; Quinoa, Kale, & Exhale; Healthy Foodie; have cake, will travel; Feed Me Phoebe