6 Early Signs You're Pregnant With Twins

Learning that you're pregnant is an exciting and life changing discovery in its own right. But as the weeks progress, you may have a feeling that doubles your excitement (and maybe your nausea as well.) Is it twins? Besides your intuition, there are a few early signs that you're pregnant with twins that may help ease your anxiety until the news is confirmed by your OB-GYN or midwife.

Whether you were hoping for twins or didn't even expect to get pregnant in the first place, learning that you're growing two babies is a lot to process. Once you know for sure, you can begin physically planning — and mentally preparing — for the fact that you'll soon have twice the amount of, well, everything. From kicks, to bump size, to diapers, to nursing sessions (should you choose to breastfeed, of course.)

Of course, none of these symptoms are surefire ways to tell that you're having twins, but they are the most common symptoms that mothers who are pregnant with twins report feeling. Take a look at the following symptoms, comparing them to your own, and if a few of them sound a little too familiar, you might be seeing double in the very near future.


You Have Excessive Morning Sickness

According to Parents, a mother who is pregnant with twins will often experience "heightened pregnancy symptoms" like morning sickness and other hormonal changes. Twice the babies, twice the fun.


You're Getting A Bump Sooner Than Expected

New Kid's Center noted that if it's your first pregnancy, your stomach muscles may keep you from showing too early, but nonetheless, it's impossible to hide twins for too long. That being said, the site noted that you'll likely start showing sooner than you would if you were only carrying a single baby.


Your HcG Levels Are Abnormal

The American Pregnancy Association noted that women who are pregnant with twins may experience excess levels of the pregnancy hormone hCG, which you can test with certain pregnancy tests. However, hCG levels aren't a sure indicator that you're having twins, and other factors would need to be considered by your doctor as well.


You Feel Early Fetal Movement

With twice the amount of movement happening in your uterus, it's more than likely that you'll feel your little ones much sooner than a single pregnancy. The APA noted that generally, moms will feel their baby between 13 and 15 weeks, but you may feel your babies even sooner.


You're Extra Exhausted

The APA also noted that extreme fatigue is common for mother expecting twins, which makes sense considering the fact that you're sustaining two lives instead of one.


You Have Twins Run In Your Family

Many moms claim they just "had a feeling" about having twins. Motherhood is strange like that — you may be surprised to find that you just "know".

On the other hand, according to Baby Center, non-identical twins can run in families, so if you or your partner's family has a history, don't be surprised.