Why Not Let Jim Halpert Be Your Pranking Mentor This April Fool's Day?

April Fool's Day is just around the corner, and while it's not my favorite holiday (that would be my birthday) The Office is one of the only sitcoms I've ever loved (RIP One Day At A Time). So, I'm more than happy to watch countless "Best of Jim's Pranks" videos on YouTube and pick out the ones you can modify in your own workplace. Please enjoy my list of 6 pranks from The Office to use on April Fool's Day. I worked up a sweat writing and researching this one, it was a really laborious job.

To be clear, the person who works with someone as Dwight-ish as Dwight himself can consider themselves super lucky. Plus, we all can't be quite as dedicated to the art of the joke as Jim was. I mean, he was working at another office and sending faxes from Dwight to Dwight from the future. Seriously, who has time to even think of that? Or to condition their co-worker to ask for an Altoid at the sound of a bell à la Pavlov? Also, I don't know about you, but I think five dollars is a lot of money to pay everyone in your office just to call someone a different name. Those pranks were epic — but not exactly what I would call do-able. So this list is more like a "best of the pranks you can actually pull off" — in random order.

Encase Office Supplies In Jello

Let's start with a classic. I wouldn't be a good fan of The Office if I didn't include the "stapler in Jell-o" trick. It's definitely not the most complex scheme Jim ever had, but it's the perfect introduction to the Dwight/Jim dynamic from the pilot. Plus, it's potentially delicious — depending on how adventurous you are. And there are step-by-step instructions on how to do it online. You're welcome.

Hide A Cell Phone


Even if you can't hide a cell phone in a ceiling tile like Jim does with Andy's on Season 3 Episode 13 "The Return", there are so many places to hide a cell phone in an office. Chances are, you'll annoy the co-worker whose cell phone you took all day and distract the whole office! If you can't reach the ceiling tiles, here are some other potential hiding spots: the boss's desk, on top of (or inside of) a light fixture, behind the fridge, or a personal favorite that my friend actually did — inside of the snack pantry.

Convince Someone It's Friday


So, the internet might make this one really hard (calendars, who needs them?), but if you have an especially gullible co-worker and are a particularly adept actor, why not give it a try? Everyone loves Friday and it would be really impressive if you actually pulled it off. Be careful not to convince yourself, also. If this works, the let down will be really hard. (Episode Reference: Season 2 Episode 8: "Performance Review").

Impersonate A Coworker

I love this one, because it can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Don't play the "copy game" exactly. Just watch them for a few days and pick up mannerisms they do and phrases they say a lot. Don't forget to wear something similar to their favorite outfit on April 1. This comes from Season 3 Episode 20 "Product Recall."

Mess With Desks

The Office is a pretty much a case study in the versatility of a desk. It's not just a structure to put work papers on. A desk can be the key element in many a joke. Do you want to reverse it and hide it in the bathroom? (Make sure to reverse all of the office supplies on the desk if you do this.) Do you want to slowly inch it farther and farther away from its original spot so your co-worker is extremely confused all day? Or, do you prefer my personal favorite — stacking desks on top of each other to create "Quad Desk?" You can target three or four coworkers with that one. Just make sure you recruit someone to help with the stacking. Th quad desk reference comes from Season 6 Episode 19 "St. Patrick's Day."

Submit Resumes


Last but not least, one of my personal favorites is when Jim submits Dwight's resume to other jobs in Season 2 Episode 5, "Halloween." If you're going to take the time to do this one correctly, make sure you are OK with your coworker potentially leaving. You never know if they'll actually thank you!

No matter what The Office inspired prank you choose from above, remember to keep it friendly. Happy pranking!