6 Halloween Dirt Cup Recipes That'll Fill Your Party With Creepy Crawlers

One thing I love most about the Halloween season is the fact that you can turn some of the simplest recipes into something truly ghastly. Regardless of what you make, there's a recipe somewhere that instructs you how to turn traditional fare into something disgustingly delicious. Though dirt cup recipes are used throughout the year, I love when they're used specifically for Halloween, which is why I keep some cool Halloween dirt cup recipes handy.

Whether you're whipping them up for yourself, a fun Halloween craft with the kids, or an upcoming monster mash, being able to put a hauntingly good spin on your dirt cup recipe is essential for this time of year. Although many people just crush up some Oreos and throw some gummy worms on top, there are different things that you can add to the recipe to make it just as great for Halloween. (Personally, I love candy corn in addition to gummy worms, but I know not everyone is a fan of the tri-colored candy.)

Regardless of what it is that you choose to top or fill your dirt cup with, these six recipes can give you a little direction on how to get started.


Milk Chocolate Mud Cups

Baked by Rachel's recipe for these milk chocolate mud cups will have you feeling like ghoulish baker this Halloween.


Dirt Dessrt

Equipped with all of the cool whip you can handle, Brown Eyed Baker's recipe for this dirt dessert will be great for your Halloween gathering.


Carrot Oreo Dirt Cups

Though these carrot Oreo dirt cups by DIY Candy were created for Easter, they can do really well for Halloween, too.


Dirt Cupcakes

If cupckaes are more of your style, these dirt cupcakes from Your Cup of Cake will be great to have.


Homemade Dirt Pudding Cups

Looking for a dirt cup recipe with as few ingredients as possible? Try this homemade dirt pudding cups one from Mel's Kitchen Cafe.


Pudding Filled Dirt Cupcakes

If dirt cupcakes are a favorite amongst your company, making these pudding filled dirt cupcakes from Inside BruCrew Life will be just what you need.