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6 Heidi Montag Quotes That Show She'll Be A Great Mom

The cast of MTV's The Hills is almost entirely made up of parents now. Lauren Conrad was the first to announce her pregnancy in January, followed by Whitney Port just a few weeks later. Now, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are the latest — and last — of The Hills stars to join the ranks of parenthood, as both Kristen Cavallari and Audrina Patridge are both moms — Kristen three times over. Montag and Pratt have certainly be open about wanting to have kids and start a family together, and these six Heidi Montag quotes show she'll be an awesome mom to her future child.

In February, Montag posted a vlog for website Faithwire, congratulating her Hills co-stars. "It seems like 2017 is the year to get pregnant," she said in the video. In vlog for Faithwire back in September, Montag hinted that 2017 just might be the year for her to get pregnant, too. "I'm getting ready hopefully to be a mom next year," Montag said in the video, adding that she intends for motherhood to be her "full-time job" and "main priority."

Fans of Montag on social media know that she and Pratt post practically around the clock, so her fans and followers have really gotten to know about her life from her very personal POV over the last few years. Between her social media posts and recent interviews, these six Heidi Montag quotes reveal she's totally ready for motherhood.

She'll Be A Media-Savvy Mama

It's no secret that Speidi love their social media and TV fame. The couple recently finished a second stint on Celebrity Big Brother in London, England, where they nearly won but were eliminated in the reality game show's final few weeks. In an in-depth profile with Refinery29 in December, Montag hinted at the possibility of doing a reality show around her pregnancy, saying:

I think anyone would [want their own reality show], but it's just, it's different. Maybe when we have a baby. We're not sure what [it would be], but, obviously we would like that, you know. We'll see.

She's Working Hard To Be A "Good" Role Model

Montag has not be shy about her extensive plastic surgery obsession — but she's also become incredibly self-reflective about the experience, too. In a December vlog for Faithwire, the 30-year-old reality star spoke of how she fell victim to Hollywood's obsession with unrealistic beauty standards and ideals, and how much she's learned since her nightmarish experience with 10 plastic surgeries in one day.

We're all supposed to be different," Montag said in her vlog. "We're not supposed to be these cookie-cutter people." Props to Montag for learning from her own mistakes, and hopefully this mindset will guide her as she parents her own children as they grow.

The Mommy Wars Aren't Worth It

With three of The Hills stars announcing their pregnancies so closely together, Montag offered some pretty surprising advice before she announced her own pregnancy. In a February vlog for Faithwire, Montag said that it was important not to compare peoples's lives with one another. "We’re all different,” she said. "We all have different things going on, and different priorities, and different purposes in life." This seems like a pretty good indicator that Montag will have none of that Mommy Wars bullsh*t guilt tripping and shaming.

She Knows Every Dollar Counts

Speidi went broke after The Hills was cancelled, spending every last dime they had in Costa Rica before moving to "self-imposed exile from Los Angeles" to Pratt's parents's vacation home in Carpinteria, California. As a result of their seriously careless spending, Montag is in charge of all their finances now as a result. In her Refinery29 profile, Montag talked about how she has to keep Pratt in check on their spending:

We had a talk, the other day, again, and I was like, 'Ok, our goals are getting out of line' so sometimes we have to check in on it.

It's good to know that Baby Pratt will have a level-headed mom with her eyes on the budget to keep all of the massive expenses associated with having a baby in check.

Just The Bare Baby Necessities?

Montag opened up about her obsession with materialism in a vlog for Faithwire just last month. "My biggest challenge is money," Montag said in her video.

I think that’s all one of our biggest challenges in life. It’s the difference between the love of money, the need of money (and) the sacrifice of money.

Given how tight a leash Montag keeps on their family finances, maybe that means she'll just stick to only the most essential baby items.

She's Probably Going To Make Her Own Baby Food

Montag already makes her own juices at home, so it's not a far stretch to say that she'll probably be mashing up sweet potatoes and bananas once her little one is finally ready to start munching down on solids. Montag told Refinery29:

I try to cook really healthy for us... I just try to eat like really healthy, organic, non-GMO, good ingredients, just really clean.

It's clear that Montag is super pumped to be a mom, and as some of her quotes show, she's probably going to be awesome at it, too.