6 Home Offices Spaces That'll Give You The Urge To Redecorate Stat

Home decor has always overwhelmed me, and I feel like there's no way I'm alone in this. Pinterest is a rabbit hole, I can’t afford anything fancier than IKEA furniture, and comfort and functionality are way higher on my priority list than style. But then I started working from home, and that all changed.

Suddenly, I couldn’t pin enough home office inspiration, and my search history was full of link after link of floating bookshelves and adorable stationery. And even though my home office is just a corner in my guest room, it’s still 25 square feet that I have complete control over. Plus, I've learned that by making my workspace as accommodating as possible, I’m able to focus better and maximize efficiency. A space of my own, and a productive work day? It's a win-win.

Oh, also, I share my office with my eight-month-old son, so making sure my space is safe for him is key. Since I know I can't possibly be the only work-from-home mom facing the “function over fashion” choice, I've rounded up a few inspirational home offices that are packed with actionable advice for moms looking to set up their own work-from-home space.

Carve Out A Space For Yourself In The Guest Room

A small corner is all it takes to create a personal space for yourself! Try setting up a small desk, a chair, and some shelving in a guest room, a bedroom corner, or even in a corner of a family room or living room if you don't mind working in the center of the action.

Stick To A Neutral Colors For Quick And Easy Decorating

No matter the size of your work space, using a coordinated color palette will help make picking out furniture and decor pieces easier than ever. Our suggestion: Start with functional furniture like shelves, a desk, and any storage you'll need before diving into accessories like lamps, rugs, and wall hangings. This will help you be sure you're happy with the most important and useful items in your workspace, rather than getting stuck with furniture that isn't useful, but happens to match that cute tapestry you picked up.

Take Over A Corner Of Your Bedroom Or Nursery

If you're low on extra space in your home, try building a workspace into a spare corner of your baby's room, or in your own bedroom. Measure the space and find a desk and chair set that'll fit flawlessly, and don't worry about redecorating an entire room of your home!

Give Hand-Me-Down Furniture A Personal Touch

Put that table your family somehow successfully offloaded on you to use by converting it into a desk for your workspace. Mismatched desks, shelves, and end tables work together to create a charming home office area, which can easily be brought together with a few neutral accessories like coordinated frames, pencil cups, or a throw blanket for your chair.

Add Vertical Shelving For Extra (Out-Of-Reach) Storage

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Hang a photo grid to clip memos, invoices, and other important paperwork out of the reach of little hands, and utilize floating shelves to keep office supplies safely stowed away from accessible drawers.

Leave More Room To Play By Keeping Accessories Minimal

When it comes down to it, the most important aspects of a home office are a desk and chair, which can realistically go anywhere. If your baby spends a majority of their day in a playroom, try adding a desk and chair of your own so you have a place to work while they're hanging out close by.