6 Super Cute DIY Graduation Gifts For Kindergarteners, That Require Zero Craft Skills

by Emily Westbrooks

When we say graduation season is upon us, that means the slightly more under-the-radar graduations as well. While you might not immediately think of kindergarten when you're thinking of graduation season, it's an accomplishment that's worth celebrating. It's also an opportunity to show your kid how to celebrate the accomplishments of others as well. One way to do that is to help your kindergartener make homemade gifts for their classmates to say "good job"! These projects are easy and adorable and should give you lots of inspiration.

Kindergarteners have newly mastered skills, like using scissors and applying glue without eating it, so you may as well take advantage of it by having them make their classmates paper bracelets, beaded butterflies or paper flower vases. And the sight of your kid giving each of his classmates a congratulatory gift on the day they "cross the stage" will definitely add to the emotion-meter.

While your kindergartner might not be able to do these crafts on their own from start to finish, that's OK. You can revel in needing to help them for a little while longer, even if they are growing up before your eyes. First stop, kindergarten certificate; next stop, art school diploma!


Recycled Flower Vases

This is a glitter project any parent of a kindergartener can get behind. It uses glitter washi tape, not actual messy glitter! And if you have a bunch of cans around, it's a perfect little present for your kindergartner to make his or her friends. Presents to give to their classmates don't have to be fussy or even terribly useful. At their age, it's truly the thought that counts!


Beaded Butterflies

How adorable are these little beaded butterflies from A Little Craft in your Day? And how apropos would they be as handmade gifts for your kindergartener to give his friends to symbolize turning into butterflies ready for first grade?With a few clothes pins, beads, paints, and beads, your kiddo can put together a flock of insects for his fellow classmates.


No-Sew Felt Puppets

While these puppets will take a little help from an adult to use sharp scissors, kindergarteners can definitely help decorate the faces and glue on eye balls of these no-sew felt puppets from 30 Minute Crafts. This would be an especially suitable gift to make if your kid is in a small sized class, but can you imagine how cute it would be to see all the kids running around with different puppets after graduation? And they'd make summer play dates a cinch if you set up a little puppet theater.


Paper Disk Bracelets

You don't need much in the supply department to make these paper disk bracelets from Studio DIY — just a little bit of patience and a circle punch!


Clothespin People

This might have started as a holiday craft of clothespin people you can hang on the tree from The House That Lars Built, but it's perfect for a little gift from kindergartener to kindergartener. Your kiddo could craft an entire class (probably much faster than the adults would) and give one to each student. The beauty is they can make them as simple as complicated as their skills allow. Honestly, even if you tie a ribbon around their waist and call it George, it'll be a win.


Polka Dot Class Photo Frame

These polka dot frames from 30 Minute Crafts are the perfect DIY project to hold your kindergartener's class photo! You could easily pick up a bunch of pre-loved frames at the thrift store that your kindergartener could work on painting white. Then the whole rest of the project just involves sticking on tissue paper dots with Mod Podge. And don't feel pressured to cut out perfect circles — just go for whatever shapes your kindergartener manages to cut out himself.