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6 'House Of Cards' Season 5 Theories, Because It Is Never Too Early To Speculate

So you just finished House of Cards Season 4 and you're left wondering "Now what?" It probably went by a lot faster than you were expecting and now you're left wondering about House of Cards Season 5 and all of the crazy drama that's going to go down. If that's the case, then you're not alone. The one problem with Netflix — and I can't believe I just put the words "problem" and "Netflix" in the same sentence — is that once you watch 13 episodes in two days, you often have to wait a year until the next season. So, what are the chances we already have House of Cards Season 5 theories? Don't worry, fans' dedication to this show is real, and the theories have already begun.

For the record, House of Cards Season 5 does not have a release date. Other than the fact that it's happening, no details have been released. While some might find that discouraging when looking for spoilers for the upcoming season, others have used it as an opportunity to come up with their own theories, theories that seem very possible in the fictional United States. So, what are people thinking is to come in Season 5? Here are some of the best theories from around the web.

1. The House Of Cards Will Come Crashing Down

Reddit user Changyang1230 has a theory on the stability of the "House of Cards" the Underwoods are building, and prepare to have your mind blown. The theory centers around the numbers in a deck of cards. So far, there have been four seasons of 13 episodes, meaning there have been 52 episodes — the same number of cards in a deck. The Reddit user says that because the deck of cards has been set, Season 5 "will be about how the metaphoric house of cards comes tumbling down." The way Season 4 ended, with the Underwoods threatening to instill terror, it seems very possible that there's going to be a war coming our way.

2. Claire Will Be In Charge

Tumblr user Nizshiy suggested that Season 5 could see Claire come into the main protagonist role — which I believe is pretty well-deserved. The theory says that after Season 4, Claire could usurp Frank, turn to the camera and break the fourth wall, then transcending Frank as the protagonist entirely. It's a solid theory, especially considering that Claire broke the fourth wall for the first time in the Season 4 finale.

3. Frank Is Dead

It's extreme, I know, but Reddit user Sanditreet suggests that all the comments about Frank's liver in Season 4 will lead us into a Season 5 funeral for President Underwood. The user notes that Claire's fourth wall break is opening up the space for her to take over.

4. Frank Might Resign From POTUS

Reddit user Ekdash suggests that Frank might have to follow his predecessor, President Walker, and resign due to Hammerschmidt's article. I don't think that Frank will resign that easily, but he could be removed from his position and left to leave the presidency to Donald Blythe. Can you imagine?

5. Claire & Frank Will Be United

While we don't know if Claire will forever speak to us, the audience, through breaking the fourth wall, there is one thing we can learn from the final moments of the season. Claire was able to hear Frank's private comments to the audience, which Reddit user CapCharlisimo says could mean that these two are completely united and stronger than ever.

6. Watch Out For Yates

Reddit user Tayl0roo suggests that Yates will be one to watch in Season 5, which I think we can all agree on. Is he someone who has Claire's best interest in mind, or is he using her for power?

So, while all of these theories are just that, theories with no actual support, they certainly make you think about what is to come in the House of Cards world. The takeaway from these theories? The Underwoods are going to have to watch their backs next season.