6 Netflix Shows Coming In May That Will Settle Your Kids In Before Summer

When your kids have gone through everything on their Netflix queue twice over, you know it’s time to find something fresh to watch. Luckily, the streamer changes their catalog every month, and it looks like they’re about to drop some new content that will get your kids summer started right. You may want to fire up your watchlist, because here are the six kids shows premiering on Netflix in May.

The great thing about Netflix, is that it caters to kids of all ages, from preschoolers to teens, and everything in between. For little ones, the streamer offers popular Disney Jr. series like Sofia the First and Goldie & Bear, as well as its own original shows including Super Monsters and Treehouse Detectives. They have a massive selection for older kids, which includes plenty of great Disney shows, along with their own original series like Alexa & Katie, No Good Nick, and Richie Rich.

But if your kids are anything like mine, they’ve already rewatched their favorite shows, and are now itching to feast their eyes on something new. With all the new stuff Netflix is dropping in May, you can rest easy knowing they’ll have these six new shows to watch before summer break begins.

Chip & Potato


Perfect for your little one, Chip & Potato is an animated series that follows an adorable pug named Chip and her snuggly BFF mouse, Potato. The two face new life experiences together, which include starting kindergarten, welcoming new siblings, and interacting with friends and family.

Cupcake & Dino - General Services: Season 2


If your kids loved the first season of Cupcake & Dino - General Services, they’ll be thrilled to hear that Season 2 of the animated series will hit Netflix in May. The show follows a cupcake and his dino brother, as the two try to make a name for themselves in the general services business. They are surrounded by their food and animal friends, and their matriarch, Grandma Steak.

Harvey Girls Forever!: Season 2


Based on Netflix and Dreamworks original animated series, Harvey Street Kids, the streamer’s new installment, Harvey Girls Forever!: Season 2 is bringing the hardworking Harvey girls back, and this time they’re taking on enemies like their older siblings and meeting their favorite boy-band idols.

Malibu Rescue


Perfect for tweens and teens, Malibu Rescue is a live-action comedy series that follows a group of aspiring life guards that team up to take down snobby neighborhood kids in order to rule the best beach tower in Malibu

Prince of Peoria: Part 2


If you’re kids couldn’t get enough of Season 1 of Prince of Peoria, they’ll be excited to dive into the series’ second season. The show follows Emil, a prankster prince who comes to America in hopes of living a normal life as an exchange student. He befriends Teddy, a studious overachiever, and the two embark on hilarious journeys in and out of school.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Mushroom Town


Full of magical colors and smiles, True and the Rainbow Kingdom: Mushroom Town is the second installment of the series, True and the Rainbow Kingdom. The show follows eight-year-old True her cat BFF Bartleby, as they help solve the problems of Rainbow Kingdom citizens.

Now that you know about all the kids shows coming to Netflix in May, you can relax. Because, no matter what age, your kids will have something to watch while summer settles in.