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'Legacies' Fans Are Dying To Know What Landon Really Is

Since the portal of Malivore was awakened on Legacies, The Salvatore School has been plagued with a variety of mythological creatures whose sole purpose is unlock the mysterious void. Landon Kirby’s mom revealed that he was conceived in Malivore, but he hasn’t shown any supernatural abilities yet. Fans are piecing together clues to come up with their own Legacies theories on Landon and what kind of creature he really is.

What fans know about Landon so far is that he was an orphan who grew up in foster care with Rafael. He had no information about his parents, other than a picture of himself as a baby being held by his mom, Seylah. In Episode 8, Hope helps Landon track his mom down, and when confronted by Alaric, she reveals that she worked for a company that imprisoned creatures to Malivore, and somehow ended up in Malivore herself. She said that when she came out of Malivore she was pregnant with Landon, but she couldn’t remember anything that happened when she was there.

It wasn’t until Landon came to the Salvatore School that things started going haywire. It wasn't until he unconsciously stole the first key (a knife) that Malivore monsters began descending on the school. Landon still has no idea what he is or how he's connected to Malivore, which is why fans are stepping in to help solve the mystery.


Landon Is The Son Of Malivore

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Fans know that Seylah conceived Landon in Malivore, but some believe that Malivore is actually a creature and that Landon is it’s son. “My theory is Mailvore is named after the first person imprisoned there and Malivore is Landon’s dad,” wrote Redditor Dracyan. “And in the season finale the final lock of Malivore will be unlocked and hundreds of monsters unleashed.”


Landon Has A Brother

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Ryan Clark, the mysterious man working with Triad Industries to supervise Malivore’s pit, seems to be hellbent on unlocking the prison. In “There’s A Mummy On Main Street,” he took the urn from Alaric and threw it into Malivore. Reddit user ShawnASavage thinks that he may be related to Landon. “So are we all thinking the same thing that Clark might be Landon's brother,” wrote the user. “Because the way it's looking he really wants to open Malivore. To free his father possibly?”


Landon Is The Third Key

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The knife Landon stole was the first key to unlocking Malivore, and the urn Clarke threw into the pit was the second. There’s a question of what or who the third key is, and many fans think it could actually be Landon. Redditor luvprue1 pointed out that Landon could be the third key because he has no supernatural DNA, he was the only one who didn’t get infected with a slug, and he was the only person who didn’t appear in Lizzie’s alternate timelines.


Landon Is Supernaturally Fluid

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Some fans think Landon’s ability to resist compulsion may indicate that he has a mix of supernatural DNA. “So Landon possesses at least one supernatural ability (being able to resist compulsion), but Hope’s tests revealed him to have no magical lineage whatsoever, which Emma said in itself to be weird since humans typically have at least a trace amount from very distant magical ancestors,” wrote Redditor showerproof. “What if — he’s technically human now, but in the past he was something else, which is why he can avoid compulsion but has no other supernatural abilities?”


Landon Is Part God

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Some Legacies fans believe that Greek mythology is in play, and that Malivore is Greek God Hades’ underworld. “So my theory is that Landon is the son of Hades,” wrote Redditor mannac126. “Hades is the creator of Malivore and the first entity to be imprisoned in it — when Selah was pushed into Malivore, Hades saw it as a chance to get out. When Landon was born he finally had away to free himself of his internal prison. The reason the keys react to Landon is because Landon is part god.”


Landon Is Half Demon

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There are all kinds of creatures imprisoned in Malivore, and anyone of them could be Landon’s biodad. Reddit user mellybee222 thinks that Landon’s dad may have been a hellish Malivore creature, making him half demon. “What if Malivore as an entity got Seylah pregnant, making Landon a half-demon,” wrote the Redditor. “Perhaps he was conceived with a destiny to release the monsters and destroy Malivore without even knowing it consciously.”

Hopefully, with only a handful of episodes left in the season, Legacies fans will soon get the dish on Landon, and how he fits into the Malivore mayhem.

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