6 Moms Whose Instagram Stories Are Brilliant & Hilarious

Instagram Stories is less than one month old, but already, it's definitely proven that they it's here to stay. Despite some initial apprehension with the app's newest update, everyone — from brands to celebrities — has started using and utilizing Instagram Stories. Of course, some of the best Instagrammers to keep an eye on right now are these six moms who are using Instagram Stories to its fullest potential — documenting not only their own lives but their kids' lives, too. (Btw, check out Romper's Instagram here).

Instagram Stories is a great tool for moms who want to document their lives while posting adorable photos of their children, but who don't necessarily want to bombard their followers or Instagram feed with 15 consecutive photos of their kids playing in the park or eating ice cream. Instead of having two separate accounts — one on Snapchat and one on Instagram — Instagram Stories is a great way to keep the followers you already have on Instagram, and just deliver a series of quick photos to everyone else. Pretty magical — not just for moms, but for parents and introverted social media users alike... right?

The best part about Instagram Stories though is that, even if you're feeling pressured to create one about your kid's first day of school and can't handle the stress of how to put it all together in a succinct, sensible way, there's no reason to fear. These moms' Instagram Stories should be more than enough to keep you chilled out and relaxed about the whole thing:

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson's Instagram shows that she leads a pretty fabulous life — and her Instagram stories echo that sentiment. From quick pictures of her laying in bed, talking to her followers to every day duties, Hudson is a mom worth following. Not to mention, she worth following from the posts of photos of her adorable sons on her Instagram.

Jessica Alba

This mom of two is more than an actress — she's the founder of The Honest Company — whose all natural products and adorable diapers are sold online and on the shelves at Target. But when she isn't busy raising two daughters and running a billion dollar company, Alba is documenting bits of her life (like her totally normal, probably-as-boring-as-yours lunch) on her Instagram story.

Reese Witherspoon

When isn't playing mom to her three children, starring in your favorite feel-good movies (hello, Wild and Legally Blonde), or running her own brand — Reese Witherspoon is documenting her life on Instagram and Instagram Stories. Witherspoon posts little bits about her life and even recommends books to followers through her story — pretty fun, if you ask me.

Eva Chen

It is only natural for former fashion magazine editor Eva Chen to use Instagram Stories due to the fact that she works as the head of Instagram's fashion partnerships. Her Instagram story documents every bit of fabulousness that you would expect from someone who works in fashion — but also heavily features her adorable daughter, Ren.

Trista Sutter

Fans of The Bachelorette will love following the original bachelorette's Instagram story. Trista Sutter was the first bachelorette in the franchise's history and one of the biggest success stories to come from the popular television show. Sutter lives in Colorado with her two children and husband (whom she met on The Bachelorette). Follow her account for general, day to day activities with her children.

Tess Holliday

This plus sized model, mom to adorable son Bowie, and general all around badass utilizes her Instagram story for selfies and everything in between (including those horrible early morning hours that every new mom knows well). Holliday is definitely a fan of the new feature.

Instagram Stories are a super convenient way of taking adorable photos and videos of your children in one convenient place without the hassle of having your main feed stuffed full of silly, temporary pics — just take it from these famous moms.