John P. Fleenor/Netflix

These Are All The Great Family Shows Coming To Netflix In July

As summer vacation rolls in, parents will be looking for more ways to keep their kids entertained. On days when it’s too hot or rainy to play outside, kids might tune to Netflix to find something to watch. Luckily, the streamer is adding new content to their catalog next month that is sure to keep your little ones entertained through the summer. Here’s a breakdown of all the family shows coming to Netflix in July.

One of the greatest things about Netflix is that is has some of the best kids content around, including original series and a variety of shows from other networks. The streamer offers Disney series including Sofia the First, Bunk’D, and Liz & Maddie, as well as its own popular shows like Spirit Riding Free, Malibu Rescue, and The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants.

While the streamer has all the kids content you could ask for, they also have a great selection of family friendly TV. There are very few shows that I can truly enjoy with my kids, but thanks to Netflix, my family can get together to watch shows like Lost In Space and A Series of Unfortunate Events without getting bored.

Here’s a list of the new shows you can look forward to watching as a family.

Free Rein: Season 3 (Jul. 6)

Follow 15-year-old Zoe and her mysterious horse Raven on Free Rein: Season 3, as they return to spend the summer at Bright Fields Stables. In Season 3, Zoe will tryout for a spot on the “UK Under 18s” competition, and she may just have to face-off against her friends.

Family Reunion (Jul. 10)

Starring Tia Mowry and Emmy-Award winner Loretta Devine, Family Reunion is a sitcom about the McKellans, a family that just moved from Seattle to Georgia to be closer with their extended family. “From three-hour church services and huge humidity hair to M’Dear’s home cooking and family bonding, the everyday ups and downs of Family Reunion are real, memorable, toe tapping, heart stopping, laugh out loud authentic moments,” read the Netflix synopsis.

3Below: Tales of Arcadia: Part 2 (Jul. 12)

Netflix's animated series, 3Below: Tales of Arcadia returns for Part 2. The show tells the the story of a royal alien siblings Princess Aja Tarron and Prince Krel Tarron who find themselves stranded on Earth after their home planet is taken over by a civil war. In Part 2, the siblings continue to find a way back home, while an evil general plots the invasion of Earth.

True Tunes: Songs (Jul. 12)

Based on the Netflix animated series, True and the Rainbow Kingdom, True Tunes will air as a series of short, fun music videos that put a modern twist on classic nursery rhymes.

Pinky Malinky: Part 3 (Jul. 17)

Join the adventurous hot dog Pinky Malinky as he adventures through middle school with his best friends Babs and JJ in Pinky Malinky: Part 3.

The Worst Witch: Season 3 (Jul. 26)

Join Mildred Hubble as she returns to Cackle's Academy with newfound confidence in Season 3 of The Worst Witch. This year, Mildred's mother is joining the school's staff as the first non-witch teacher ever.

So, if you're dreading the summer slump, don't fret. Because with all these exciting shows coming to Netflix in July, your family will be well entertained all summer.