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Put On Some PJs & Ring In 2019 With These New Year's Eve Movies On Netflix

I have a secret to admit: Spending New Year’s Eve with anyone other than Netflix is pretty foreign to me. Oh sure, in college there were parties, and even for a couple of years after. I’ve rung in the new year at Disney World, and even went to a concert on December 31st once, though it ended before the countdown. But truthfully, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than streaming New Year’s Eve movies on Netflix with my dog.

Though they’re not quite as ubiquitous at Christmas flicks, which flood the Hallmark and Lifetime channels at this time of year, New Year’s Eve makes for a pretty romantic setting for a rom-com. That’s probably why there’s a title bearing that exact name from Garry Marshall (the man behind other holiday-focused films like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day). But sadly, that one isn’t available on Netflix.

Still, there are a few juicy offerings, and they range from romantic comedy to musical to gangster drama. So regardless of your mood or taste, there’s something here for you. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but features some of my personal favorite offerings, and a couple I’m adding to the queue right now. Let’s be honest: 2018 was a seemingly never-ending dumpster fire of year. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty tired. I think I’ll ring in 2019 on my couch with Netflix and some holiday leftovers.

Sex & The City

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It’s pretty easy to forget, but after the lauded HBO series, the four women who defined New York City in the '00s went on to make two movies, each worst than the last. Midway through the first Sex and the City movie, after they go on Carrie’s honeymoon that she was supposed to take with Big (before he left her at the altar), there’s a New Year’s Eve scene — and it’s a little bit depressing. None of the ladies are together, and as Charlotte spends time with her family and Samantha with Smith, Miranda calls up Carrie to lament her loneliness, and she takes the subway to hang with her best pal and ring in the new year.

Ghostbusters II

Columbia Pictures

OK, there’s been a lot of controversy over whether the female-led Ghostbusters remake is better than the original. Personally, I don’t think that’s the debate we need to be having. My controversial opinion is that the sequel Ghostbusters II is better than the first.

Here’s why: We fast-forward years in the future, and there are actually consequences for their actions. It’s even more ridiculous than the original, with a plot involving Dana’s child and the ghost of a magician who is trapped in painting — oh, and the team is committed to a psychiatric hospital. Everything comes to a head on New Year’s Eve, so this is the perfect flick for some comedy and adventure to spice up your own countdown.

The Godfather Part II

Paramount Pictures

Apparently sequels are big on capitalizing on New Year’s Eve. The Godfather Part II, which is nearly as highly regarded as the first, features a pretty important scene that takes place at the stroke of midnight. Michael Corleone, who is in Cuba with his associates conducting business, believes that his brother, Fredo, has betrayed him. Under the guise of a (forced and awkward) New Year’s kiss, he tells him he knows what he’s done. Not exactly a happy message, but then again, this movie isn’t really full of them.


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Despite it being set in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s in New York City, the overall themes of Rent, including friendship and not being able to afford an apartment, are pretty darn relatable. The film, based on the musical of the same name, takes place over the course of one year, beginning and ending at Christmas. Because of this, New Year’s Eve 1989 is prominently featured, with romance all around and a breaking-and-entering (into their own apartment, but still) to boot. If you like NYC in the winter and musicals that go from the very dark to the sort of happy, Rent will make for a good choice, nearly 30 years later.


Warner Bros. Pictures

The Poseidon Adventure is a critically acclaimed and Oscar-winning Irwin Allen disaster movie. The 1972 flick even spawned a sequel, though it was panned. So it’s probably no surprise that in 2006, the remake, Poseidon, didn’t do so well in any area other than visual effects. But it’s the only one of the three that’s on Netflix, so it’s the best you’re going to do this year.

Here’s the premise: A luxury cruise on New Year’s Eve turns into a survival mission for the passengers of the RMS Poseidon after a massive wave capsizes the ship. The flick boasts an impressive cast including Emmy Rossum and Kurt Russell, so it’s probably worth a casual viewing on NYE.

Happy New Year

Yash Raj Films

This one hits the nail on the head. Happy New Year is an Indian movie that’s quite a mash-up: Think Ocean’s 11 meets Step Up. No, I’m not joking — it’s a musical heist flick about a diamond thief who has to put together a dance crew to compete on New Year’s Eve in order to pull of a major robbery. This might be the strangest NYE movie out there, but you can’t say it’s not inventive.

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