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6 Online Childbirth Classes To Help You Prepare For The Big Day


I don't know about you, but I do a lot online. I get cabs, order groceries, watch workout videos, pay rent, track my cycle, find recipes, and order clothing online. I mean, I even met my husband online. (It was through a little app called Tinder. Ever heard of it?) When you're expecting, the internet is a treasure trove for all the information you might need — and now you can even take online childbirth classes. Classes from the comfort of your home, on your schedule? Sounds like a pregnant lady's dream.

Of course, there are pros and cons to taking online childbirth classes. You'll miss out on some of the hands-on activities you might get during in-person classes, like massage techniques for labor pain, and even diaper changing and swaddling. However, you will get to do the course on your time, which is super convenient for busy parents. It's even more convenient if there are no childbirth classes in the vicinity of your home. Last but not least, online childbirth classes are invaluable opportunities for mamas who have been put on bedrest or wouldn't be able to make it to an in-person class before D-Day. Just like in-person classes, you have options when it comes to selecting an online course.

1. Baby Center Childbirth Class


Baby Center has an in-depth online childbirth class, and best of all... it's free. This video series is broken up into seven chapters that go over "labor basics, stages of labor, managing labor pain, medical procedures during labor and delivery, decisions to make about your newborn, pre-delivery checklist, and birth stories." There are 51 total videos that you can watch at your leisure with or without your partner, and you can re-watch any of them if you forget anything.

2. Mama Natural Birth Course

Mama Natural Birth on YouTube

The Mama Natural Birth Course, hosted by a real natural mama and an experienced doula, is an excellent online option for anyone planning for an unmedicated birth. This course is the top selling online birth course and runs for $264 — but you do have the option of paying in installments, and it also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. It goes over everything from preparing yourself for an unmedicated birth, the stages of labor, and how to handle the unexpected stuff that can occur during labor.

3. Lamaze International Online Classes

Lamaze1 on YouTube

Lamaze International has created an entire "online education platform" that covers various aspects from pregnancy to parenting, each available for individual purchase. Each class is either $30 or $35, and covers topics from "Sex During Pregnancy and Beyond" to "Breastfeeding Basics: From Birth to Back to Work." Choose the courses you care about most and watch at your own pace for a completely personalized educational experience.

4. Birth Boot Camp Comprehensive Childbirth Classes

Birth Boot Camp on YouTube

Like the name implies, Birth Boot Camp is a thorough, customizable, and intensive educational experience (that really embraces the army theme). It educates expectant parents from conception through birth with courses like "Training for an Amazing Hospital Birth," "Training for an Amazing Out-Of-Hospital Birth," and "Homecoming: Life With a New Recruit." These classes range in price from $50 for the breastfeeding tutorial to $355 for the most comprehensive childbirth course.

5. Prenatal Class For Couples

Pulling Curls on YouTube

For busy couples who have no idea what to expect from the birthing process, the Pulling Curls Online Prenatal Class for Couples may be the best option. This course is taught by an ACLS, NRP, and AWHONN fetal-monitoring certified labor and delivery nurse (who is a mom herself), and you have three tiers to choose from, ranging from $20 to $150.

6. Hypnobubs Hypnobirthing Course

Hypnobubs on YouTube

Interested in a hypnobirthing experience? The Hypnobubs online hypnobirthing courses seek to arm you with "knowledge, mindset, support, tools with a tried and tested method of preparation," so you can have a calm and positive childbirth. One major perk of this option is the free "mini-course" they offer, so you can see if you like it before purchasing. Full courses range from $149 to $299, depending on the package you choose.