6 Peter Kavinsky & Lara Jean Halloween Costume Ideas For The *Cutest* Couples

If you haven't yet seen To All The Boys I've Loved Before, the Netflix rom-com based on the first book in a series by author Jenny Han, you're definitely missing out. The film tells the story of Lara Jean Covey, a high school junior whose unsent love letters to five crushes mysteriously get delivered. The movie is fun and sweet and audiences have pretty much loved it ever since it arrived on Netflix in August. And if you and your partner are looking for Halloween inspiration, these Peter Kavinsky and Lara Jean Halloween 2018 costume ideas are what you may have been searching for.

It can sometimes be a bit of a challenge to dress as movie characters who are just regular people, like Peter and Lara Jean, but there's little doubt that Lara Jean has a great sense of style. And there are a number of outfits that Peter and Lara Jean wear over the course of the movie that go together and would make great Halloween costumes — you just might have to make sure that you generally stick close together or you may find yourself or your partner explaining your costumes all night long. If Peter and Lara Jean are your absolute favorite rom-com couple, these costumes will help give you a couple of ideas of how to pull of the perfect Halloween costume.


Peter & Lara Jean When He Gets The Letter

When Peter gets his love letter from Lara Jean, he pretty much immediately tracks her down to explain that nothing's going to happen between the two of them. Lara Jean is trucking around the outdoor track and Peter walks right up to her to tell her that it's never going to happen. She ends up kissing him during this exchange so that Josh, who also received a letter, won't walk up to her to talk about it as well, which is sort of what gets all of this started.


Peter & Lara Jean When They're Writing Their Contract

Once Lara Jean agrees to be Peter's secret girlfriend, she decides that they need to come up with a contract to guide their fake relationship. They meet up to hash it all out while she's wearing a dress ($88, Nordstrom), oxfords ($148, Madewell), a casual jacket ($44, Old Navy), and knee socks ($3, Target) and he's dressed casually in light wash jeans ($55, Nautica) and a lacrosse sweatshirt ($21, Epic Sports).


Peter & Lara Jean When They're At The Party

One of the stipulations of the contract was that LJ attend parties with Peter so that they were seen in public together and it seemed like she was really his girlfriend. She rocks a cute dress ($22, Shein) and another casual jacket ($37, Buckle) to the party, while he's dressed in what's basically his go-to outfit as well.


Peter & Lara Jean When LJ Meets Peter's Mom

Peter and Lara Jean eat dinner at the Kavinsky house with Peter's mom and younger brother. Lara Jean wears a skirt ($18, Shein), collarless button-down ($20, Target), and sweater ($35, Old Navy).


Peter & Lara Jean When They're On The Ski Trip

The ski trip is a huge part of the contract as well and Lara Jean ends up agreeing to go after initially wavering a bit. After their fake relationship takes a bit of a turn, Lara Jean wears a skirt ($7, H&M), blouse ($16, Shein), and plaid shirt ($33, Old Navy) on the way home and Peter casually layers a white, orange, and blue flannel shirt ($29, Abercrombie & Fitch) over a burgundy henley ($30, L.L. Bean).


Peter & Lara Jean At The End Of The Movie

At the very end of the movie, Lara Jean shows up at the lacrosse fields. Peter is dressed in athletic shorts ($20, Dick's Sporting Goods) and his navy lacrosse sweatshirt ($21, Epic Sports), while LJ's dressed in a white button-down ($45, ModCloth), gray sweater ($51, Banana Republic), and fuchsia coat ($198, ASOS). I won't give away what happens in the scene (because, major spoilers), but if you want to dress up as this fan-favorite rom-com couple, this particular look is a pretty good choice.