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Why Corinne Is Actually 'The Bachelor' Hero

Corinne Olympios was dubbed the villain of Season 21 on The Bachelor practically before the first episode had finished airing. There are a few reasons for that: she's desperate for attention, she has no qualms about how she gets it, and she fills the other women with a vast impotent rage. Corinne's antics can be grating, but it's worth looking at why she really rubs people the wrong way – and if the explanation is something that should be held against her. In an effort to try and see her good side, here are all the reasons Corinne is actually The Bachelor hero instead of the villain.

A lot of the other contestants' concerns about Corinne seemed to be centered on judging the fact that Nick could ever possibly be interested in "someone like that" because Corinne wasn't "wife material," whatever that means. It seems kind of odd to judge her methods when they're all there for the same reason: to win Nick over. One could argue that Corinne is simply taking that to an extreme by constantly swooping in on his time with the other women and trying to keep his attention on her. The Bachelor is intended to be entertainment as much as it is a search for love and Corinne is certainly entertaining. For example...

1. Her Memorable Catchphrases

As soon as I heard Corinne declare that her heart was gold, but her "vagine is platinum," I immediately texted every person I had ever met to let them know that these words had been spoken. Add "cheese pasta" and "planned dancing" to the Corinne dictionary for good measure.

2. She's Well-Rested

When Corinne isn't interrupting the other women, she can most often be found sleeping wherever she laid down for five minutes – even if she misses a rose ceremony because of it. A girl that gets her eight hours no matter what is not to be messed with. She knows the importance of a good nap.

3. Shaming Isn't Cool

Corinne seems to be inspiring a lot of negative reactions because of her open and aggressive sexuality, with a few of the other women insinuating that it doesn't make her worthy of marriage. Corinne shouldn't be punished for being sexual and being sexual doesn't mean that she can't also be ready for a serious relationship. (The bouncy castle, however, might be better evidence that she's not quite there maturity-wise).

4. She's Confident AF

Corinne's confidence is what makes her so attractive to Nick, and having confidence is definitely a good quality to possess. Corinne is nothing if not self-assured. She's all about building herself up – and up and up.

5. She's Perfect For Reality TV

Corinne is playing to win. Whether or not she genuinely wants to be married to Nick (whether any of them genuinely want to be married to Nick), she's a pro at keeping the cameras on her more often then not. Corinne will be ideal for her inevitable stint on Bachelor in Paradise.

6. She's Kind Of Self-Aware

Corinne knows what she's doing; it's not an accident. As her "you have to be there for yourself" monologue in the second episode showed, she's fully aware of how the show works and willing to do what she has to in order to make it work for her. Her intentions are as clear as day, so you couldn't say that she was misleading anyone.

But ultimately it's not about declaring someone a hero or a villain – and in reality Corinne is neither. If anything, she's a instrument of chaos, which is a necessary component of a successful Bachelor season.