6 Reasons To Consider Exclusive Pumping

If there's one thing being a mom teaches you, it's that parenthood looks different for everyone. As different as every pregnancy, labor, and baby is, it makes sense that the way mothers feed their babies would vary as well. Many moms plan to breastfeed their babies months before ever meeting them, but when the time to learn how to nurse comes, it's much different than they expected. Some moms turn to a breast pump to take the place of breastfeeding and, after learning a few of the reasons to consider exclusive pumping, find that it's a perfect fit — or at least a better option for them than formula feeding or breastfeeding.

Although many of the issues that breastfeeding moms face can be overcome, breastfeeding isn't an option for some moms and their babies. Exclusive pumping, while incredibly time consuming, allows babies to reap the benefits of their mother's breast milk and for moms to reap the benefits of lactating without struggling through nursing. Whether pain, medical issues, schedule problems, or something else has you questioning whether or not you should breastfeed, considering exclusive pumping as an option might be the middle ground option you and your baby both need.


Your Baby Is Premature

Very often, babies who are born early have a very difficult time establishing a healthy nursing relationship or simply aren't able to nurse at all because they need to maintain a healthy weight. According to Breastmilk Counts, preemies need the nutritional benefits of breast milk, but often aren't mature enough to nurse well on their own. Exclusive pumping can allow both baby and mother to connect and be nourished.


You're Separated From Your Baby Often But Still Want Them To Have Breast Milk

The most common reason for exclusive pumping is that mothers go back to work away from the home, but still want their baby to receive breast milk. According to Very Well, exclusive pumping is an incredibly convenient way to produce food for your baby from anywhere, be it work, a vacation, or from another room in your house and still feel connected to them.


You Don't Want To Breastfeed

Many moms, for whatever reason, choose not to breastfeed. The aforementioned Very Well article noted that many moms feel uncomfortable with the thought of nursing their baby for many different reasons and for them, pumping is the perfect option.


Your Older Baby Won't Stop Biting

As babies get older and start to cut teeth, some of them have a penchant for chomping, which makes it excruciatingly painful for moms to breastfeed. A quick browse through any mommy chat forum makes it obvious that biting is a common issue that makes moms consider stopping nursing altogether.

Even if you've had a successful time nursing thus far, some babies just won't let up. Although some babies do outgrow it or are taught not to bite, for the ones who just won't stop, exclusive pumping can be a great alternative.


Your Baby Prefers Bottles And Won't Latch Properly

Some babies form attachments to bottles or pacifiers early on and seem to forget how to latch properly. Although seeking the help of a lactation consultant can help, for some babies, they just eat better from a bottle. Exclusive pumping is a great choice to ensure that your baby gets the nutrients they need without suffering through poor latch.


Nursing Is Painful And You've Tried Everything

According to Exclusively Pumping, the decision to exclusively pump isn't usually made lightly. For many moms, they've dealt with painful mastitis, infection, thrush, poor latch, engorgement, and more, and after enduring excruciating pain and seeking out help, decide to exclusively pump. If you've tried everything (or even if you haven't but don't want to reach the level of desperations, ) exclusive pumping is a perfectly healthy option to use instead.