6 Reasons Your Kid Is Acting Out That Have Nothing To Do With You

Every parent has been there — your child erupts into a tantrum in the middle of the store or dumps the contents of his toy box in the toilet, leaving you scratching your head. It's easy for parents to feel as if they're to blame when their child acts out of sorts. But there is a reason for your child's wackiest behavior, and it isn't always your fault. If you're struggling to decode your child's behavior, you should know that there are reasons your kid is acting out that have nothing to do with you.

Although parents can play a role in why their children act out by giving in to tantrums and modeling bad behavior, there are other reasons kids engage in bad behavior that have nothing to do with Mom and Dad. As children grow and develop, they are constantly exploring their environment. Part of that exploration involves pushing the limits of their behavior. Coupled with the fact that very young children often haven't developed the language to express themselves, it's no surprise that they would resort to acting out as a means of getting their point across.

So the next time your child behaves in a way that makes you question your parenting skills, remember that something else might be going on. Do your best to help them work through their issues and things should be back to normal soon — whatever normal is today.


They're Anxious

If your child is misbehaving in a group setting, they may be feeling unsure about his environment. As Parents points out, young children aren't always able to work through their nervousness, and instead act out as a way to deal with their emotions.


They're Bored

Your little one's naughty behavior could also be a result of them needing something else to keep them busy. According to Parents, when a toddler acts out, it is often the result of them being bored and wanting attention.


They Don't Have The Words

It can be difficult for a young child to express themselves. As a result, they may resort to acting out as a means of letting you know that something is wrong. As PBS points out, one reason young children misbehave is because they don't have the words to communicate how they are feeling.


They're Asserting Independence

The older your child gets, the more she will want to explore doing things on her own. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), toddler temper tantrums are often the result of them trying to assert their independence. Give him a choice of two things so that he feels like he is asserting some some control.


They Don't Feel Well

Believe it or not, your child's "bad" behavior could be a way of telling you that they are under the weather. Children often act out when they don't feel well, as child development specialist Deborah Richardson explains.


They Have No Shame

Does your little one pick his nose or run through the house streaking? He may not know that anything is wrong. As WebMD mentioned, some children behave in a manner that parents perceive as acting out because they have no shame.