6 Signs Your Baby Is Uncomfortable, Because Sometimes They Don't Cry

Babies can be hard to read, even though you spend countless hours around them. The only way you can tell what they need is to carefully watch the signs they give you and trust your instinct. It's easy to tell when your baby is happy, but what about when they're uncomfortable or in pain? Are there any signs your baby is uncomfortable that you should look out for? Fortunately, there are several tell-tale symptoms of discomfort that every mother should know about.

Although your baby may only exhibit one symptom — or they may use them all at once — having an uncomfortable baby is difficult, no matter their level of pain. You might read the symptoms and determine that they're in pain, but knowing the source of their discomfort can be even harder.

Luckily, once you recognize these signs of discomfort, you can continue to watch and help your baby. Since each sign usually points to a specific type of discomfort, you'll have a better idea of what kinds of sicknesses or situations to look out for. If the discomfort doesn't subside, be sure to take your baby in to the doctor, where they'll hopefully be able to ease the discomfort.


They Scrunch Their Face

According to the University of Michigan's Health website, facial grimacing is one of the easiest signs to spot telling you your baby is uncomfortable or in pain. If they're frowning, wrinkling their eyebrows, or squeezing their eyes shut, they're most likely uncomfortable or in pain.


They Aren't Interested In Eating

Although babies go through many phases of growth where they'll eat a lot and then not eat as much during the next weeks, but according to The Bump, a refusal to eat is usually a sign that something else is wrong. They could be teething, or in pain elsewhere.


They Arch Their Back

Once they're a few weeks old, Parenting noted that babies begin to arch their back as a sign of discomfort due to reflux or stomach pains. However, as your baby gets older, around four or five months, arching their back could simply mean they're trying to master rolling over, so looking out for other symptoms will help as well.


They Seem Lethargic

"Uncomfortable" is putting it lightly if your child is acting lethargic. Although many parents use the term to describe when their baby seems extra cuddly or just needs extra rest, according to Dr. Sears, true lethargy is when your baby is in an almost coma-like state. They'll refuse to make eye contact, or move. In cases like these, take your baby to the doctor immediately.


They Kick Their Legs Or Tighten Their Muscles

The University of Michigan also stated that kicking or tightening of their leg muscles or arms is another symptom of pain.


They Wake More Frequently Than Normal

Although frequent waking doesn't always mean your baby is in pain, it, combined with other symptoms can be a sign that something is up.