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6 Signs Your Bathing Suit Doesn't Fit Anymore & It's Time To Toss It

Since the warm weather has arrived, it's time to find your way to the nearest body of water. Whether it be a beach, pool, or waterpark, the next few months are meant for everyone to pull out their favorite bathing suit and get wet. Before deciding to wear that favorite suit though, ensuring that it's still a good fit to wear is important. Even if you think it still has a little more wear in it, there are many signs that your bathing suit doesn't fit anymore and you need to toss it.

When I was in college in Florida, there were many days that girls came to school with their bathing suits underneath their clothes. Some had just come from the pool prior to class, and some were planning to hit the gym's pool afterwards. One day, I decided to follow suit and head to the gym pool with some of my friends from class. Though I'm super self-conscious about myself in a bathing suit, it was one of my friends who kept her cover up on the entire time. When I asked why, she said because her suit was a little too big and it made her butt look saggy. She told us that she didn't have time to grab a new one yet, so she'd just wear her cover up until she did.]

Sure, we all laughed it off, but truthfully, many of us don't know when it's time to give up a swimsuit that we love like she did. If that's you, these six signs might help you realize that it's time to part ways with your favorite suit.


You're Uncomfortable In It

Bustle noted that if you're uncomfortable in your bathing suit, it may be time to get rid of it. Constantly readjusting your top or pulling tugging at it are signs that you're in need of a new suit.


You Constantly Have Wedgies

According to Huffington Post, when your bathing suits starts to cause excessive wedgies, you should find one that delivers more coverage.


Your Straps Dig Into Your Back

Since most bathing suit tops are designed like bras, they offer some of the same issues. Cosmopolitan reported that, as with a bra, looking for a bathing suit top with wider straps can help for more even weight distribution.

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You Show A Little Too Much Skin

From my own personal experience, once a bathing suit bottom is showing a little too much of my cheeks, it's time to toss it. But if you are comfortable showing skin, then more power to you.

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Your Bottom Is Saggy

If the bottom to your bikini is too big, it'll make your butt look saggy. When I lost weight a few years ago, I ran into that problem, and trust me, it's not the best look on the beach.


Your Neck Begins To Hurt

Geared more towards halter style swimsuits, Bustle noted that if the swimsuit is straining the back of your neck, it's likely too small for you.

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