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6 Stark Reunions That Still Need To Happen On 'Game Of Thrones'

Over the years, Game of Thrones fans have seen the Starks face many different horrors. From the moment Bran was pushed out of the window in the first episode, it's been pretty downhill for the Northern family. Ned was beheaded, Robb and Catelyn were killed during the Red Wedding, Rickon was shot through with an arrow right before he reached his brother, and don't even get me started on the direwolves. Still, it seems the time has finally come for this family to come back together. Though some have already reunited, there are still plenty of Stark reunions that Game of Thrones needs to make happen by the time Season 7 is over.

Back in Season 6, viewers were blessed with the first Stark reunion, between Jon Snow and Sansa. Then Bran was saved by his Uncle Benjen, who hasn't been seen since way back in Season 1. Most recently, Bran finally arrived back home at Winterfell, and though his reunion with Sansa was a bit awkward, fans were still happy to see two Starks back at Winterfell.

This season definitely seems to be gearing up for even more Stark reunions in the future, but as the series comes to close, it makes sense that some fans worry certain reunions may never come to pass. Here are the ones that absolutely need to happen, though.

Arya & Sansa

The two Stark sisters never got along. While Sansa was focused on being the perfect lady, like her mother, Arya wanted to run with the boys. Though they've both changed a lot over the years, their differences have pretty much stayed the same. Sansa is now more politically savvy, while Arya is a face-changing assassin. It'll be interesting to see how these two interact now that they're older and have been through so much.

Arya & Jon Snow

If these two don't hug like this when they finally see each other again, I quit Game of Thrones. These two were, quite possibly, the closest siblings out of all the Stark children, and it makes sense that Arya quickly changed course when she heard her brother was back at Winterfell. It's been years since they've been together and if you thought the Sansa and Jon meet up was emotional, just wait until you see this.

Bran & Jon Snow

Even though Bran's reaction to seeing Jon will probably be just as lackluster as his reaction to seeing Sansa, this reunion is absolutely necessary. There's a lot Bran has to tell Jon, but the main thing is that Jon's actually a Targaryen and Lyanna Stark is his mother. This is a key plot point for the entire show, which is why this meet-up may be the most important of all.

Bran & Arya

This may be another awkward reunion, but unlike Sansa, I doubt Arya will go easy on Bran. She'll want to knock some sense into him and ask him what the hell has happened to him, because that's just how she shows sisterly affection.

Uncle Benjen & Jon Snow

Fans will never forget when the Night's Watch used Uncle Benjen as a ploy to trap Jon Snow before stabbing him to death. It was way harsh, especially because Jon hadn't seen his uncle since the first season and was genuinely excited to hear his uncle had returned. So imagine Jon's excitement when he actually sees Benjen. Sure, Benjen has certainly changed, but after everything Jon has seen, I'm sure he'll be accepting.

Lady Stoneheart & Arya

Though it'd be amazing to just see Catelyn Stark as Lady Stoneheart in general, it'd also be great to see her reunite with at least one of her children. Arya would be the best because she was so incredibly close to being reunited with her mother and Robb, right before the Red Wedding. For Arya to see her mom, even if it was just one last time, would be great.

Hopefully, all these reunions will come to pass before the series comes to a close. The Starks deserve some good news in their lives. Right?