6 Struggles Only Moms Who Are Obsessed With Reading Understand

Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with reading. I loved reading for school or reading for research papers or reading to simply get away at a far more reasonable price than a plane ticket. I escaped to far away lands or into the thoughts of a complete stranger and I've continued to do so, well after college and after finding a partner and after having a baby. The problem? Well, now it's hard to find time to read.

I don't have lazy Sundays (or any days, for that matter) anymore, and reading sessions that span hour after lethargic hour are a thing of the past. I can't give up my reading time because that is how I stay sane (and I need to stay sane) and I can't ignore my kid or the list of responsibilities that goes along with having one. You guys, the struggle is most certainly real.

Thankfully, I know I'm not alone (because misery loves company). There are boatloads of us out there; mothers who are obsessed with reading and are attempting to find a way to maintain reading time while still doing mom stuff. Here are just a few hardships us reading-obsessed mothers know, because hey, at least we're not riding this struggle bus solo.

You Can't Finish A Book Fast Enough

There aren't enough hours in the day. That's basically what it comes down to. If you're trying to finish a book before your kid wakes up from a nap or before a pediatrician appointment or a play date or dinner or [insert obligation here], it just isn't going to happen, and you're going to spend the rest of your day wondering what happens to that one character in that one part of that one book.

Reading Time Is Hardly "Uninterrupted"

There is no such thing as "uninterrupted" reading time. And of course, you'll start hearing your kid call for you or cry for you at the exact moment things in the book are at their best. You'll actually sit and wait before reacting, wondering if you have enough time to finish that last sentence before helping your kid with whatever it is they need.

You Have To Sneak Reading Time

Welcome to the wonderful world of multitasking, where doing all of the things all it once is the only way you'll catch up on your reading. You'll find ways to sneak a chapter or two in between conference calls or while dinner is cooking or while your kid is taking a bath, with one eye on the tub and one eye finishing up a chapter. You'll have a book in the car with you, to read when you're stuck in traffic (not driving) and you'll have a book in the diaper bag, to read when you're waiting at the doctor's office. Any free second is a free reading second and, well, you're not above getting creative and sneaky.

You Sacrifice Sleep For More Reading

You'll sleep when you're dead, right? And if you keep staying up to read instead of getting some much needed sleep, that'll probably be in about a week.

The thing is, it's difficult to make yourself go to bed during prime reading hours and, when you're a mother, prime reading hours are at night, when your child is off in dream land and all is quiet on the home front.

You Have To Read One Page Multiple Times

Because you have to multitask in order to get any reading done, reading comprehension falters. You're listening for your kid or waiting for a dinner timer to ding, and that means you're not completely focused on what is going on in the book. You'll end up reading the same page over and over and over again before finally retaining a key part of the story but, hey, at least you're reading, right?

When You Finally Find Time To Read, Something Will Happen

Without fail, if you've found some free time to read, something with happen. Someone will come to the door to sell you some overpriced whatever gadget or a pipe will burst or power will go out or something, but your precious moment of reading time will be inexplicably taken away from you and you'll want to rage.

But, of course, none of these struggles will keep you from continuing to read during the day and at all hours of the night. After all, reading is how you stay sane and you need to stay sane.

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