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6 Tess Holliday Instagram Posts About Her Kids That Prove She's A Great Mom

Model Tess Holliday just had her second baby earlier this month, and she's been basking in the newborn glow ever since. With two sons under her wing — 10-year-old Rilee and newborn Bowie Juniper — she's getting the ultimate child-raising experience, and she's been sharing it all with her fans. Holliday's Instagram posts about her kids prove she's a down-to-earth, relatable mother who knows the highs and lows of parenting intimately and only wants the best for her kids.

Holliday is well-known as a plus-size model and activist, and her social media has long been a great platform for her to share her views and bits of her life. Lately, she's been rediscovering the joys of raising a newborn baby, and she told E! Online:

It's been 10 years since I had a kid, so there are so many things that are new. My friends that have babies are posting all of these new swings and breastfeeding techniques and new bottles, and it's really overwhelming because I thought, 'I've already done all this,' but it feels like I haven't. I'm having to relearn a lot!

Luckily, Holliday seems to be doing just fine. She's also been open enough to share the journey with her fans, letting them peek in on her life with fiancé Nick Holliday, Rilee, and Bowie. Here's a glimpse at a few of her cutest baby moments:

Babies Make Holliday's Mondays Easier

She captioned this adorable shot of Bowie:

Monday's are a dread by all, sometimes even the self employed like myself. Now I find that the day's blur together of breastfeeding, sleeping when I can, tears of happiness (& sometimes fear), & no longer having a case of "The Monday's"... Because everyday is a new adventure when you see it through your little ones eyes.

Appreciating The Little Moments

Holliday clearly picked a fiancé who loves her son as much as he loves her — and that makes her a stellar mother, if you ask me.

Marveling Over A Newborn

For this adorable shot of Bowie's teeny feet, Holliday wrote, "Looking at Bowie's tiny feet & thinking about all the amazing places they will take him. He makes my heart swell."

Mother's Day Surprises

You've got to love the Cheerios, Nerds Rope, and $5. Happy Mother's Day, Holliday!

A Sweet Birthday Message For Her Son

I'll let Holliday's message speak for itself:

It's hard to think of a time in my life before my son. I was young & didn't have a clue what I was doing, but like all mom's... We figure it out. He has been by my side through my darkest days, always making me laugh regardless of how bleak things seemed. On the happiest days, my little cheerleader ready to celebrate by my side. He is emotional, silly, artsy, & often serious, & always has been. We've been through so much together & I wouldn't change a moment. To my son, Happy 10th Birthday. You have taught me how to love, to fight for my dreams & that farts will always be funny. You will always be my little boy.

Volunteering With Her Son

Spending Christmas Eve volunteering at a homeless shelter ranks pretty high up there in teaching your kids to be kind-hearted, awesome people.

Holliday may have faced some obstacles along the way — a young pregnancy with Rilee, relearning newborn ways with Bowie — but she's clearly having a great time with her pack of boys. Here's to the happy family enjoying their time together... hopefully with a few more pictures to share with fans!