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Fans Have Some Theories About 'Riverdale' Season 3

After seeing him dragged away in handcuffs on the Season 2 finale of Riverdale, fans are naturally concerned for Archie’s future. With the third season ready to drop, fans have been airing all their speculations surrounding Archie’s upcoming trial, along with predictions about Veronica’s love life, and Betty and Jughead’s romantic future. The mystery and drama is getting deeper and darker, so here are 6 theories about Riverdale Season 3 you can obsess over.

The show’s cast and crew have dropped hints about the upcoming season through interviews and on social media, and the buzz is fanning the flames for Riverdale theorists. In an interview with Showbiz Junkies, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa revealed that Season 3 will feature a flashback episode, new characters, and a more sinister undertone. “You know, there is a big mystery in season three which is kicked off in the season premiere, said Aguirre-Sacasa. “I wouldn’t describe it as supernatural. It’s sort of a little bit more occult and ritualistic, kind of like in True Detective if you saw True Detective season one.”

He also revealed that Season 3 will feature Archie’s murder trial, and continue to put pressure on the Archie-Betty-Veronica love triangle, with the introduction of a new love interest for Veronica. All these tiny tidbits have sent fans into an internet frenzy, so here are some of the most intriguing Riverdale theories so far.

1. Archie Is Joining The Serpents

In a trailer for Season 3, viewers caught a glimpse of Archie getting a serpent tattoo. Because the showrunners have revealed that Archie is going to go to jail this season, fans are assuming that the tattoo is going to serve as protection. “Archie got a tat during the time jump because he's being protected by the Serpents in prison on Jughead's orders,” wrote Redditor Collegeradiodaze.

Penny Peabody Is Related To Alice Cooper

Penny Peabody works with the Serpents, but fans are questioning her overall importance to the larger story line. Reddit user KatieCGames speculated that Penny may be Alice's sister, considering they were both raised on the South Side and share a similar appearance. "Maybe Penny and Alice being sisters explains why Alice left the south side," wrote the Redditor. "Alice found out about Penny's drug business, and didn't want to associate with her."

Veronica's Necklace Was Bugged By Hiram

Fans have been wondering how Hiram knows so much about his daughter Veronica's life, and some have theorized that he may have planted a bug in her pearl necklace. "Hiram bugged Veronica's necklace with a recording device," wrote Redditor date_a_languager. "Remember that this necklace, which Veronica received from Hiram before he went to prison, is around her neck every episode. This explains how he is able to remain in his study and continue to be aware of events happening around him."

FP Is Really Rich

Some fans are questioning FP's background, and with a name like Forsythe Pendelton Jones II, they are wondering if his beginnings are as humble as they seem. Redditor AggressiveAdeptness cites FP's pretentious name as a sign that he comes from a wealthy upbringing. "FP wasn't born on the southside. He was born in Pembrook but he was kicked out when he was a teen," wrote the Reddit user. "In the comics the Jones were known to be a very rich family until Jughead's dad lost the money somehow, which explains why Jughead was such a foodie even if he was poor."

The Blossom's Are Part Of A Satanic Cult

Aguirre-Sacasa hinted that Season 3 will feature some aspects of the occult. Redditor fromagesnob wrote about the Blossoms' use of tannis root which poisoned Cheryl's grandmother, and noted that it was the same substance used in Rosemary's Baby. "This is just a fun reference to Rosemary's Baby, but could it mean that in Season 3 they are gonna pull a 'the blossoms are part of a satan worshipping cult', wrote the Redditor, "which could connect them to the farm cult they are alluding to."

Sweet Pea And Reggie Are Brothers

In his Instagram page, Aguirre-Sacasa posted a picture of the script cover for a Season 3 flashback episode, and tagged actor Charles Melton and Jordan Connor near the Reggie cartoon. Reddit user, himynameisdude88 theorized that this could indicate that the actor's characters are related. "It's interesting that Jordan Connor is tagged in this directly above Reggie's comic image along with Melton," wrote the user. "My theory is Reg and Sweet Pea are separated brothers/half brothers and there'll be a big reveal here."

As the third season rolls in, fans will finally get to see if any of these theories actually hold water. Season 3 of Riverdale premieres on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m ET on The CW.