6 Things Beauty Experts Want You To Know Before You Try Microblading

by Sarah Bunton

Whether you were born with naturally sparse brows or you went through an over-plucking phase in your younger years, you probably have tried various methods to fill in your eyebrows. Even if you're perfectly satisfied with the amount of hair you have, you may just want a different brow shape than the one you currently have. If you've grown tired of sharpening pencils, purchasing powders, and applying tinted gels, a more permanent fix does exist. But there are still quite a few things to know before microblading so that you know exactly what you're in for before you go under the (tiny) knife.

First off, if you're not entirely sure what this procedure fully entails, you're not alone. As beauty expert Piret Aava told Elle, "microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a manual handheld tool instead of a machine." So if you are tired of constantly buying, applying, and reapplying makeup to create the appearance of fuller or more defined brows, then you may want to consider this longer-lasting option. But before you rush off to the nearest shop that offers the service, check out these things you should know before microblading.


Do Overs Are Difficult

If you decide you don't like how your microbladed brows turned out, cover-ups can be tricky. "The type of ink and colors used can make it much harder to remove," tattoo removal physician Dr. Mitchell Chasin tells Romper. "Browns, reds, and white are some of the hardest to remove, regardless of the technique used to apply the tattoo." Since most tattoo removals are done using a laser, things can become even trickier. "Many tattoo inks used for permanent makeup include iron oxide in their ingredients," he says. "This can react to the laser, turning your tattoo dark black, meaning you’ll be stuck with that brow until it fades." So just make sure you've done your homework and are ready for this decision.


Touch Ups May Be Required

Although tattoos tend to be permanent, the process of microblading isn't always a "one and done" scenario. Dermatologist Dr. Saira Mohsin tells Romper that, "microblading needs to be touched up every 12 to 18 months." So you may want to prepare financially for any future visits your brows require.


Don't Be Scared Of Scabs

As beautician Shareen Adair tells Romper, "recovery is about three to five days, [when your brow] scabs, peels, and then gets lighter." So don't freak out if your brows look dark immediately after microblading or if some areas take longer to heal. It's all a part of the process.


Don't Drink

As owner of The Lash Trap and esthetician Narissa Matheney tells Romper, you shouldn't drink alcohol prior to the procedure because, "it thins your blood and causes excessive bleeding during the process." If you need courage before the process, it's best not to use the liquid form.


Check With Your Physician First

If you regularly take certain medicine, you might want to get clearance first. "Speak with your family doctor regarding any medication — aspirin causes oozing and may slow down healing," aesthetic physician Dr. Sonam Yadav tells Romper. "Some people have a tendency to form hypertrophic scars or keloids. Since this is an invasive procedure do talk about the same with the physician."


Do Some Homework

As owner of True Life Canvas and permanent cosmetics artist Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel tells Romper, you should "find the artist whose work lines up with your style and preferences." Similar to getting any kind of cosmetic procedure done, it's a good idea to check out their work. "Make sure their portfolio is well done and check the reviews," Shortridge-Gabriel adds. It never hurts to do your research.