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6 Things We Learned From Watching Adele Perform With Jimmy Fallon & The Roots, Other Than How Perfect It Was (Because, Obviously)

Adele is pretty much the undisputed queen of music right now, and lucky for us, she’s currently making the rounds on late-night talk shows to promote her amazing new album, 25, which means lots of charming interviews and virtually flawless musical performances. But just when you thought a regular TV performance by Adele couldn’t possibly get any better, Jimmy Fallon found a way to make it so — by inviting her to sing “Hello” with him and The Roots in the Tonight Show Music Room, accompanied by (what else?) kindergarten classroom instruments. Unless you’ve been living under a WiFi-less rock with no access to YouTube, you probably know that these performances are basically Internet gold (remember Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” rendition? Or Christina Aguilera being accompanied by office supplies? Or, the best version of the Sesame Street theme song to ever exist in life?). But naturally, throwing Adele into the mix took it to a whole new level.

Of course, Twitter is already buzzing about the clip’s amazingness. But in addition to just reminding us how awesome Adele is, this performance actually taught us some things we may not have realized before. And there are gifs to prove it.


Jimmy Fallon Is Just As In Awe Of Adele As We Are


Pretty sure the look on his face when Adele starts singing is the exact same look we’d all have if we were we him, don’t you think?


Apparently A Plastic Banana Shaker Is Totally An Instrument


Who knew?!


And Who Knew Jimmy Had Rhythm?


You wouldn’t necessarily picture semi-dorky Jimmy Fallon to be that great at keeping a beat, but he totally nails it.


Even When It’s Just For Fun, Adele Still Sings Like A Total Boss


Not unlike how most of us probably look when we are attempting our best Adele impersonation while singing in the shower. (No? Just me?)


And Then She Raises The Bar Even Higher By Whipping Out A Toy Flip Phone


Which is hilarious and perfect, because we’re all still scratching our heads about that questionable choice in her otherwise flawless music video.


And In Addition To Being Super Talented, Adele Also Seems Really Fun

Seriously, what is there not to love?

Yep, pretty sure I'll be watching this clip on repeat for the rest of the day.

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