Make Your Third Trimester Easy From The Start

During your first trimester, it's likely that you're most concerned with conquering each bout of morning sickness as they strike or adjusting to the fact that, yes, you're carrying an actual baby in there. However, if you're able to, there are a few things you can do in your first trimester to make your third trimester easier. Because, believe it or not, sometimes the third trimester can be more uncomfortable than your first.

Even if planning ahead isn't your strong suit, incorporating these tips into your daily routine will help you seven months down the road when all you want to do is get this baby out of you ASAP.

Each of these tips are fairly intuitive — you don't need someone to tell you that it's more convenient to get your maternity leave planned out before you actually go into labor. But having a to-do list of sorts can help you stay on top of things before you lack the energy that it takes to get it all done. Some focus on physical things you can do to help prepare your body for labor, while others will help ensure that things run smoothly once your baby is here, giving you less to worry about.


Get Plenty Of Rest

Although your body will probably let you know loud and clear that you need to get more sleep, Baby Center noted that getting into the habit of napping (if you can) and getting enough sleep at night will help you your entire pregnancy.


Rock Those Kegels

According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA) practicing kegels is a great, low energy way to prepare and tone your body for labor. You can do them wherever and whenever, and they don't get more difficult as your pregnancy progresses, meaning that you can do them in any trimester and still reap the benefit.


Plan Your Nursery

If you're not hit with an intense bout of morning sickness during your first trimester, you can harness your early pregnancy excitement by preparing for your baby's nursery. Start by making a list of things you'll need and, when you're ready, create your registry. You'll be glad those things are out of the way when you're eight months pregnant and just want to sit and rest your swollen ankles.


Figure Out Your Maternity Leave

Instead of waiting till the last minute to figure out your company's policy on maternity leave, take care of it soon after you confirm that you're pregnant. Parents recommended taking the longest leave possible, as well as reading up on your company's benefits and what you're entitled to before you request your leave.


Stay In Shape

Fit Pregnancy recommends that moms begin working out — even lightly — early on in their pregnancy. It benefits your baby, your weight gain and eventually, the smoothness of your labor.


Eat Healthy

Although the APA cautioned against dieting or restricting your diet during pregnancy, there are many benefits of eating healthy throughout the entire nine months. The association suggested eating a wide variety of whole foods and ensuring that you get enough protein to give you energy.