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6 Times Kate Middleton Didn't Take Any Crap From Her Kids


Now that the Duchess of Cambridge has three royal tots, one might think that she's feeling a little overwhelmed, despite being able to hire the best nannies that money can buy. But she's still a hands-on mom, and those little ones are trained well, judging from all the times Kate Middleton didn't take any crap from her kids (that we know of). Of course, her very job is to be the height of decorum, so we won't catch her walking away from a toddler having a fit in the toy department at Target, or sitting in a parked car in her driveway giving the future king an epic scolding. Even being outnumbered, she doesn't even break a sweat, because she's totally got her babies in line.

Getting your kids to display perfect etiquette while in public is no small feat for any mom, but it's got to be an even bigger challenge when you're raising royals. According to BabyGaga, there are all sorts of protocols Prince William's children must ahere to. They can never wear jeans or Peppa Pig T-shirts, all their food must be made from scratch (so, no Goldfish crackers, or whatever the British equivalent is), and poor Charlotte, an actual princess, isn't allowed to dress up as a pretend one, because tiaras are reserved for married women only. But somehow, Kate manages to rule over her future rulers gracefully.

When George Acted Like A Normal Toddler

That was that one time back in 2015, when the family attended a charity polo match. It was a casual affair; Kate herself wore jeans. Jeans! That's a big deal! George was permitted to kick a ball, play with a toy car, and swing a child-sized polo mallet while not really watching the sporting going on, according to the Telegraph, but when the tiny tot in the cashmere cardigan deigned to roll down a hill, Mum had a brief word with him.

When Charlotte's Allergies Acted Up

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Last month, at the wedding of her uncle, Prince Harry, to Meghan Markle, Charlotte served as a bridesmaid. That's a British bridesmaid, mind you, which is what we here across the pond refer to as a flower girl. Seems those flowers gave the princess' nose a little tickle, but Kate made sure that her daughter, who only just turned 3 years old, covered up demurely. That might not seem that impressive, but again, she's 3. I know fully grown adults who have no problem with spraying the public with their sputum, so good on her.

The Other Time George Messed Up

Last year, at the wedding of Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton, George and Charlotte both participated. But when George got a little too rough with his auntie's train, Kate pulled him aside and gave him the business, according to the Daily Mail. It's literally the only time I've ever seen him pout.

When Charlotte Went To Germany

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On a family trip to Hamburg last year, Charlotte suddenly became allergic to walking, as all 2-year-olds occasionally do. Kate picked her up, lest she cause a scene, but she for damn sure wasn't about to carry her up those steps.

When She Made Will Deal With Them

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OK, to be fair, the reason that Kate isn't in this photo is that she's in the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital, having just given birth to Prince Louis. George and Charlotte were brought there by their dad to meet their new baby brother, but Kate still made sure they were totally on point, and had Dad parade them past the cameras, rather than having them brought in by a nanny, or just waiting until she and the baby came home. The best part is how awkward they look in front of the camera; clearly they're used to their mother managing this process.

Every Time They Meet Anyone New

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And here's why: whenever the royal family visits a foreign nation, you'll see photos of them deplaning and meeting some dignitary or another. And if you look closely, you'll see that Kate always crouches down to coach her kids through politely greeting these strange grownups.

There's obviously a reason you can only count a few times the royal children have acted even slightly imperfect before the cameras: Kate is a supermom. The trouble is, considering that family's love for privacy, I bet she'll never write a book revealing her secret.