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The Best Rated Humidifiers On Amazon At Every Price Point

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A great humidifier is a parent's best friend, cutting down on colds (and the number of times you need to use a Nose Frida) and keeping babies, kids, and toddlers hydrated throughout long, dry winters. To help you breathe easier, Romper has gathered top-rated humidifiers on Amazon at every price point. Purchasing a humidifier is the kind of simple life-hack you'll never regret. You might even wonder why you never thought of it before. However, like other crucial appliances, humidifiers run the gamut from super cheap to wait, how much?

How can a humidifier help your baby? Essentially, humidifiers add moisture to dry air, according to New Parent, and that moisture eases coughs and respiratory symptoms. They also cut down on airborne allergens like pet dander and dust. As a worried new mom, when I asked my pediatrician if the new baby would react to my old cat, she told me to get a humidifier (and then to stop worrying).

Wondering if you need a warm or cold-air humidifier? Both are equally effective, according to the Mayo Clinic, but cold-air is probably safer for the nursery, because there's no scalding hot water involved. (Yikes.) So if you're looking for one for your home, here are some of the top-rated humidifiers on Amazon at every price point.


Under $20

For the budget-conscious, this cute little model is also a color-changing night-light that would be great for smaller nurseries. You don't have to worry about forgetting to turn it off, as it automatically shuts off when the water runs out, and it has three working modes: Intermittent Mist (30 seconds on/30 seconds off), Continuous Mist, and Lights Only.


Under $25

With 14 different colors and 15 different lighting modes, this aroma diffuser and multiple mist nebulizer is quite the multitasker, considering the price tag. It's also super easy to clean, and, like the model above, shuts off automatically.


Under $30

Designed for living spaces up to 175 square feet, this is perfect for bedside tables or nightstands, and it's apparently incredibly quiet. The moisture output can be adjusted for up to 10 hours of cool mist on low or seven hours on high.


Under $50

This unit turns, so the mist is spread 360 degrees. It's billed as a "whole-house humidifier," with adjustable levels and maximum mist output up to 300ml/hr. It's easy to clean and fill, and the fan continues to rotate for several minutes after shutting off to help prevent the growth of mold (a definite plus!).


Under $50

With adjustable mist levels and an LED display, this machine looks like it can truly humidify the whole house (it holds over a gallon of water). However, the manufacturer is careful to state that it doesn't double as an aromatherapy diffuser, so don't add any oil — you might break it. (Never fear, a warranty is available.) A reviewer from Utah reported that it helped her toddler get fewer bloody noses, which makes this machine a hero in my book.


Under $75

The Mooka Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a serious piece of technology with excellent reviews, you can actually set the exact percentage of humidity you want in your air with this one. The website for Dr. Sears recommended keeping the humidity level in your house between 40 and 60 percent, because it's healthier for the whole body. This one also comes with a built-in 4-stage filtration system to stop limescale and minerals from spreading into the air along with the mist.